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Emmerdale fans convinced Will Taylor will leave Kim Tate at altar
Emmerdale fans have predicted that loveable rogue Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) will abandon his fiancé Kim Tate (Claire King) at the altar after his daughter Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) turned down his wedding invite.During Wednesday’s (September 28) visit to the Dales, Kim and Will put in a final effort to convince his daughter to make it to their special day.The loving couple have been together for a number of years on the ITV soap, but recent tensions between the two have thrown them off balance just days before they exchange their vows.READ MORE: Emmerdale star forced to up security after being victim of homophobic death threatAnd it appears as though they weren’t the only ones who noticed something was off between the two, after Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) lent an ear to Kim at Home Farm.The blonde beauty explained: “I tried to apologise, but Dawn’s not interested – I'm still the bad guy”.Lydia remarked: “And Will’s torn between the two camps” before Kim corrected her: “Not so much torn as on Dawn’s side.”Luckily Kim’s pal convinced her that family issues happen all the time and things will soon work out when she talks to Dawn and Will again.For more of the latest showbiz and TV news from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.And it appears as though Kim isn’t the only one who is concerned about whether their wedding will go ahead after Will shared his concerns to his friend Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) who attempted him to persuade him not to go through with the ceremony.Harried explained: “I’m just worried that the damage is irreparable.
Kim Tate - Nate Robinson - Charity Dingle - Ryan Stocks - Tracy Metcalfe - Emmerdale Mack's mystery woman 'exposed' as fan favourite makes explosive return -
Emmerdale Mack's mystery woman 'exposed' as fan favourite makes explosive return
Emmerdale fans are convinced Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) is Mackenzie's Boyd (Lawrence Robb) mystery woman.The villager has been trying to keep trying to keep has fling a secret after he cheated on girlfriend Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) last month.He had a one night stand after finding out Charity had lost their unborn baby in an ectopic pregnancy. READ MORE: Emmerdale Dawn and Clemmie's 'future' - Foster mum, Kim Tate feud and Clemmie killsMack was spotted laying topless in bed with a mystery hand knocking his phone out of his hand.Following the news that Tracy (Amy Walsh) is returning to the village in upcoming scenes, fans of the ITV soap are convinced she's the person Mack spent the night with.One fan penned online: "I say Tracey slept with Mack."Another agreed: "I say Tracy aswell."While a third person pointed out: "But where would her daughter have been?"Someone else replied: "She might not have been at babysitters."Fans don't have much longer to wait as Mack's secret lover will be revealed next week.In upcoming scenes, Mack is left feeling upset and mortified when a drunken Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) makes an ill-timed joke about his affair.The pair are put on the spot when Charity's son Ryan Stocks (James Moore))senses something is awry and orders them to spill the beans.Eventually, Ryan squeezes the truth out of Mack and ends up telling him that he needs to inform his mother about what's happened.The following day, Mack worries about how he’ll be able to find the guts to tell Charity the truth and threatens to fight back any accusations - leaving Ryan beaten.Mack is relieved for the time being but Ryan struggles to keep the secret from Charity.However, the drama really heats up when Mack receives a phone call
Kim Tate - Emmerdale Dawn and Clemmie's 'future' - Foster mum, Kim Tate feud and Clemmie kills -
Emmerdale Dawn and Clemmie's 'future' - Foster mum, Kim Tate feud and Clemmie kills
Emmerdale tonight (September 23), despite the two previously falling out.The pair cut ties after Dawn was angered to find out that Harriet reported Clemmie to social services, even though she was just concerned for the child's welfare.However, after Dawn, Billy and Clemmie were asked to leave Home Farm by Kim Tate, could this be a sign that Dawn and Harriet's friendship could heal?READ NEXT: Emmerdale's 'best loved characters in peril' as devastating storm to rip through villageEven if it does, they still have a lot to deal with, after Clemmie bit Millie in a harrowing moment last night.As viewers wait to find out what will happen to Dawn, Harriet and Clemmie, Daily Star takes a closer look at fan theories surrounding the characters.Dawn was recently shocked to learn that her ex-boyfriend Alex cheated on her with friend Beth - and that he is Clemmie's father.Fans suspected that Alex could be Clemmie's father, with one saying on a fan forum: "Probably Dawn's ex boyfriend and Lucas' father - Alex."Alex is also Lucas Taylor's father, making him and Clemmie half-siblings.Following their family connections, fans now think that Dawn could use this connection to become Clemmie's permanent foster mother.One fan said: "Yep, would mean Lucas and Clemmie are half-siblings."A second added: "Definitely, and provides her with the link to the kid through Lucas that means she ends up being her foster mother or whatever. Would also fit into their comfort zone of every character having some kind of link with each other."However, one viewer made the suggestion that even if Dawn became Clemmie's foster mother, problems may still arise, given where they live."Dawn saying Clemmie needs stability.
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Emmerdale Samantha Giles' feuds - affair with co-star's hubby to Gemma Collins punch row
Emmerdale this week, after she was stood up during their lunch date.How will this affect their relationship going forward? And will they be able to reconcile with one another?It seems that this could be the start of another famous Emmerdale feud - and it isn't only Bernice who has had her share of confrontations in the past.READ NEXT: Emmerdale's Samantha Giles sold spiritual readings online as lockdown ended actingBernice star Samantha Giles has also had a number of feuds away from the dales, including standing up to a pesky poltergeist and apologising for slamming TOWIE star Gemma Collins.Here, Daily Star takes a look at Samantha Giles' biggest feuds.Kim Tate star Claire King and Bernice Blackstock actress Samantha Giles are both Emmerdale icons.However, they have a long history together both on and off screen.While playing Kim Tate, Claire met ex-husband Peter Amory, who played her stepson Chris Tate in the soap.However, it was reported by The Mirror that their 10-year marriage broke down when it was revealed that Peter was having an affair with Samantha.Talking to The Mirror in 2005, Claire said: "I questioned Pete and he admitted it had been going on for a while."He told me it was over but then it started again. At that point I said: 'Well, you have to go with her then, because it obviously isn't going to stop.'"It is alleged that Claire had found out about the affair after Samantha's first husband Nick Moore wrote to her to inform them of their relationship.Speaking about the letter on Loose Women, Claire said that the affair was not Samantha's fault."She wanted that second chance, and I've been in that situation with my marriage.
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Emmerdale's Clemmie bites Millie in horror attack as fans fear she's next serial killer
Emmerdale youngsters Millie Tate (Willow Belle) and Clemmie Reed (Mabel Addison) clash next week as they struggle to adapt to their new family dynamic.Tension rises as Kim Tate (Claire King) and Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) argue over giving Mille her old room back.Dawn’s aghast when Kim states Clemmie might not be staying long term anyway.READ MORE: Emmerdale affair exposed as Liam cheats on heartbroken Leyla with ex after drugs scandalAfter a difficult day, Dawn attempts to get Clemmie to open up and is enthusiastic when Clemmie shows interest in making her new room her own.She’s left increasingly frustrated Kim’s decision to swap bedrooms has set Clemmie back.Dawn worries about the upcoming visit from social services.Kim is left to think when it becomes clear there are too many children all under one roof.When Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) suggests she and Thomas move in with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) for a while, Kim’s riled knowing Clemmie is the real reason.Dawn’s anxious ahead of the visit from social services but soon Dawn beams at the news Clemmie is going to be staying.However, rushing over to the sound of a scream, they’re horrified when it seems Clemmie has bitten Millie.Fans are fearing that Clemmie could be the next serial killer in the Dales, as one said: "I get the feeling that Clemmie is going to be like Damien from The Omen…”Another agreed: "Clemmie is like Carrie! I mean I know she’s been through a lot but she still assaulted the lad!” another fan echoed, while a third agreed: “How f***ing scary is Clemmie? I’m waiting for her head to start spinning round!"A third echoed: "I think Clemmie will turn out to be the devil!” while someone else compared her to Hope Stape from rival soap Coronation
Kim Tate - Emmerdale fans twig sinister Hazel twist as Kim learns 'dead' Jamie is still alive -
Emmerdale fans twig sinister Hazel twist as Kim learns 'dead' Jamie is still alive
Emmerdale fans were left scratching their heads over Andrea Tate’s mother Hazel Rhodes after Kim Tate finally discovered her “dead” son Jamie had faked his death.During Thursday’s visit to the Dales, Kim was left speechless after she learnt Hazel has ended up in hospital after her long-lost son had pushed her down the stairs.Hazel explained that the dad-of-two was planning on fleeing the country with his daughter Millie but the loving friend wasn’t willing to let him leave without a fight, which resulted in the shocking attack.READ MORE: Emmerdale viewers baffled as credits play out before ITV soap triple bill special endsThe elderly woman could be seen resting in a hospital bed with her arm in a sling as she explained how Kim’s son “tried to kill her”.After listening to the heart-wrenching attack, Kim wasted no time in reporting her son to the police for attempted murder and took her granddaughter Millie back to Home Farm.But despite her calm and collected façade, Kim struggled deeply with the news about Jamie and went on to trash her living room in anger.However, fans of the ITV soap have shared their suspicions over Hazel’s involvement, especially after she confessed to helping Jamie fake his own death.Viewers soon took to Twitter to share their suspicions online as many questioned why Jamie would leave his daughter behind if he had pushed Hazel down the stairs so he could leave the country with her. One user pointed out: “Sooo..Jamie pushes her down the stairs for trying to prevent him fleeing the country with Millie yet flees the scene without Millie...please make that make sense! # emmerdale.” Another pointed out: “So Jamie pushed her down the stairs, but then didn’t grab Millie and leave.
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Emmerdale Harriet star teases 'explosive' feud with Kim Tate after Will revelation
Emmerdale star Katherine Dow-Blyton has hinted that Harriet Finch is set to have an "explosive" feud with Kim Tate for the soap's 50th anniversary.The ITV soap, which began in 1972, will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a whole month of stories this October, which bosses said will "make you laugh, make you cry, make you surprised and stunts that are going to rock your world".Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other press, Emmerdale Executive Producer Jane Hudson revealed that Harriet is set to declare her undying love for Will Taylor on the eve of his wedding to Kim Tate – but that Kim overhears.READ NEXT: Emmerdale backstage secrets - Plastic food, real graves, tributes and spelling errorsThe revelation is set to cause an "explosive" row between Harriet and Kim, with Jane saying: "Kim will also overhear Harriet declaring her undying love to Will, so obviously that will inspire a lot of fireworks. She's not very happy about that."Harriet actress Katherine added: "Harriet has once again got herself mixed up with men problems," saying: "She's getting wrapped up in Will's life a little too much than she should be, and that obviously has an impact on his upcoming nuptials."Declaring that Will was "Harriet's man first", Katherine said that her character has one last chance to be with Will before he marries Kim Tate."It's last chance saloon.
David Metcalfe - Victoria Sugden - Kim Tate - Rhona Goskirk - Matthew Wolfenden - Lisa Riley - Emma Atkins - Zoe Henry - Priya Sharma - Emmerdale star's eye-watering net worths - Marlon Dingle star to Kim Tate actress -
Emmerdale star's eye-watering net worths - Marlon Dingle star to Kim Tate actress
Emmerdale this week, after Priya Sharma tells Victoria Sugden that he has missed payments ahead of their wedding.With David feigning an injury for an insurance claim and ignoring Victoria's questions about the wedding, will he reveal the truth about what is going on?However away from Emmerdale, David Metcalfe actor Matthew Wolfenden is one of the soap's many high paid stars - with the cast reported to earn anything between £400-£2000 per episode.READ NEXT: When will Lisa Riley be back on Emmerdale? Mandy Dingle actress returns after heartbreakWith over six episodes per week, the cast could make a substantial amount from their appearances, and here, Daily Star takes a closer look at some of the star's net worths.Emma Atkins is one of the soap's longest serving cast members, having appeared in Emmerdale for over 20 years since 2000.Between family feuds, a shock return to the village and taking over ownership of The Woolpack Pub, her character Charity Dingle has been at the centre of some of Emmerdales' biggest storylines.She has also had starring roles in Casualty and Doctors away from the soap too.It is no surprise then with her long run on the show and long acting career, that the star is estimated to have a net worth of over £8m.Zoe Henry joined Emmerdale in 2001 as Rhona Goskirk, before taking a break from the dales one year later.
Kim Tate - Noah Dingle - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale's Chloe Harris 'orchestrated Nicola's attack' as fans figure out tattoo twist -
Emmerdale's Chloe Harris 'orchestrated Nicola's attack' as fans figure out tattoo twist
Emmerdale fans seem to think they know who may have been involved in Nicola King's brutal attack and believe Chloe Harris may have something to do with it.Earlier in the week, Nicola became a victim of assault when she was approached by a group of girls in a parking lot.Not long after, Nicola's conversation with the girls escalated and they ended up kicking her to the ground stealing her belongings.But although most of the girl's faces could clearly be seen, one of them couldn't.While Nicola laid helpless on the ground, the mystery person with an ankle tattoo walked up to her and apologised.Due to this, some Emmerdale viewers are certain Chloe may have something to do with it.Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, one person wrote: "I think Chloe might of attacked Nicola?"Another person also chimed: "I think Chloe might of been the one who apologised to Nicola and who stood over her."Meanwhile while the attack aired earlier in the week, a third person said: "Wonder if the girl with white trainers is Chloe? A wild guess IF Nicola recognises the same trainers in the village."Chloe has been keeping a fairly low profile since she discovered she was being stalked by Noah Dingle.Feeling petrified by Noah's actions, Chloe called the police on him, even though She was begged not to by his mother Charity.But could Chloe be behind something so awful knowing that she has just gone through a terrible ordeal herself?On Friday's episode, Nicola seemed a lot perkier despite struggling mentally.But things took another devastating turn for her when Kim Tate informed her that her attack is the front page of the regional newspaper.Kim also reassured Nicola that she will be there for her if needed which fans certainly loved.Jumping on
Kim Tate - Jamie Tate - Claire King - Emmerdale fans do double take as Kim Tate 'replaced' in emotional Will scene -
Emmerdale fans do double take as Kim Tate 'replaced' in emotional Will scene
Emmerdale's Kim Tate, played by Claire King, left viewers baffled as they accused her of being "replaced" during a heated scene with her partner Will and Gabby and Dawn in Friday's episode.Kim's world has been turned upside down as she has discovered that her son Jamie may actually be alive, whilst Gabby and Dawn's secret quickly unraveled.As the pair interrupted a heated discussion between Will and Kim, she announced that she "knew their secret".As Gabby tried to explain that shooting Will was an accident, Kim broke down in tears as she screamed at everyone to get out of her house.Will was later left devastated as Kim told him that she couldn't trust him, meaning they couldn't get married.Baffled fans took to social media to comment on Kim's dramatic change in personality, with many saying that Kim wasn't behaving like her normal self.One posted: "Why have they replaced Kim Tate with a snivelling wreck?" Another added: " Emmerdale what are you doing to these feisty women?" A third chipped in: "Kim's actually being a somewhat decent human being for a change."Meanwhile, fans think they've worked out a huge twist with baby Thomas' father as Jamie is set to make a dramatic return.During Thursday's episode, PI Mike asked Will to do a DNA test to compare Thomas’ DNA to someone they had tracked down who looked similar to Jamie.As Mike later revealed it couldn't have been Jamie as the DNA didn't match, viewers took to social media to predict a paternity twist.One posted: "he DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate.
Kim Tate - Jamie Tate - Will Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale fans work out baby Thomas paternity twist after surprising DNA results -
Emmerdale fans work out baby Thomas paternity twist after surprising DNA results
Emmerdale fans believe they have worked out a major twist set to wreak havoc in the village after the discovery about Jamie Tate on the ITV soap.Just a few months ago, Jamie’s horrific fate after and presumed death was exposed to Gabby Thomas, who share baby son Thomas together after.However, fans know that Jamie faked his death in a tragic car accident back in September, and has done his been staying with his former mother-in-law Hazel and his daughter Millie ever since.In recent episodes, Will Taylor learnt that Jamie, the son of his partner Kim Tate, could still be alive somewhere and started to make some enquiries around the village.Although he still has no concrete proof of him being a live, Will secretly went on to hire an investigator to find him.On Thursday (June 9), PI Mike asked Will to do a DNA test in order to compare baby Thomas’ DNA to someone they had tracked down who looked strikingly similar to Jamie.The corrupt investigator charged £3,000 for the results only for him to reveal that the man they spotted couldn’t have been Jamie because they didn’t match the DNA of baby Thomas.But some viewers have been doing some digging into the gripping storyline, with many now believing that perhaps the DNA results proved more than they first thought.While most viewers suggested Mike was simply using Will for money, others suggested the possibility that Jamie may not be Thomas’ biological father after all.Although there was no suggestion as to who the alternative identity of the father could be, fans of the soap believe they are on to something as they swarmed to Twitter with their theories online.One user penned: “The DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate.
David Metcalfe - Kim Tate - Noah Dingle - Sarah Sugden - Charity Dingle - Amy Wyatt - Kerry Wyatt - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale's Noah exit teased as he appears in court after sick Chloe stalking horror -
Emmerdale's Noah exit teased as he appears in court after sick Chloe stalking horror
Emmerdale troublemaker Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) finds himself in court next week.The young lad was reported to the police by his mother Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in recent scenes after he was caught stalking Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).As his solicitor informs him of his defence plea for the hearing, Noah simmers with resentment but holds his counsel.Charity’s incredulous when Noah tells her he doesn’t want to plead guilty.Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) glowers at Noah as he passes her and the two exchange words.Back at home, rattled by his run in with Amy, Noah tells his mum that he wants to do a runner.Charity doesn’t agree to go along with Noah’s plan and he frustratingly heads out leaving Charity concerned.Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) finds Noah sitting alone and she gets him to try and see sense by attending his court hearing.Noah takes her words on board but he is still unsure whether he’s going to plead guilty or not leaving mum Charity’s anxious.Later at court, as the legal advisor reads out Noah’s charges, he asks Noah what he pleads..Last week, Noah finally opened up to his mum, telling Charity he loves her and wants to change his behaviour.However, they were interrupted by the police who were there to arrest Noah.After spending the past week covering for her son, Charity ultimately had a change of heart and decided to report him for stalking.Outside villagers looked on to see Noah being taken away in a police car.Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Chloe thanked Charity when they realised she was responsible.But when Kim Tate (Claire King) told Charity she admires her bravery over the situation, Charity admitted she was more worried how her family will react.Elsewhere in the village next week, David Metcalfe’s