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BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty makes dig at Carol Kirkwood as she 'won't stop talking'
BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty made a veiled dig at Carol Kirkwood as Charlie Stayt fumed the she "wouldn't stop talking". Giving a weather report on the autumnal climate and chatting to Naga about outdoor activities like golf, the pair spoke of how Friday's weather wouldn't be good for a day on the golf course.After Carol finished reporting on the weather Naga said: "It is getting windy, I don't like the wind and the rain but I like the temperature - how's that Carol, does that work?"READ NEXT: BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt brutally cuts off MP and fumes answer was 'not sufficient'Carol then replied: "Well, yeah, that works, but the wind can sometimes temper with the temperature - so it will feel cooler than the temperature - but it's good enough.""If you say so," replied Naga, before Carol handed back to her and Charlie.Charlie then made a jibe at the weather presenter and said: "She's still talking now," sounding mildly frustrated, albeit jokingly."Sometimes you can have enough of Carol, can't you?" responded Naga as she made a veiled dig towards her colleague and friend in a jokingly manner.Charlie laughed along with Naga as the pair then moved onto the next segment of the show.This came as Charlie brutally interrupted and grilled a Conservative MP over the mini budget and cost of living crisis.Speaking to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom – Chris Philp – Charlie didn't hold back when his answer wasn't quite up to par.Charlie asked the MP about his thoughts on the value of the pound dropping by 1%, but when he failed to give a straight answer, the BBC presenter grew frustrated.
Dolly Parton - Naga Munchetty - Will Mellor - 'It’s goodnight from me' Naga Munchetty bids farewell to 'b****y decent' BBC colleague - express
'It’s goodnight from me' Naga Munchetty bids farewell to 'b****y decent' BBC colleague
Naga Munchetty has taken to Twitter to bid farewell to her BBC colleague Stephen Smith, who announced his exit from the corporation at the start of this week.The BBC Breakfast host was quick to pay tribute to her colleague, who she applauded as a "b****y decent person".Resharing Stephen's post, Naga had her own message for the Newsnight Culture correspondent.She told her 277,000 followers: "One of the best creative wordsmiths/journalists I've ever had the honour to work with."And above all, a b****y decent person."Good luck @StephenSmithBBC," she added.Strictly's Will Mellor says he's 'broken' amid 'tough' dance trainingIt comes after Stephen announced his exit from the Beeb in view of his 6,000 followers.He penned: "Some professional news: and it’s goodnight from me for the last time @bbcnewsnight."What larks we had: Student House, Motorway Man, Big Society, Hitchhiker’s Guide to Brexit.I was fortunate to meet a who’s who of everyone who matters in arts & culture, from Scorsese to Stormzy..He continued: "..Dolly Parton to Tracey Emin, and other greats too numerous to mention."(Full list available on application)."Thanks to the producers, camera crews and picture editors I worked with: at least they were (mostly) getting paid."Not so our long- suffering viewers… ..If you have been, thanks very much for watching, and see you around (more follows, as we old hacks say)," he ended his post.Following Stephen's announcement, his followers and colleagues flocked to the post to wish him well.Radio 4's Evan Davis wrote: "Stephen.. you are one of a kind.
Can I (I) - Naga Munchetty - Charlie Stayt - 'Can't just sit here!' BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt' 'awkward' show - express
'Can't just sit here!' BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt' 'awkward' show
Charlie Stayt, 60, joined BBC Breakfast in 2006 and still presents on the show now Thursday to Saturday alongside Naga Munchetty.The TV duo have a great relationship on and off-screen, however this relationship doesn't always go smoothly on live TV.On a few occasions, Naga has put her colleague in his place during the morning BBC show, showing off her no-nonsense attitude.This happened in April where Naga increasingly turned her disdain to her co-presenter.During the show they provided a light-hearted segment about the World Scotch Pie Championships.As Charlie explained the different categories, Naga interrupted: "You can’t just sit here and read a list and not discuss the list!"Her repeated interruptions were accompanied by a scornful look.That was not the only awkward moment on the April's programme when they interviewed Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty.Adam was discussing his new suit, with Charlie saying that he "wouldn' carry it off very well".Naga again, chimned in: "Everyone agrees, by thy way."However, despite rumours and social media discussions, the BBC have confirmed there is "no credibility" in rumours of a friction between the presenting duo.Naga and Charlie have not stopped with their awkward moments, with one taking place this weekend on the show with lewis Capaldi.As the interview came to an end, Lewis told Charlie: "Can I just say you have lovely hair? We were saying it outside."The BBC Breakfast guest joked: "A wig, is it?""I didn’t say that," Lewis remarked.
Lewis Capaldi - Can I (I) - Naga Munchetty - Charlie Stayt - BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty speechless as Lewis Capaldi makes rude remark live on air - - Scotland
BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty speechless as Lewis Capaldi makes rude remark live on air
BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was left red-faced during Saturday (September 24) morning's episode of the show after Lewis Capaldi make a sex remark live on air.The 47-year-old helmed today's show alongside regular co-host Charlie Stayt and welcomed the singer onto the red sofa to discuss his new single Forget Me.Coming to the end of the interview, Lewis decided to pay Charlie a compliment, telling him: "Can I just say, you've got great hair. We were talking about it outside." READ MORE: BBC Breakfast in chaos as things 'kick off' after guest's awkward on-air blunder The 60-year-old returned the favour and responded: "Well you've got great hair too," as the Before You Go hitmaker leaned over and gave him a high five.Naga then jokingly asking the pair: "Would you like a room?"Mishearing, Lewis floored the presenters as he responded: "I thought you said rim."Shocked with the X-rated comment, a laughing Naga swiftly ended the interview before adding: "We're going to have a little word with Lewis."Sharing the hilarious clip on his Twitter page, the Scottish singer penned: "A classic breakdown in communication."Viewers of the show and Lewis' fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the X-rated mishap as one wrote: "Oh my god I’m creased @LewisCapaldi on #BBCBreakfast best interview ever and then thinks he got asked “do you want a rim" I’m dead."Another penned: "How did they keep a straight face after @LewisCapaldi thought Naga asked if he wanted a rim #BBCBreakfast.""Still crying laughing at the Lewis Capaldi interview on BBC Breakfast just now.
Lisa Snowdon - Danny Jones - Naga Munchetty - Charlie Stayt - Celebrity Masterchef - Naga Munchetty hits back as BBC Breakfast viewer tries to correct her in jibe 'I did not!' - express
Naga Munchetty hits back as BBC Breakfast viewer tries to correct her in jibe 'I did not!'
Naga Munchetty took to Twitter earlier today to reply to a BBC Breakfast viewer who claimed she had made a blunder while discussing the Celebrity MasterChef 2022 winner.The presenter had been discussing the show’s finale this morning alongside co-host Charlie Stayt, whilst simultaneously trying not to spoil the result for fans who hadn't had a chance to watch it yet.Despite Naga's best efforts, Twitter user Matthewrhodie fumed: “Thanks a lot @TVNaga01 we won’t ruin the Celebrity Masterchef final result if you haven’t seen it ‘but we will tell you he is one happy man…’!“Erm I wonder if Lisa Snowdon or Mel Blatt have ever been described as that before…”Naga quickly corrected the viewer, as she insisted she had not made a mistake, hitting back: “I did not say man - I said ‘very happy winner’.”Lisa Snowdon was crowned the winner of the hit BBC reality show last night after competing for the title against McFly's Danny Jones and All Saints singer Mel Blatt.The TV star’s reaction comes after she sparked backlash over her frequent interruptions during her Thursday morning interview with Thérèse Coffey.BBC viewers were left less than impressed following Naga’s conversation with the Health Secretary about the new plan for the NHS.The new proposal will guarantee no one will wait more than two weeks for an appointment with a GP.However, the plans have been met with opposition from doctors, and Thérèse’s interview with Naga on sparked debate as the host interrupted her guest to try and clarify her stance.Speaking over Thérèse, Naga said: “Sorry, when you say… I understand you’ll be setting out more detail.“When you say ‘unlocking’, does that mean there’s money there that just hasn’t been able to be used?”Naga also asked if there was
Naga Munchetty - BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty leaves viewers disappointed after Mick Lynch interview -
BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty leaves viewers disappointed after Mick Lynch interview
BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty has been accused of giving a guest an "easy ride" during the latest instalment of the show.The host was back on our screens on Saturday (August 20) morning alongside co-star Charlie Stayt.Viewers watched Naga grill secretary general of the National Union of Rail, Mick Lynch, about the latest round of train strikes.READ MORE: Naga Munchetty unimpressed at BBC Breakfast chaos as star forgets name in awkward reportHowever, fans were left disappointed following the interview, with some claiming she let Mick "get away" with not answering her questions.Taking to Twitter, one fan moaned: "Naga failed to put Mick Lynch under pressure, unlike her interview with politicians."Another added: "Letting Lynch push his bulls*** propaganda without questioning what he said once, time to ditch the licence."A third person said: "Naga didn’t interrupt once and didn’t press him on any point. Terrible.”While a fourth social media user said: "“@BBCBreakfast journalists don’t challenge anything that #MickLynch says, but Charlie and Naga are like a Rottweiler when it’s a member of the government.”While one fan supported Naga saying: "Naga taking the sensible, non confrontational approach to interviewing Mick Lynch."Another agreed: "Excellent interview with @RMTunion Mick Lynch, telling it like it is."It comes after Naga, 47, praised a "kind and thoughtful" fan after they surprised her with a very sweet gesture.The star had been enjoying a day of golf this week, and took to Twitter to reply to a fan who had confessed they'd paid for her parking.The generous fan tweeted: "Hope you had a nice round of golf.
John Travolta - Danny Zuko - Naga Munchetty - Chloe Lattanzi - John Easterling - Naga Munchetty risks fan fury as she admits Olivia Newton-John's Sandy 'annoyed' her - - California - city Sandra - city Sandy
Naga Munchetty risks fan fury as she admits Olivia Newton-John's Sandy 'annoyed' her
Naga Munchetty has risked angering fans by admitting Olivia Newton-John's Grease character 'annoyed the hell out of her'.The late star, who died at the age of 73 earlier this week, portrayed Sandra 'Sandy' Dee in the hit 1978 movie musical.Speaking about Olivia's passing on her BBC Radio 5 Live show, Naga stunned her fellow presenters by admitting she wasn't a fan of Sandy.READ MORE:BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty hits back as she's called 'most annoying person on TV'The BBC Breakfast presenter, 47, said: "You know, the character of Sandy, I will be completely honest...she annoyed the hell out of me."Asked to explain her controversial opinion of Sandy, Naga claimed that she didn't warm to the "spineless" character and admitted to preferring Rizzo.The hard-edged character was memorably portrayed by Olivia's co-star Stockard Channing. Naga added: "I thought she was a wet blanket to be completely honest."She was a wet fish, a jellyfish almost, spineless."In the end she turned it around but the character changed her personality to suit a guy, which bugs the hell out of me."And Rizzo was always the woman for me."While Naga admitted she wasn't a fan of Sandy, she still praised Olivia's Grease performance, concluding: "She did it so well didn’t she, Olivia Newton-John, I don’t think anyone else could have done it."Olivia passed away at her home in Southern California on Monday.Her death was confirmed on her official Facebook page.Olivia is survived by her husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi, 36.In a touching tribute to his late co-star, Danny Zuko actor John Travolta wrote: "My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better."Your impact was incredible.
Jeremy Clarkson - Gary Lineker - Zoe Ball - Huw Edwards - Alan Shearer - Naga Munchetty - Steve Wright - Fiona Bruce - 'Sit on sofa reading autocue!' Jeremy Clarkson slams Naga Munchetty's six-figure BBC wage - express
'Sit on sofa reading autocue!' Jeremy Clarkson slams Naga Munchetty's six-figure BBC wage
Jeremy Clarkson has slammed BBC presenter Naga Munchetty's six-figure salary after the broadcaster published its list of their top-earners earlier this week.The Clarkson's Farm star, 62, took issue with the BBC Breakfast presenter's wage, which sees her earn up to £369,000.The star started off by justifying war correspondent Orla Guerin's £164,000 a year salary.Jeremy claimed that it's deserved because of the dangerous nature of her job.However, the motoring expert went on to take issue with BBC Breakfast star Naga's wage.Comparing her presenting role to Orla's, he penned: "She doesn’t have to go to work through a hail of machine gun fire."She doesn’t have to do her toilet on a battlefield."He went on to challenge her salary, also addressing the perks of her job.Jeremy continued: "So why, when all she does is sit on a sofa and read an autocue, will she trouser £369,000?"Naga has a cushy job and is doubtless ferried to the studios every day in a Mercedes E-Class with an air freshener," he added in his column in The Sun.However, he went on to add that even after she's finished her job for the day, she'll be pestered by fans for photos.Earlier this week the BBC published a report of their top-earners.Match of the day presenter Gary Lineker topped the list of the BBC's best-paid stars for the fifth year in a row, which saw him take £1.35million in the last financial year.The BBC star's salary is less from the £1.36million he earned last year which followed a pay cut from £1.75milion.After Gary was BBC Radio 2 presenter Zoe Ball who took £980,000.Steve Wright and Alan Shearer both came in third with £450,000.Other BBC stars who were named in the top 10 included Huw Edwards at number six, Fiona Bruce alongside Fiona Bruce,
Gary Lineker - Naga Munchetty - Charlie Stayt - Naga Munchetty hits back as BBC Breakfast outfit is compared to a 'black bin' bag in jibe - express
Naga Munchetty hits back as BBC Breakfast outfit is compared to a 'black bin' bag in jibe
Naga Munchetty, 47, has been working with the BBC since 2010 and has become a main fixture of the channel.She is known for having an active Twitter account and today was no different when she responded to a BBC Breakfast viewer's comment about her outfit choice for this morning's early breakfast show.Naga presented on Thursday's BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt, however many viewers were distracted by her outfit.She sported a satin style maxi style shirt dress, with her signature dark red lipstick.Having seen her on the show, social media user C0tts10 jibed on Twitter: "That reminds me @TVNaga01 I must put the black bin bags out today."Naga quickly quipped back in view of her 274,500 followers: "that's funny."NealWatts reassured the presenter as he commented: "Naga you look gorgeous."However, many other viewers took to Twitter to share their view on Naga's dress choice.BCollier2012 asked: "Is Naga going to wear her dressing gown all day?"LizzieAnnette added: "I love that black satin, said no woman ever."Naga wears some gorgeous clothes but today is not one of those days."JamesMason1 chimed: "Did Naga get up late this morning?"Can't understand why she is still in her pajamas."This comes after it was recently revealed that Naga had taken a pay rise of over £100,000, making her one of BBC's biggest earners.Her increase was the second-highest for the channel, with Amol Rajan enjoying the biggest pay rise.The BBC Breakfast presenter is still behind Match of the Day's Gary Lineker, the only presenter to earn over £1 million annually.Earlier this week, Naga also had to issue an apology for failing to deliver a promised interview on her BBC Radio 5 Live show.She revealed she was unable to air her anticipated interview with
Naga Munchetty - 'Oops!' Naga Munchetty issues personal apology as BBC Breakfast mishap sparks 'panic' - express - Britain - Ukraine - Eu
'Oops!' Naga Munchetty issues personal apology as BBC Breakfast mishap sparks 'panic'
Naga Munchetty, 47, alarmed viewers when she suggested that July 1 wasn't actually Friday, the gateway to the weekend, after all, but fell a day earlier than they'd thought. One anxious fan, @eel0110, took to Twitter to redress the balance, exclaiming: "Naga! Don’t do that to us, THURSDAY 1 July?!"She continued: "What a panic in our house there was still 2 days before the weekend…"The BBC 5 Live and BBC Breakfast presenter replied in front of her 278,500 followers: "Oops sorry! X"Naga's slip up on air led some to worry that the last day of their working week would be a day later than they had imagined.It isn't the first time that the presenter has sparked confusion, either.During her coverage of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations last month, Naga bucked the trend for wearing the colours of the British flag.Instead, she donned blue and yellow, leaving puzzled viewers scratching their heads trying to understand her reasoning.Some speculated that she may have been showing support for war-torn Ukraine, by donning the colours of their national flag.However some followers argued that the move was "anti-British" and not in the spirit of the celebrations."Was the flag mocking @TVNaga01 wearing EU colours to our Queens jubilee celebrations today?" @SilentM85649515 quizzed."Why is this Union flag hating woman even there? The Queen deserves better."The tweeter added her view that the bright yellow scarf Naga was wearing seemed inappropriate for the warm June weather.@Richard49058624 answered: "God I hate that woman with a passion @DefundBBC."Naga then waded into the debate by offering an amused personal reply."Ooh.