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Scots teacher sheds four stone in lockdown after Covid left her barely able to walk

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A Scots teacher has told how she shed four stone in lockdown after Covid left her barely able to walk. Louisa Leslie, from Edinburgh, was a size 22 and had a BMI over 40 when the UK went into lockdown in March 2020.

The 44-year-old special needs teacher suffered from high cholesterol had a family history of type two diabetes. She also had asthma and was told she would have to shield during the pandemic to stay safe.Terrified of becoming seriously ill with the virus due to her weight, Louisa decided to make an urgent lifestyle change.She said: "When Covid started to affect the UK in March 2020, it was even more important for me to lose weight."I was in the shielding group due to having severe asthma, so I was high risk.

I had been in hospital with my asthma many times and was also on a high level of treatment."When I discovered that being obese would also significantly affect my risk of having severe illness from covid I knew that I needed to begin to take my weight loss seriously.""I wanted to find a healthier way of living and have more energy to enjoy life."She joined WW, formerly Weight Watchers, to 'become a healthier version' of herself during lockdown.Nine months later, the inspiring teacher had already shed 50lbs when she was struck down by the virus in December 2020.Despite already shifting more than three stone Louisa developed Covid pneumonia and required steroids, antibiotics, and nebuliser treatment.The virus left her breathless and struggling to walk as it took two months to recover from her symptoms.However, Louisa believes her weight loss for key to her recovery and was spurred on to continue shedding the pounds.She said: "I had lost 50lbs when I caught Covid, which was my biggest fear."I was so scared of

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