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Kelly Ripa - Mark Consuelos - Michael Consuelos - Kelly Ripa reveals how she feared divorce after 26 years of marriage to Mark Conseulos - - Las Vegas - Utah - city Santos
Kelly Ripa reveals how she feared divorce after 26 years of marriage to Mark Conseulos
Kelly Ripa has detailed how she feared she would get divorced from husband Mark Consuelos after their third child moved to college and left them as empty-nesters.MORE: Kelly Ripa makes surprisingly candid confession about the beginning of her marriage"It's scary, thrilling, liberating, shocking... and quiet," Kelly shared of living in a house with just Mark after raising three children over their 26 years of marriage.WATCH: Kelly Ripa and Michael Consuelos get into discussion about her eating habits"There were moments when I was like, 'We're going to be that couple: Our third child goes to college and we get divorced because this is it.' But there was this other moment, where we went to the beach alone for the first time since our honeymoon with cheese and a baguette,' she told People, adding that she realized she now had time to notice the sunset."So I think for us, it was 'Oh, this next phase of our lives, this is kind of great.'"Mark and Kelly wed in 1996 and the TV personality added that looking back they were both too young to get married but they have "fought for our marriage when it would have been easier to quit and throw in the towel".The two met on the set of All My Children when Kelly played the character of Hayley Vaughan and her husband, fittingly, her love interest Mateo Santos.
Britney Spears - Christina Aguilera - Britney Spears 'unfollowed' by Christina Aguilera after 'body-shaming' backlash - - city Santos
Britney Spears 'unfollowed' by Christina Aguilera after 'body-shaming' backlash
Britney Spears was recently called out for “body shaming” and referenced pop pal Christina Aguilera in her comment, which may have led the singing sensation to unfollow the Toxic singer.Brit recently took to Instagram to share a picture of black text on a colourful pastel background.The quote read: “I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.” READ MORE: Britney Spears says she's 'not willing to see' her sons until she feels 'valued'The pop star then explained herself in the caption: “I wish I could have chosen the nannies for my children…my dancers… I mean, if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers, I would have looked extremely small,” with dancing emojis.The caption continued on to question her followers as to “why she shouldn’t talk about it” and asked her fans if any of them thought Brit’s “confidence would have been a bit better” if only she could have decided “where she lived, what she ate, who she called on the phone, who she dated and who was on stage with her”.Despite her reference to her conservatorship, which was terminated in November 2021, many of her 42million followers were left unimpressed with her comments.However, one may have been more affected than most and it appears Britney’s comments could have driven Aguilera to unfollow her, despite backing her throughout her conservatorship battle.Spears has previously publicly accused Christina of not supporting her throughout her struggle, which led Aguilera to speak out about the issue.Back in January 2022, she told radio host Enrique Santos that “it was a subject she wanted to be careful of” as she “didn’t want to speak out of turn” because she had “so much respect and admiration for Britney”.However, she made it clear that she