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EastEnders viewers baffled by snap of Mick Carter's kids with different face
EastEnders viewers were left scratching their heads as they spotted the oddest thing in a photo of Mick Carter's children.During the latest instalment of the BBC soap, Mick (Danny Dyer) proudly showed Scarlett Butcher a snap of three of his kids.But as the camera honed in on the shot – which the Queen Vic landlord had pinned to a corkboard in the kitchen – eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that something wasn't quite right.READ MORE: Coleen Nolan slams 'ridiculous' EastEnders storyline as ex Shane Richie returnsThe cheery family photo showed Mick and Linda's (Kellie Bright) daughter Nancy and sons Lee and Johnny – but the Johnny pictured wasn't the actor Ted Reilly, who played the character more recently.It was Sam Strike, who was the original Johnny from 2013 to 2014.Fans were quick to pick up on the swap."Original Johnny," one person posted on Twitter, along with a heart emoji."The first actor who played Johnny Carter is in that photo," pointed out another.One tweeted: "Love how they use the og Johnny as their photos lmao.""When you remember Johnny Carter 2.0," said another.Another fan joked that seeing the original Johnny in pictures instead of the most recent Johnny was a little bit "awkward".Some were pleased to get a peek at the original actor.One wrote: "I love how they have Sam Strike's Johnny in the photo, the best Johnny."Sam first appeared in Walford around Christmas in 2013.For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.He was a hit with fans of the soap and was particularly praised for moving scenes which saw Johnny coming out to his family.The character waved goodbye to Albert Square close to a year later.Johnny wasn't seen again until 2016 when he
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EastEnders Hayley return 'sealed' as Alfie's 'secret woman revealed' after Kat reunion
EastEnders fans are convinced Alfie Moon is hiding a secret lover as he vows to win back ex Kat Slater.Alfie turned up on the soap this week just hours before Kat was set to wed Phil Mitchell, ultimately ruining their wedding and stirring up trouble between the pair.On tonight’s episode, as Alfie spent the day with Kat and their kids before vowing to hit the road, he returned and planted a surprise kiss on Kat, vowing to win her back before she ties the know with Phil.READ MORE:EastEnders Big Mo star's life - Famous brother, life saved by co-star and stripping offBut fans are convinced Alfie is hiding a big secret after a mysterious phone call led viewers to believe he has a secret lover.Alfie was seen informing a mystery person on the other end of the line of his decision to stay put in Walford.The unidentified caller relayed a message to him from this mystery woman, and he told the caller to tell this person that he ‘loves’ her.Fans immediately began theorizing about who the woman is, believing Alfie is likely up to his old tricks, or even hiding another child. “Oh Alfie, now is that another woman, or a little daughter I wonder?*! #Eastenders ” “Bloody hell Alfie’s got a secret love hasn’t he of course has! Stay clear Kat!!”Others believed he was still in a relationship with Hayler Slater, the mother of his daughter Cherry.“I bet you Alfie is still with Hayley,” predicted one viewer.
Graham Foster - Jeff Brazier - queen Vic - Billy Mitchell - Chris Clenshaw - Freddie Slater - EastEnders fans floored as Jade Goody's son is 'identical' to dad and makes BBC debut - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders fans floored as Jade Goody's son is 'identical' to dad and makes BBC debut
EastEnders viewers were left pleasantly surprised on Tuesday evening as Bobby Jack Brazier made his debut on the BBC show.The son of late Jade Goody and actor Jeff Brazier left an excellent impression on viewers as many were quick to compliment his acting skills as he appeared on the long running soap.Playing the role of Freddie Slater, some viewers also noticed how similar he looked to his Postcode Lottery father Jeff.READ MORE: Who is Bobby Brazier playing in EastEnders and when will he join the cast?Jumping onto Twitter, spectators were happy to share their thoughts on the young chap and his first appearance on the popular BBC drama.One viewer penned: "Oh wow bobby Brazier can act really well ngl, looks promising."Another chimed: "Looks like his dad, sounds like his dad…all he needs now is a stint on the Postcode Lottery and he’s got the trifactor!"A third said: "Bobby is such the spit of his dad @JeffBrazier Jade would be so proud proud of you."Meanwhile a fourth added: "Great couple of episodes of #EastEnders the show has really turned a corner under it's new showrunner Chris Clenshaw & Bobby Brazier for his debut episode tonight as Freddie Slater I was very impressed! Jade Goody would be proud."Although Bobby's character Freddie belongs to the Slater family, on Tuesday night's episode he dropped a major bombshell by telling Billy Mitchell that he is also his son.Although he may not be related to Billy biologically, Freddie's mum, Little Mo was once married to Billy for a short period of time.After her turbulent and abusive marriage to Trevor, Mo finally found love with Billy and appeared to be happy.
Linda Carter - Mick Carter - Danny Zuko - queen Vic - Kellie Bright - Danny Dyer - Zack Hudson - EastEnders Kellie Bright's glam snaps - braless display, sexy Star Wars and black corset - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders Kellie Bright's glam snaps - braless display, sexy Star Wars and black corset
EastEnders favourite Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) will find out her fate in upcoming scenes.The former Queen Vic is facing a potential prison sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol while in charge of baby daughter Annie.On the day of Linda’s court hearing and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) comforts her as she reveals that her divorce from Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) is official.READ MORE: EastEnders Rainie Highway star Tanya Frank's life - rival soap stint to famous husbandJanine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) seethes when she realises Mick will still visit Linda if she goes to prison so gives a reluctant Jada money and blackmails her into helping her bring down her love rival.Linda says an emotional goodbye to her youngest children Ollie and Annie and with Mick by her side, she goes to the hearing and delivers a passionate speech about her mistakes.As fans of the BBC One soap wait for the verdict, Daily Star has taken a look back at some of actress Kellie Bright's glam snaps from over the year.Back in 2014, Kellie and some of her fellow EastEnders co-stars transformed into characters of Grease for BBC's Children In Need.Kellie donned a black corset with matching leather look trousers as she took on the role of Sandy Olsson.Her on-screen husband Danny Dyer played the role of Danny Zuko and the pair belted out "You're The One That I Want".The actress dressed to impress as she attended the National Television Awards back in 2019.She ditched her bra under the plunging gown as she posed up a storm on the red carpet.Kellie styled her signature blonde hair in loose curls and enhanced her ageless beauty with some glam makeup.The dress featured a teal coloured top with a multicoloured bottom.Kellie donned a show-stopping red
queen Vic - EastEnders fans spot awkward technical blunder during intense scene - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders fans spot awkward technical blunder during intense scene
EastEnders after the studio lights were seen peeking into the shot. As fans watched Mick and Linda discuss her upcoming court case at Linda’s house, the bright lights above the studio set made a brief appearance and didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.“did someone just see the studio lights pop into the shot,” asked one viewer.READ NEXT: EastEnders most dramatic moments - Wedding heartbreak, brutal cliff push and murderAnother added: “oops I saw the studio lights!! #eastenders,” said another.Despite the blunder fans were distracted during the important scene which saw Mick desperately trying to get Linda to remember details of her crash.Fans will remember that Janine framed Linda for drink driving after she crashed the car they were driving and moved her lifeless body to the drivers seat.As Linda’s court case looms and she faces the possibility of prison time, which is thought to be a harsh sentence given baby Annie was in the back seat, Micky desperately tries to collect information from the night of the crash.After going through Linda’s phone records, the pair discover that she made a 40 second phone call to the Queen Vic before the crash.With Janine and the rest of the staff denying they took the call, Mick swears he will not stop until he finds out who answered her call that night, leaving Janine looking terrified.Fans are now convinced the walls are starting to close in around Janine and believe Mick will discover her lies.“Mick’s onto you Janine!!” said one viewer.
Linda Carter - Mick Carter - queen Vic - EastEnders fans ‘work out’ who will take over Queen Vic as Danny Dyer eyes up exit - dailystar.co.uk - county Carter
EastEnders fans ‘work out’ who will take over Queen Vic as Danny Dyer eyes up exit
EastEnders fans believe they have “worked out” who will be the next owner of the iconic Queen Victoria pub as they prepare for Mick Carter’s upcoming BBC exit.Over the past six months, the pub landlord (played by Danny Dyer) and his wife Linda Carter (Kelly Bright) have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions after their marriage was pushed to the limits shortly after their son Ollie was diagnosed with autism.The fan-favourite couple found themselves spiralling out of control after the loving mother struggled to find answers to their problems at the bottom of a bottle while her husband buckled under the pressure with a slew of serious panic attacks.READ MORE: EastEnders viewers swoon over 'sexy' Martin Fowler's bum in racy shorts sceneIn an attempt to save their marriage from complete destruction, the beloved dad decided his family and his relationship was more important than the Queen Vic in an effort to rebuild their lives for the better.The telly favourite has been pulling pints behind the bar ever since he joined the soap back in 2013, but as BBC bosses build up to his heartbreaking exit, fans can’t help but wonder who will step into Mick’s shoes as the new owner of the legendary pub.With just months left on the BBC soap, viewers are all saying the same thing as to whose name will be above the door following his exit.After watching the latest instalment of the TV show, one user took to Facebook to share their theory as to which familiar face will take over the throne - and who better to take the reins than a previous owner?They wrote: “We know that Mick Carter is on his way out, so if the pub doesn’t stay in the Carter family’s hands, who will take over?“Maybe Alfie Moon could come back with a few quid under his
Phil Mitchell - Steve Macfadden - queen Vic - Kellie Bright - Gillian Taylforth - Sharon Watts - Anita Dobson - EastEnders' Letitia Dean shares heartbreaking family news in British Soap Awards speech - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
EastEnders' Letitia Dean shares heartbreaking family news in British Soap Awards speech
EastEnders star Letitia Dean, who has been playing iconic character Sharon Watts for nearly four decades on the BBC soap, scooped up the coveted Outstanding Achievement award. As she took to the stage to huge applause at London's Hackney Empire, she was greeted by her former on-screen mum Anita Dobson.Accepting her award, Letitia thanked the cast and crew of the BBC soap before sharing a sad family loss at the end of her acceptance speech.She also said that it was "overwhelming" to win and that she was "so touched" by the love from everyone at home and in the room.She said: "I lost my daddy a week ago, so this is for my daddy, I hope he's proud," as the audience cheered her.Letitia added: "And for my darling mummy and I hope you enjoy your fish and chips," before ending: "But seriously, thank you guys,"I'm not very good at this public speaking, but I do love you all and thank you so much for the way you love me."A montage of Letitia's best bits played out, with Anita telling the crowd how supportive Letitia had been to her on her first day before her co-stars Kellie Bright, Gillian Taylforth and Steve McFadden paid tribute to her.Anita told the crowd: "The recipient of this award, I have known for a very long time."I first met her when she was 16 years old! She’s been in over 2000 episodes, she’s had 237 duff duffs, she’s also been landlady of the Queen Vic – 6 times!"Amazing storylines, and the revelation of her affair with Phil Mitchell – which brought in 23.5 million viewers!"Not bad hey? She’s quirky, funny, talented, glorious, glamourous, an icon." EastEnders and Emmerdale scooped the most awards during the 2022 ceremony, which has been the first one since 2019.