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‘The Fabelmans’ Toronto Review: Steven Spielberg’s Cinematic Memoir Becomes Glorious Tribute To Art And Family
There is definitely a trend of late for film directors to take a look in thinly disguised cinematic memoirs of their early influences that shaped the artist and person they have become. Kenneth Branagh with Belfast and Paolo Sorrentino with The Hand Of God did it last year. Of course there is Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, others over the years. Sam Mendes, while not drawing a portrait of his younger self revisits the movie palaces of his youth in another 2022 offering, Empire Of Light, which premiered last weekend at Telluride and will also hit the Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF is also where the man I recently described as the GOAT, Steven Spielberg, has chosen to debut his own story where the names have been changed but the story is  clearly his. The Fabelmans basically chronicling his early Jewish family life and infatuation with making movies  had its World Premiere Saturday night, the first of Spielberg’s directed movies ever to premiere at a film festival. This one seems entirely appropriate, and it has been gestating in the director’s head ever since he and his co-writer Tony Kushner started kicking it around during the making of Lincoln over a decade ago. He says he finally made it primarily as a way to bring his late parents Leah and Arnold (to whom the film is dedicated) somehow back to his life. Movies can do that, and no one knows it better than Steven Spielberg.
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Harry Potter star Kenneth Branagh unrecognisable as Boris Johnson in new TV series
Harry Potter actor Sir Kenneth Branagh has transformed for his new role as Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a new five part mini series.Sky have released first look pictures and a trailer for This England, which show the award winning actor and director looking unrecognisable, as he portrays Boris Johnson during the early months of his time in office.Pictures show Kenneth wearing facial prosthetics and a blonde wig, along with attire including suits and an outdoor coat, similar to those that the Prime Minister has been seen wearing on public outings.Kenneth Branagh, who recently won an Academy Award and a BAFTA for his critically acclaimed film Belfast, looks completely different in the role, with fans taking to social media to comment on his transformation.One said: "Blimey, good effort," while a second added: "B****y hell, that is a terrifyingly good likeness."Kenneth, who is famous for playing roles such as Gilderoy Lockheart in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and directing films including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Death On The Nile will join a number of famous faces for the new five part mini series This England, due to air later this year on Sky.Directed by Michael Winterbottom, the series will also star Ophelia Lovibond as Boris Johnson's wife Carrie and The Crown's Andrew Buchan as then Health Secretary Matt Hancock.They are just some of the famous figures to be portrayed in the new mini series, which will primarily focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and the decisions made in Parliament and Downing Street during that time.Viewers will also see the impact of the pandemic on the frontlines, with stories from doctors, nurses and care home workers, as well as scientists researching vaccines, alongside
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Watch Kenneth Branagh transform into Boris Johnson in ‘This England’ trailer
This England, starring Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson.The series, co-written and directed by Michael Winterbottom, is based on Johnson’s first months as prime minister and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.A synopsis reads: “The drama takes us inside the halls of power, as Johnson grapples with COVID-19, Brexit, and a personal and political life wracked by controversy.“The events in government are interwoven with first-hand testimonies from around the UK, from the experts and scientists racing against time to understand the virus; the doctors, nurses and care-home workers on the frontline working tirelessly and heroically to contain and overcome it; and ordinary people whose lives were thrown into turmoil.”Alongside Branagh, the show stars Ophelia Lovibond (Feel Good) as Carrie Johnson and Andrew Buchan (The Crown) as former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.While an exact release date is yet to be announced, This England is scheduled to be released on Sky Atlantic and NOW later this year.Branagh was recently cast in Christopher Nolan’s next film Oppenheimer, alongside Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh and Rami Malek.The film follows theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (Murphy) and his contributions to the Manhattan Project which led to the creation of the atomic bomb.