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Sue Nicholls - Sarah Barlow - Stephen Reid - Coronation Street's Stephen 'exposed' as his wife arrives amid Audrey death theories -
Coronation Street's Stephen 'exposed' as his wife arrives amid Audrey death theories
Coronation Street's Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) gets caught in the act next week.Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) tells her scheming uncle that she’s arranged a meeting with a couple of potential investors in upcoming scenes.However, Stephen’s shaken when his wife, Gabrielle, arrives on the street, telling him she wants the £200,000 euros back that he stole from her company or she’s going to the police.He lets himself into No.8 and taking out the trust fund papers, practises mum Audrey Robert’s (Sue Nicholls) signature.READ MORE: Corrie Sunita star's life - Emmerdale actor romance, Boy George link and two lovers ruleSuddenly Audrey appears, has she caught Stephen in the act? Corrie fans are convinced Stephen will murder his mother as theories circulate online about the shady character.Viewers have been suspicious of Stephen ever since he returned to Weatherfield earlier this year.Audrey has been going through a rough patch and even tried to take her own life by overdosing on pills.Stephen is in desperate need of cash and fans think he will go to dark measures to get what he wants.One viewer wrote on Reddit: "He finds out about Audrey trying to take her own life, and he still needs money so he kills her (or tries to) and tries to make it look like suicide.""Honestly I could see that happening," another person agreed.Someone else said: "This wouldn’t surprise me.
Daniel Osbourne - Gary Windass - Adam Barlow - Ken Barlow - Peter Barlow - Carla Connor - Sarah Barlow - Coronation Street spoilers: Adam death fears, Gary murder discovery and Faye baby shock -
Coronation Street spoilers: Adam death fears, Gary murder discovery and Faye baby shock
Coronation Street's Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) is left seriously injured in upcoming scenes following a showdown with Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan).When Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) invites Adam to Harry’s birthday party he reckons she’s thawing.But his good mood is short-lived when Sarah announces she’s filed for divorce.With Sarah distracted, Adam texts Lydia from her phone.Meeting Lydia in a coffee shop, he presses record on his phone but Lydia sees through him and snatching his phone, presses delete.Asserting he’s had enough of her games, Adam tries to wrestle his phone back, but as Lydia lets go, the phone smashes to the floor.Lydia rails at Adam for his treatment of her all those years ago.Adam feels a pang of guilt but when he suggests it’s time she told Sarah the truth, Lydia’s seething, realising it’s still the same old Adam and all he cares about is himself.As Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) scours the shopping centre for Adam, having heard from Sarah he’s gone to meet Lydia, he hears a noise from the balcony.In a rage, Lydia slaps Adam and gives him an almighty shove.As Adam topples backwards over the railings, Lydia watches with horror.The doctor tells Ken Barlow (Bill Roache) and Daniel that Adam has suffered a bleed behind the eye and needs an operation to save his sight.As they quiz Adam about his fall, suggesting Lydia’s to blame, Adam claims he doesn’t remember.Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) breaks the news to Sarah who asserts Adam’s no longer her problem but Carla Connor (Alison King) urges Sarah to be there for him when he wakes up as she clearly still cares about him.
Adam Barlow - Sarah Barlow - Corrie fans predict Sarah and Lydia will sleep together in twisted revenge plot -
Corrie fans predict Sarah and Lydia will sleep together in twisted revenge plot
Coronation Street viewers seem to think that Lydia Chambers and Sarah Barlow could potentially sleep together in order to hurt solicitor Adam Barlow.Scheming Lydia has been trying her best to bring down her former lover Adam and she recently took things a step further by devising lies to make it seem like they had an affair.With Adam now looking guilty, wife Sarah has been left hurt by her husband and Lydia's actions.But some Corrie fans believe Lydia will continue to showcase her deviant ways by jumping into bed with Sarah - leaving her marriage in tatters.A recent theory posted by a fan on Facebook read: "Lydia sleeps with Sarah to hurt Adam, confirmed."While other fans responded in disbelief.Before Lydia broke down Sarah and Adam's relationship, Underworld worker Sarah was clearly smitten and valued her as a friend.Sarah even went further to admit that she did have a "girl crush" on Lydia.Opening up to Fiz Stape about her friendship with Lydia while in the factory last year, Sarah said: "She’s just such a laugh."I know it’s mad because I’ve only just met her, but I feel like I’ve known her for years."But Sarah's world came crashing down when Adam admitted that he had a previous relationship with Lydia several years prior when they were both at university.Despite this, Sarah and Lydia's relationship was still going strong but things hit a wall last week when Lydia fabricated the lie that she had been sleeping with Adam.Several fans believe Lydia's quest to bring Adam down is due to the fact that Adam could be the father of Lydia's son Finn.This is a live TV story and is constantly being updated.Please refresh the page regularly to get the latest TV updates.TV & Showbiz reporters are working to source the latest