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Victoria's Secret fans defend Adriana Lima as she debuts 'different' look
READ MORE: Victoria's Secret bombshell Adriana Lima reveals she is pregnant with her third childThe brunette model currently has two daughters with ex-husband Marko Jarić - 12-year-old Valentina and nine-year-old Sienna.Best known for strutting her stuff as a Victoria's Secret Angel, Adriana opened the iconic fashion show in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012.The star has also worked for Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior, and Anna Sui.Naturally, she looks a bit different now that she's carrying a child inside her - but that didn't stop one TikTok user from taking a swipe at her earlier this week.Sharing a number of screenshots from Adriana's appearance at the Cannes Film Festival last month, where Andre was beside here, the user said: "Adriana Lima looks so radically different now!"Though it isn't clear if that was meant as a sly comment, many of her fans took it that way and raced to the comments to defend her.One wrote: "She looks stunning!" while a second said: "Duh, she's pregnant."Another wrote: "And she still looks better than 90% of you all," while a fourth defended her by writing: "People fail to realise: she's retired from modelling, her other pregnancies she was a working model."While someone else rushed to her defence by writing: "Seriously she's in her 40s and this is her third pregnancy!! Yet she still looks better than most women.
Rebekah Vardy - Kelly Osbourne - Adriana Lima - Cannes Film Festival - Andre Lemmers - Pregnant Adriana Lima showcases growing bump with sleek cut-out dress at Cannes film festival red carpet - - France - Brazil - city Lima
Pregnant Adriana Lima showcases growing bump with sleek cut-out dress at Cannes film festival red carpet
Adriana Lima is showing off her baby bump on the red carpet as she prepares to welcome a new arrival with partner Andre Lemmers.Like trailblazer Rihanna, who is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky, pregnant model Adriana is taking maternity wear to the next level as she shows off her growing bump with sleek outfits.The Brazilian model, 40, announced in February she was expecting a baby with her movie producer boyfriend.Due to give birth in the autumn, Adriana is choosing not to hide away her changing body, and is instead wearing outfits to accentuate it.The former Victoria’s Secret model appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival in France on Wednesday where she beamed at the cameras and cradled her bump.She and Andre were seen posing for photographs ahead of a screening of Top Gun: Maverick on Wednesday, Andre in a smart black tuxedo.Adriana, meanwhile, wore a sleek black dress trailing to her feet with a cut-out in the stomach area to show off her bump.In one photograph taken at the lavish ceremony, Andre was seen placing his hands protectively over his girlfriend and her their unborn child, smiling proudly as he looked off-camera.Last month, Adriana and partner Andre joyously announced the news they were preparing to welcome a baby boy together, sharing a sweet gender reveal video of the family.In the cute clip, Adriana, Andre and some extended family stand in front of a massive sign adorned in pink and blue balloons which asks: ‘Boy or girl?’Everything you've missed in the Rebekah Vardy vs Coleen Rooney Wagatha libel trialJohnny Depp’s lawyer laughs off romance rumours amid Amber Heard trialPregnant Kelly Osbourne involves police as cab 'knowingly' drives off with Ozzy's clothesThe new
Man murdered pal before chopping him up and drinking blood in 'Satanic ritual' - - Brazil - city Lima
Man murdered pal before chopping him up and drinking blood in 'Satanic ritual'
murdered his friend before butchering him and drinking his blood as part of a suspected Satanic ritual.Andre Soares Ferreira, 39, stabbed Antonio Carlos Pires de Lima, 33, to death with a pair of scissors while he was asleep on a sofa in a squat before chopping him up, burning him and drinking his blood.It is believed Ferreira, who had been in custody since October last year, covered Antonio's mouth with a motorcycle-glove-clad hand while he used his other hand to stab him to death with a pair of gold-handled scissors.Ferreira also skinned Antonio's head and removed his skull, which has never been recovered.On Monday, April 18, the Jury Court of Samambaia, an administrative district in Brazil, gave Ferreira 28 years in "reclusion", after finding him guilty of killing, mutilating, and burning Antonio before drinking his blood.The motivations behind Ferreira's gruesome attack are unclear, and it's unknown if the two men had any disagreement with each other which could have triggered the savage murder.The macabre nature of the killing and its apparent ritual behind it also remains unclear, however, local media noted that the victim was the same age Jesus was commonly believed to have been when he died.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.At the crime scene, investigators found graffiti with Jesus' name, drawings of a demon, the number '666' and a DVD cover for a horror series in the run-down building.During his trial, Ferreira appeared to be articulate and up to speed with legal jargon.
Fitness model says her 'tree trunk' legs make men impotent and ruin sex life - - Brazil - city Lima - city Rio De Janeiro
Fitness model says her 'tree trunk' legs make men impotent and ruin sex life
fitness model who went viral after posting about her “tree trunk” legs has explained that the muscles are stalling her sex life.Anne Lima, 34, from Brazil, has spent over a decade honing her strong thighs which measure 62m around.But, the huge pins have made her the centre of a storm of back-handed compliments and nasty jokes.Anne, a bodybuilder, hit the gym at least four days a week and has spent 13 years working on her physique.She claims she doesn’t usually care what people think – except that now her legs are “ruining” her dating life.While she says she “loves” their size, Anne claims men are embarrassed to strip off in front of her because they feel their own legs are insufficient.Plus, the model claims its even caused some dates to suffer from erectile dysfunction.Anne commented: "They say they love my legs and they are big and beautiful."They are very surprised because most of the time my legs are bigger than theirs."For me, my legs are similar to those of football players."It affects me a lot because they are embarrassed because their legs are smaller than mine and they think I'm weird next to them."The size of my legs has already made some men fail [to get an erection] in the bedroom."It's boring, but it also makes me feel bad because changing my body was an act of love for myself." Anne, who is representing Rio de Janeiro at the Miss BumBum 2022 competition, also gets odd reactions from blokes on the street.