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Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: From Sir Elton John to David Beckham and Sir David Attenborough, which celebrities might attend?
Buckingham Palace confirmed.Following her death, the Queen’s coffin has been lying in state in Westminster Hall, with a whole host of celebrities joining the miles-long queue to pay their respects.Speculation is rife around which celebs will attend the funeral, with Bear Grylls already pictured outside Westminster Abbey in London, as one of the first confirmed celebs in attendance.The TV personality is there as chief scout and he will represent Scouts at the state funeral and pay his final respects to the Queen, who was a patron.Another confirmed attendee is Killing Eve actress Sandra Oh, who will attend the funeral as part of the Canadian delegation.The star will take part in a procession of national honours as part of the service, joining fellow Canadians musician Gregory Charles and Olympic swimmer Mark Tewkesbury.Also spotted was Peep Show’s Sophie Winkleman, who holds the title of Lady Frederick Windsor as she is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince Michael of Kent – a cousin of the Queen.Over the past week, the likes of David Beckham, Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, and Tilda Swinton were among those viewing the Queen’s coffin.Footballing legend Beckham has been a vocal supporter of the Queen over the years, and received an OBE in 2013 for his services to the sport.He was recently praised by fellow royal fans for queueing for 13 hours with members of the public before becoming tearful as he bowed his head to Her Majesty’s coffin in respect inside the Hall.Head to'sQueen Elizabeth II tag page for the latest updates, and sign's book of condolence to Her Majesty here.Actress Tilda also cut a sombre figure as she viewed the coffin after joining the queue when it was five
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Royal fans blown away as they spot Peep Show's Big Suze at Queen's vigil
Peep Show's Big Suze left royal fans completely shocked as attended a vigil for the Queen alongside other members of The Royal Family.The actress who shot to fame in the Channel 4 sitcom often appears alongside the royals but people often forget that Sophie Winkleman is a member of The Royal Family herself.The sister of Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia Winkleman married Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of the Prince and Princess of Kent – a first cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth.Sophie, 42, married Lord Frederick on September 12, 2009, at Hampton Court Palace in front of members of the family, including the late Queen.Following their marriage, the actress who has also appeared in CSI: Miami and Death in Paradise took on Frederick's title, with her becoming Lady Frederick Windsor.The couple shares two children, Maud Elizabeth, nine, and Isabella Alexandra, six.Viewers who were watching the vigal spotted Sophie and instantly took to social media, with one typing: "OMG Big Suze is at the vigil… Looking absolutely flames.""Watched my first bit of royal coverage there (only English Channel in the hotel is sky news) and spotted/discovered that Big Suze from Peep Show is a royal, what a crossover," said a second.While a third commented: "Things I learned today: Big Suze off Peep Show is a legit royal.""Omg I was just watching The Queens coffin/dead body live feed and I thought I would see Big Suze from Peep show.
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Inside Peep Show’s Bug Suze actress Sophie Winkleman's connections to the Royal Family
Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, September 19.King Charles III is the country’s new King, with him and Prime Minister Liz Truss travelling across the UK during the national period of mourning.Every royal is coming together for this time of grief, but there are more members of the family that some realise.In fact, some have spotted Sophie Winkleman , who plays Big Suze on Peep Show, at events, shocking fans of the cult classic Channel 4 comedy series.The last thing viewers would expect is for her to be a royal, but the actress married into the family years ago.On September 12, 2009, Sophie Winkleman married Lord Frederick Windsor, making her Lady Frederick Windsor.They tied the knot at Hampton Court Palace in London.Frederick is the son of Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, making Sophie a legitimate member of the Royal Family through marriage.He is 53rd in the line of succession for the British throne.They have two children together, six-year-old Isabella Alexandra May and nine-year-old Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina WindsorSophie’s famous family doesn’t end there either, as she is the half-sister of Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman.They share the same dad, Barry Winkleman, who published the Times Atlas of World History.Sophie’s mother is author Cindy Black, while Claudia’s is tabloid journalist and editor Eve Pollard.Yes, Sophie is still acting together, continuing to use her maiden name instead of her Royal title.For UK audiences, Sophie is best known for her role as Big Suze in Peep Show, the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Jez, played by Robert Webb.American viewers may know her best from Two and a Half Men, where she played the character of Zoey from 2011 to 2015.More
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“American Prophet” Review: Prophets and Losses
American Prophet: Frederick Douglass in His Own Words (★★★☆☆), in its world-premiere production at Arena Stage, wisely draw directly from the source for their expansive, though not exhaustive, biography of the great abolitionist, author, publisher, statesman, escaped slave, and public speaker.The bulk of Douglass’ lines and lyrics in the show are words that the man either spoke or wrote, interpreted and interpolated fluidly by book writers Charles Randolph-Wright and Marcus Hummon.Randolph-Wright also directs, while Grammy-winner Hummon composed music and lyrics for the score, which floats between R&B, pop, and gospel influences, but stays too comfortably within theater conventions.The music doesn’t start down the most adventurous path. Opening with Douglass plaintively singing “What Does Freedom Look Like?” feels way too obvious.The follow-up number, “Going to the Great House,” turns out to be a sharply satirical subversion of happy-dancing-slave tropes, but then shifts into a sober — and, again, very on-the-nose — “Wade in the Water,” complete with choreography reminiscent of Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations.”Fortunately, the show goes bolder in its characterization of Frederick Douglass.