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BATG’s Michael and Tara break their silence on TV edit

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Beauty And The Geek, but the couple admit their love story “definitely wasn't quite what we saw on TV”.WATCH: Michael and Tara share their first kiss on Beauty And The GeekSpeaking to WHO exclusively, Tara says there were plenty of moments between her and Michael that never made it to air, especially in the early days of their romance.“A lot of our communication moments didn’t make the cut,” she says, then claims producers aired “the worst of her reactions” to Michael’s share house during a home visit.She and Michael were also surprised by what they saw of their first date on the show, the pair revealing their TV edit wasn’t quite accurate.READ NEXT: The one rumour Beauty And The Geek winners won't touchThe show amped up the romantic tension and teased viewers with a possible first kiss, before editing awkward music over what looked like a failed attempt from Michael.Tara and Michael have confessed their TV edit wasn't exactly true to life.But the reality was quite different, Tara explaining: “On our first date, it was already very clear that there wasn't going to be a kiss for us.

We knew that we weren't there yet.“The first date was going to be more of a getting to know you… but there definitely was a lot of romantic tension between us and a lot of gazing into each other's eyes.”She also addressed an editing blunder later in the season, when they were shown having their first kiss on their second date – despite promos showing them locking lips in an earlier challenge.“But by the time the knight challenge rolled around… we were ready for that moment,” she says of their actual first kiss during the medieval challenge.Their actual first kiss happened during the knight challenge.Tara also debunked rumours that the crowd.

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