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Fresh-faced son dubbed 'normal kid' beheaded parents and burned heads in family fireplace - - Florida - county Windsor - Wisconsin - county Dane
Fresh-faced son dubbed 'normal kid' beheaded parents and burned heads in family fireplace
It’s only been nine months since Chandler Halderson called the police to report his parents missing – but a lot has happened since then.Hours after his phone call, cops stumbled upon the torso of Bart Halderson before his wife Krista’s legs were later found.Now, less than a year later, Chandler, 24, is locked in a cell after receiving a life sentence last month for killing his parents – whose heads were dumped in the family fireplace.Here, we take a look back at the gruesome case as Chandler pursues a court appeal with his new team of lawyers.Bart, 50, and Krista, 53, lived in Windsor, Wisconsin and were the parents of two sons.Chandler lived with his mum and dad while his brother had moved out.Bart worked as an accountant and got involved in activities to support his son throughout his life – including being a Scout den leader.He also attended Chandler's swimming lessons while Krista was described as a kind and loving mother.And for a time, they were proud of their boy.After all, he had told them he was studying at Madison Area Technical College while also working on the police scuba diving team.Chandler also claimed he was earning money with an insurance firm during the Covid-19 pandemic.But unbeknown to Bart and Krista, Chandler was a habitual liar who spent his days playing video games while spinning a web of lies to his loved ones.According to Dane County Assistant District Attorney William Brown, Chandler also told his family he had bagged a job at Elon Musk’s space tech company, SpaceX in Florida.But it turned out to be more fiction and soon his fibs spiralled out of control.Bart began to get suspicious and he reportedly contacted Madison Area Technical College, before eventually learning that unemployed Chandler