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Aaron Eckhart To Star In Renny Harlin Action Pic ‘The Bricklayer’; Gerard Butler & Millennium Producing — EFM

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EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) has been set to lead Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger) action-thriller movie The Bricklayer, which is due to get underway in March in Europe.The Expendables outfit Millennium Media is producing with Gerard Butler after both teamed up with Eckhart on the lucrative Has Fallen franchise.In The Bricklayer, someone is blackmailing the CIA by assassinating foreign journalists and making it look like the agency is responsible.

As the world begins to unite against the U.S., the CIA must lure its most brilliant – and rebellious – operative out of retirement, forcing him to confront his checkered past while unraveling an international conspiracy.The film is set to shoot at Millennium’s new Nu Boyana Greece studio and its Nu Boyana Bulgaria facility.

Millennium will handle sales at the upcoming virtual EFM.Screenplay comes from Hannah Weg (Septembers of Shiraz) and Matt Johnson (Into the Blue).Producers are G-BASE’s Alan Siegel, Gerard Butler and Danielle Robinson; Eclectic Picture’s Heidi Jo Markel; and Millennium Media’s Jeffrey Greenstein, Les Weldon, Jonathan Yunger, Yariv Lerner and Rob Van Norden.

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