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Katie Price - Katie Price in council row as Carl Woods 'turns Mucky Mansion into secondhand car lot' - - county Price
Katie Price in council row as Carl Woods 'turns Mucky Mansion into secondhand car lot'
Katie Price is facing a council probe over concerns the car park of her Mucky Mansion is reportedly being used by her fiancé Carl Woods as a secondhand car lot.Several vehicles including a VW Beetle, Mercedes, Jaguar and Range Rover have been spotted parked outside the reality star's £2million West Sussex home over recent months.Local council officials have now launched an investigation into claims a secondhand car business is being run from the property, according to The Sun.READ MORE: Katie Price exposes 'stalker' and films accused man who 'sits outside her house'Carl, 32, previously ran his dealership from his father's Essex home but has recently upgraded the business address to Katie's infamous property.Local planning laws state that the storing and selling of cars from a private residence could be classified as an unauthorised "change of use".Katie, 44, could be forced to apply for planning permission if the council rules the car lot is "not incidental to the enjoyment of the house".The investigation will mark the second time council officials have investigated claims Katie's driveway is being used by Carl as a base for his business.Last December, officials opened their first inquiry into allegations the property was being used in the running of a second-hand car business.The case was officially closed in March with a fresh inquiry opened earlier this month.The new investigation is now "pending consideration", with a verdict due to be rendered on December 5.Katie and Carl have been plagued by split rumours over recent months but recently put on a united front at a local farm.The duo were spotted shopping for pumpkins alongside Katie's son Harvey, 20.Katie was also recently supported by fans as her harrowing Channel
Serial robber caught by police due to distinctive SpongeBob pants - - USA - Oklahoma - county Tulsa - county Price
Serial robber caught by police due to distinctive SpongeBob pants
Police searching the apartment of a robber joked that their suspect did not live "in a pineapple under the sea" after his SpongeBob SquarePants obsession led to his arrest.As multiple burglaries were being carried out in the same apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, since July, officers received a tip-off that the thief had been spotted during a few of the robberies wearing SpongeBob-themed shorts and socks.When the suspect – Edward Price – went on to post the stolen goods on Facebook Marketplace, eagle-eyed members of the force then caught sight of the same SpongeBob items of clothing in the background of the picture.READ MORE: Cannibal serial killer who made 'human sandwich' described what flesh tastes likeAfter subsequently securing a warrant to search their suspect's apartment, the cops knew they had their man when they found the shorts and socks in his tumble dryer, although the multiple TVs, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, guns, ammunition and internet routers discovered were admittedly probably more incriminating.Price, also nicknamed "Smacc Man" by locals, is accused of being responsible for the five robberies that happened in the same apartment block over a three-month period, as detailed by the Tulsa Police Department in a Facebook post.All of the burglaries followed a similar pattern with Price kicking down doors to break in and enter before helping himself to guns, televisions and all manner of electronic goods.
Katie Price - Peter Andre - Katie Price in music career revival as she teases fans with 'new album release' - - Britain - county Price
Katie Price in music career revival as she teases fans with 'new album release'
Katie Price has teased fans with the release of a new album.The 44-year-old first made her debut in the music industry alongside ex-husband Peter Andre for their single A Whole New World in 2006.Since then, Katie's singing career has spawned four singles, with her song Free to Love Again charting at Number 60, while her other two tracks, I Got U and Hurricane failed to make it on the UK charts.READ NEXT: Princess Andre hailed 'most beautiful girl in world' by dad Peter's doting fansBut although Katie has been rather busy with other pursuits in recent years, the star took to her Instagram to share that new music is on its way.Posting a video of people partying in a club, the mother of five captioned the clip: "Getting ready to release a new album soooon, @iamricklive thanks for your patience," followed by a love heart emoji.Earlier this year Lia Metcalfe, who is the lead singer of Liverpool band The Mysterines, expressed that she would love to get Katie in the studio to record new material.Talking exclusively to Daily Star, she said "I'd love to do a song with her, just me and her, that would be really cool."I'd have to do a separate act, it wouldn't be through The Mysterines, me and her could come up with a really cool band name."The super fan added: "I've always known who Katie Price is, it's like when you're born you know all the words to Mr.
Katie Price - Peter Andre - Peter Andre says it 'scares' him to see daughter Princess looking like a young lady - - county Price
Peter Andre says it 'scares' him to see daughter Princess looking like a young lady
Peter Andre has admitted it "scares" him to see his daughter Princess looking so much like a young lady rather than a child.Princess – who Mysterious Girl singer Peter shares with his ex Katie Price – turned 15 this year.And it seems her dad has noticed that she's started to look older.READ MORE: Princess Andre is the spitting image of her mum Katie Price in new snaps"Princess is so beautiful and she's suddenly gone from looking like a kid to a young lady," he said in his new! magazine column."It scares me but in a good way."Pete, who also has 17-year-old son Junior with Katie, went on: "We have a proper laugh now and it's exciting watching her and Junior grow up."Princess is on Instagram and regularly shares snaps showing her looking glam with friends and family members.But she recently came under fire after posting a shot of her wearing makeup for a family wedding.The image showed the teenager in a navy dress, with her blonde curls tumbling to her waist.While many fans said she looked "gorgeous" for the big day, others thought her makeup was "too heavy"."You don't need the makeup Princess you are beautiful without it," one person commented."Princess you don't need all that makeup on," remarked another.."You are pretty without it... Makes you look older than you are."Someone else wrote: "Looks beautiful, but doesn't need all that heavy makeup.