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Holly Willoughby - Phillip Schofield - Chanel - This Morning fans 'heartbroken' as grieving mum is scammed after baby dies -
This Morning fans 'heartbroken' as grieving mum is scammed after baby dies
This Morning viewers have been left "heartbroken" after mum-of-six Carla Dawson opened up about her distressing betrayal following the death of her two-year-old daughter Jorja-Rose.It was explained on the ITV show that Jorja was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016. Following her diagnosis, Carla began raising money in a bid to save the life of her young daughter.She was then contacted by Chanel Bailey who had heard about her story and offered to help.Bailey took part in a sponsored walk and a head shave but kept the proceeds for herself.She also told people she was Carla's sister and even turned up at the hospital during the last days of Jorja's life.Jorja passed away in 2017.Viewers of the ITV show have shared an outpouring of support for Carla after hearing about her tragic experience.One viewer Tweeted: "Breaking my heart."Another said: "What a wonderful woman Georgia’s mum is!"Other fans were disgusted by Bailey's "sickening" acts.One person wrote: "Next level scum to steal from a dying child."Another viewer Tweeted: "What the hell was she gonna spend a dying child’s money on? How vile do you have to be to do that?!" whilst one person said: "How can someone do that, evil and sick."Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Carla said: "I thought she was a bit strange but I just thought she just had some boundary issues.“I’m not a judgemental person.”She added: "She kept sending messages, one time she even turned up to the hospital.