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Emmerdale Jessie Dingle star's life - Kate Bush link, singing talent and return hint
Emmerdale Jessie Dingle star Sandra Marvin recently excited fans, after she teased a possible return to the ITV soap.The star, who played headteacher Jessie between 2017 to 2019, is just the latest in a series of stars who have hinted at a return to the dales for the soap's 50th anniversary.Along with Emmerdale legend Diane Sugden, fans look set to be treated to a whole host of cameos from familiar favourites this October.READ NEXT: Emmerdale's Meena return for 50th anniversary teased as fans 'work out' prison escapeBut what is Sandra Marvin up to now, three years after leaving the soap?Daily Star takes a closer look inside the actresses' life.Sandra Marvin is best known for her role as headteacher Jessie Grant in Emmerdale, the mother of Billy Fletcher and Ellis Chapman, between 2017 to 2019.She later became a Dingle after marrying Marlon, following a long will they-won't they storyline.Their romance was not without its problems though, with Jessie's son Ellis turning up in the dales and throwing a number of punches at her future husband.That wasn't all, as ex-husband Al Chapman arrived and tore Jessie and Marlon apart, with Jessie departing the dales for good after spending the night with Al.Speaking to OK! Magazine, Sandra also revealed that she stepped away from her role in Emmerdale to take part in the theatre production Thunder Girls."I always felt I was being pulled in so many directions, still with a love for singing and theatre," said Sandra."It’s been an amazing time on Emmerdale, but I’m excited about what the future could hold."She added: "It was a really hard one as I love soaps and I always dreamed of being in one."After leaving Emmerdale, Sandra has continued to appear on stage and screen, in TV series