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Michael Owen - David Beckham - Sky Italia - Brazil Soccer Doc With Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu Sells Wide for Collective, Entourage – Global Bulletin - - Australia - Spain - France - Brazil - New Zealand - Sweden - Italy - Iceland - Norway - Austria - Germany - Netherlands - Japan - Portugal - Switzerland - Denmark - Poland - Vatican - Luxembourg - Turkey - Finland - Israel - Malta - Lithuania - Latvia - area West Bank - Estonia - Liechtenstein - San Marino
Brazil Soccer Doc With Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu Sells Wide for Collective, Entourage – Global Bulletin
Naman Ramachandran Collective Media Group and Entourage Sports and Entertainment‘s soccer documentary feature “Brazil 2002: The Real Story,” recounting the story of the 2002 World Cup on its 20th anniversary, has sold a raft of territories worldwide. The film uses six hours of unseen archive material shot by Brazilian soccer player Juliano Belletti during the tournament, and also features interviews with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu and Gilberto Silva from the World Cup winning Brazil team; and, from the opposing teams across the tournament, David Beckham, Michael Owen, Oliver Kahn, Hasan Şaş and Marc Wilmots as well as referee Pierluigi Collina. FIFA has taken the film for its own streamer FIFA+, for territories including Asia (excluding Japan), Turkey and New Zealand. This is complemented by deals confirmed by distribution partner Abacus Media Rights including: Canal+ Group for Canal+ Foot and myCanal (France); Sky Deutschland (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg); Sky Italia (Italy, Republic of San Marino, Vatican City, Malta, Capodistria, Montecarlo and Italian speaking Switzerland); DBS Satellite Services (Israel and West Bank); Supersport Africa (for Africa); NOS Portugal (Portugal and PALOPs); Movistar Plus+ (Spain); and Stan Entertainment Pty (Australia).
Couple narrowly escape death after exploding jumbo jet engine lands on house - - Atlanta - Belgium - Malta
Couple narrowly escape death after exploding jumbo jet engine lands on house
exploding jumbo jet engine fell and crashed into their roof.Louis and Domenica Demaret noticed the sound of a plane "flying lower than normal" while at home near Liège, Belgium, on Thursday night (September 8).The pair then heard a loud boom nearby, which Louis thought was a thunderstorm.READ MORE: Young mother 'beheaded in the street' as her terrified children watched horrific attackDomenica told Belgian news outlet RTBF: "At one point, I heard the sound of an airplane, followed by a boom."So I went out, I looked out at the front door, and the alarm started ringing because the house was still vibrating."But Domenica said she didn't see anything when she looked outside and went back into the house, where her grandson had somehow managed to sleep through the noise while in his bed upstairs.Domenica went back to bed, but couldn't sleep that night."I was asking myself all these questions," she said.The next morning, one of their neighbours approached them and asked: "Did you see the wreckage in your garden?"It was then that the Demarets realised part of a jumbo jet engine had smashed into their roof, thankfully only causing a little more bit of damage to the tiles and frame of the couple's garage.It emerged that an Air Atlanta Boeing 747 had set off from nearby Liege Airport and was destined for Malta when part of the engine hood came off, causing the crash.The flight miraculously managed to continue its flight to Malta, where it will be repaired.Christian Delcourt, a spokesperson for the airport, confirmed that the engine had fallen apart shortly after takeoff at around midnight Friday morning.Domenica, shaken by the events, said she was left in tears and trembling when she realised what had happened, describing it as "the