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Alex Scott - Kamala Harris - Alex Scott hits out as she's called a hypocrite over armband 'Not trying to hide anything' - express - Dubai - Qatar - Iraq - Rwanda - Papua New Guinea
Alex Scott hits out as she's called a hypocrite over armband 'Not trying to hide anything'
 Alex Scott, 38, has blasted one critic on Twitter today in view of her 400,100 followers after a journalist insinuated she was a hypocrite for choosing to wear a One Love armband live on the BBC.The star wore the One Love token in support of the LGBTQ+ community, even after the England team decided to do a U-turn on wearing the armbands for the World Cup.FIFA’s decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar has caused massive controversy this year due to the country’s alleged treatment of women, migrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Alex made her stance clear when she wore her One Love armband live while fronting the BBC's coverage of England's opening match in the World Cup on Monday, following the announcement that the Three Lions wouldn’t be making a statement during Qatar’s tournament. Journalist Kelvin MacKenzie took to Twitter today to accuse Alex of double standards over her defiant move. He wrote: “BBC commentator @AlexScott wanted to appear defiant by wearing the One Love armband in Qatar. READ MORE: “But on @GBNEWS @danwootton produced a photo showing her enjoying herself a few years ago in Dubai where being gay is illegal. “What no armband! Well, there weren't any BBC cameras,” he added in the thinly-veiled dig.“Is that the strongest thing you have to try and take me down?” Alex fired back with a laughing emoji. “If you go through my Instagram and Twitter I’ve not removed or trying to hide anything… “I’ve also travelled to Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda the list is all there for you to see,” she added with a GIF of Kamala Harris looking unimpressed.A number of Alex’s fans and followers also took to the comments section to defend her, with Shane writing: “Bizarre that you are getting abuse for doing what the
Bizarre Easter traditions from whipping women and hunting bunnies to self-crucifixion - - Norway - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Papua New Guinea
Bizarre Easter traditions from whipping women and hunting bunnies to self-crucifixion
Easter is a time to catch up with loved ones, pay respects at church and feast on too much chocolate - but for some, the special holiday involves whipping women, hunting bunnies and reading murder mysteries.Each year, people look forward to carrying out the unusual traditions and stray from the more conventional events.Even the ones which may come across as sinister have a reason for holding out for the holiday.Below, the Daily Star has decided to take a look at some of the world's most craziest traditions that take place on Easter.Over in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, men and boys parade the streets in the hopes to find a woman to lightly whip.To whip the females, they use gaily willow switches, which they usually decorate with ribbons, reports Wanderlust.The act isn't meant to hurt the lady, but instead is carried out in the hopes to stir beauty and good health.However, the tradition is viewed as controversial now.To celebrate the religious holiday in Papua New Guinea, locals start their Easter by attending church before getting a peculiar gift afterwards.While most people hope to be gifted a sweet treat, residents expect something a little stronger like tobacco.The tradition sees trees decorated with cigarettes and sticks of tobacco which are placed outside of the church.They are then handed out once the service is complete.Crime authors can't wait for Easter in Norway, as the special holiday means they can finally release their long-awaited books.As part of the odd celebration, people flock to eerie cabins located on the mountains so they can focus on 'whodunnit' for the weekend.TV channels run shows in relation to the demand while detective novels are specifically commissioned just before.The tradition came about