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Two-day warning to anyone with an Amazon Prime account ahead of price hike

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Millions of Amazon customers have just days left before Prime subscription prices rise by up to £16 a year. The new prices will be implemented from September 15 for new subscribers, or on the date of your next renewal.

Monthly subscribers will see their Prime membership increase from £7.99 a month, to £8.99 a month, the Mirror reports . Meanwhile, the annual membership will increase from £79 a year, to £95.

Previously, paying annually would work out at £6.58 a month, but now, it will equate to £7.91. This means it's still the better option in terms of costs in the long run - but only if you can afford to pay the lump sum. READ MORE:Budget makeup buy could save beauty lovers £16 on viral Rare Beauty liquid blush Customers are quickly running out of time to cancel their subscriptions if they’re not happy with the price rise, which Amazon has blamed on "increased inflation and operating costs".

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