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'Too scared to do anything' Chris Evans on bowel cancer scare after Deborah James' death
Chris Evans has opened up about a bowel cancer scare he experienced following the death of BBC podcast host Dame Deborah James.The radio star, 56, paid tribute to the mum-of-two following her heartbreaking death aged 40 from the disease, before revealing that he experienced a scare almost a decade ago.The flame-haired star spoke candidly about tragically losing family members to the disease while addressing his own experience.Chris said: "So because of my family history of bowel cancer, my dad died of bowel cancer and both his brothers did, both my uncles."So it got all of them, it wiped them out, so I'm very high risk."The father of five went on to relay an incident which led him to urgently seek medical advice.The radio host continued: "A few years ago I went to have my first colonoscopy following a toilet experience which literally took my breath away."So nothing had happened to me or, as far as I was concerned, to do with blood in my stools ever."He added: "And then one day I think it was eight or nine years ago now, I wrote about it in one of my books, I looked in the pan and it was like somebody had poured a tin of red paint in there."It was so weird, because I'd been told I was high risk and I was too scared to do anything about it"I don't know why, I don't know why, I just was," Chris explained.Addressing the experience, he went on: "I sort of didn't want to know, you know that one, which is crazy but completely understandable, especially for some reason where blokes are concerned."But the strangest thing happened, when I saw this, I just went to the telephone, didn't tell my wife, didn't tell anybody I knew, phoned my doctor and booked an appointment."It was so strange, I didn't even think about it, it was
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Deborah James's devoted banker husband who became her rock during cancer trials
Deborah James left her family behind when she sadly died of cancer on Tuesday at the age of 40.Married with two children, the podcast host had spent the final weeks of her life spending quality time with her family after announcing in May that the bowel cancer treatment she had been on was no longer working.She shared snaps of her and husband Sebastien Bowen in the days before her passing as she was given end-of-life care at her parents' home in Woking.The family had been planning for life after her passing, with Deborah making memory boxes for her children to open during certain future milestones.The broadcaster, as part of preparations for her death, had also even given her husband love advice if he looks for a new partner once he has grieved.The host of BBC podcaster You, Me and The Big C died only weeks before her 14th wedding anniversary to Sebastien Bowen.According to LinkedIn, Sebastien is a banker who is a partner at Pomona Capital.He was educated at the exclusive London private school St Paul’s and has a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh.Deborah called her husband her "rock" because of the support he gave her during her cancer journey, from when she was first diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in 2016 and through the trauma of her surgeries for infections, bleeding and having 17 tumours removed.The campaigner - who has raised £6.9million through her Bowelbabe fund for Cancer Research UK - had two children with Sebastien, Hugo, 14, and Eloise, 12.The prolific fundraiser revealed in an interview that she and Sebastien, who married in July 2008, started divorce proceedings and even began dating other people only a year before her cancer diagnosis.The Londoner told the Daily Mail in 2020 that the