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Horrified landlord finds mountains of rubbish, faeces and unbearable stench in rented flat

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A landlord has been left horrified after seeing the condition his rented flat has been left in by tenants who lived there for five years.Lee Locking received the keys back to his property after renting it out for half a decade to find every room piled high with rubbish.

Amongst the tip were bags of cans and bottles, old clothes, rotting food and cat faeces in the bathtub, Wales Online reports.Lee claims that the tenant told him that he could keep the deposit laid down for the flat to cover the mess, but the landlord was devastated to see the extent of the property.He states that he feels let down by the letting agents who managed the property, and claims that they should not have allowed the flat to get as bad as it has.Now, Lee, 56, faces the daunting task of making the property in Swansea liveable, which will include a new bathroom, new kitchen and new carpets, not to mention disposing of what he says is the three to four tonnes of rubbish left behind.Lee said every time he steps foot in the house in Waunarlwydd, it leaves him feeling dirty.

He said: "Every single room is a state. I can't even go in without wanting to shower immediately after."When I first went to the property, I'd taken the dog with me.

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