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Dan Walker - Dan Walker lifts lid on Channel 5 job after BBC Breakfast exit: 'Not told what to say!' - express - Britain
Dan Walker lifts lid on Channel 5 job after BBC Breakfast exit: 'Not told what to say!'
Strictly Come Dancing star Dan Walker, 45, made it clear that he has not been forced to say anything that he disagrees with, but that he chooses to be as unbiased as possible since his move to Channel 5.The former BBC Breakfast host revealed he still believes in impartiality as a journalist, despite no longer having to follow strict BBC guidelines in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.Asked if it felt more freeing to be away from the BBC’s strict impartiality guidelines, Dan reflected on how he is no longer told “what not to say”.In spite of that, he suggested that he preferred to leave his personal opinion out of it all the same.“I’m never really told what to say or what not to say,” he reflected, as he spoke to Express.co.uk on the 2022 Pride of Britain Awards red carpet last month. “I don’t really care about my opinion and I don’t think anyone else does,” he added.“You know what I mean? My job is to talk about what’s happening in the news, not to make it.”Dan was a popular fixture on BBC Breakfast, presenting the show from 2016 up until 2022.He also hosted Football Focus for the BBC between 2009 and 2021, before announcing via social media that he would be moving to Channel 5 in April of this year.A few months later, Dan made his debut on the channel, presenting 5News Live from 10 Downing Street on June 6.The BBC is known for having rigid impartiality guidelines for all of their reporters and news presenters, who are expected to communicate the news without any bias.Elsewhere in the interview, Dan also spoke about the cost of living crisis, as well as the current political climate.The star reflected on the terrible conditions many in the country are facing as temperatures drop and called on politicians to do
Holly Willoughby - prince Harry - Meghan Markle - Martin Lewis - Dan Walker - Gordon Ramsay - Dan Walker issues urgent plea as fake account scams fans for cash in his name 'Be careful' - express
Dan Walker issues urgent plea as fake account scams fans for cash in his name 'Be careful'
Dan Walker, 45, told fans he would "never" write to them asking for money, after he was alerted to the presence of scammers on Instagram who were impersonating him. A horrified Dan even received messages from people checking if their bank details had been safely received. He took to Instagram himself via his official account, which has 276,000 followers, to clarify that he was the real Dan Walker - and that any others are imposters.Raising the alarm, he announced: "Now then… loads of people have been messaging me saying there are some fake accounts around at the moment claiming to be me."I got an email today from one fella checking that I had received his bank details!"He added: "This is my only account on Instagram… I have no separate private account so please just report any rogue messages from anything other than this account to Instagram asap."Scam accounts impersonating celebrities are rife online, with presenter Holly Willoughby and Moneysavingexpert.com founder Martin Lewis being among the famous figures who've been affected.Some fans were even duped by an account purporting to have been run by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.One woman also shelled out £800 to an "estate agent", believing she would be starting a new life abroad with fiery TV chef Gordon Ramsay- who in reality has been happily married to wife Tana for more than 25 years.Meanwhile, Dan continued: "I would never send you a message asking for money or pictures or anything like that.
Dan Walker - Dan Walker on working with ‘horrible people’ after quitting BBC Breakfast for Channel 5 - express
Dan Walker on working with ‘horrible people’ after quitting BBC Breakfast for Channel 5
“You know all these sorts of things you can do where you put your head on the pillow and say, ‘oh, that was a bit out of order wasn’t it?’” the broadcaster concluded.Dan moved to Channel 5 News earlier in the year, marking the end of a six year stint on the BBC Breakfast sofa.To mark his work for the channel’s 100th anniversary, the BBC shared a "montage of mistakes" including some of Dan’s most infamous blunders.Following the cheeky commemoration, titled 100 Seconds of BBC Going Wrong, Dan felt compelled to explain himself."During the BBC's 100 years of broadcasting, not everything has gone as planned on air," a caption on the video had explained, promising hilarious and unusual clips from times when it had all gone horribly wrong.The video sampled one newsreader sheepishly announcing: "If the autocue was working, I could now read you something, but as it isn't, I can’t.”The footage showed presenters haplessly falling into swimming pools and being violently pecked by ostriches mid-conversation.Dan's own contribution was merely witnessing an embarrassing mishap, rather than being responsible for one himself.However, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the selection of laugh-out-loud footage.He told his 777,300 followers: "It is so magnificently BBC to celebrate a century with a montage of mistakes! Delighted to have made the cut.”Then he quickly corrected himself, adding: "I should say… that’s not because the BBC makes a lot of mistakes but because the corporation is always happy to laugh at itself."On June 6, Dan presented his first News at 5 show and his debut saw 390,000 viewers tuning in.After Dan’s debut, the Channel 5 broadcaster shared his ratings success on Twitter.He wrote: “Lots of talk about figures
Dan Walker - Carol Kirkwood - Carol Kirkwood sparks concern from ex BBC co-star Dan Walker who urges her to 'take care' - express - Britain - Scotland - Guernsey - county Isle Of Wight
Carol Kirkwood sparks concern from ex BBC co-star Dan Walker who urges her to 'take care'
BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood, 60, prompted her former BBC co-star Dan Walker, 45, to issue some words of warning this morning.The Channel 5 News presenter took to Twitter to urge Carol to “take care” as the star braved some harsh weather conditions. Early this morning, Carol shared some wind gust numbers with her 236,000 followers. The Scottish weather presenter included a chart that showed wind gusts ranging between 40 all the way up to 79 miles per hour in locations like The Needles and Guernsey. “Some of the gusts of wind recorded in the last hour @BBCBreakfast xxx,” Carol captioned the post helpfully. Dan, who used to host BBC Breakfast from 2016 until April this year, urged Carol to proceed with caution. “You take care out there Carol,” the star commented concernedly. The UK is facing high wind speeds and heavy showers across today and tomorrow, as Storm Claudio strikes in the south of England. The Environment Agency has also issued 49 flood alerts across much of central England, from Middlesbrough down to Cheltenham.Government meteorologists issued wind warnings across southern Britain earlier today with another alert in force on Wednesday across western fringes. Turbulent weather will be boosted by a ‘flattened’ jet stream charging across Britain loaded with cyclonic low-pressure systems.Carol’s fans took to the comments section to discuss the stormy weather with the presenter. Bob echoed Dan’s sentiment, penning: “Wow Take Care all today thanks Carol for letting us know.” (sic)Meanwhile Lois joked: “Spent all night dreaming I was in a disco with my neighbours' security lights flashing on and off.”Sharing a cute snap of her sleeping dog, Rebecca wrote: “Very gusty here on the Isle of Wight today, Carol...“The
Dan Walker - Kai Widdrington - Strictly's Dan Walker embraces Nadiya as they reunite amid claim she has 'no time' for him - express - Britain - Ukraine
Strictly's Dan Walker embraces Nadiya as they reunite amid claim she has 'no time' for him
Strictly Come Dancing star Nadiya Bychkova, 33, was speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk at the 2022 Pride of Britain Awards with her boyfriend and co-star Kai Widdrington, 27, when she spotted her former dance partner Dan Walker, 45, on the red carpet.The Ukrainian dancer went on to admit that the pair had “no time” to see one another due to conflicting schedules. During the interview on the Pride of Britain red carpet, Nadiya was told: “It seems like you and Dan have kept up a really good friendship - he’s literally right there…”At this point, the star spotted her partner from last year’s Strictly and rushed over to give him a hug. “There is, wa-hey!” boyfriend and fellow Strictly pro Kai exclaimed as the pair shared a warm embrace. The Channel 5 presenter was all smiles as he pulled Kai in for a hug. “I saw you on the news before I left!” Kai told Dan, as the former BBC presenter replied: “I’ve just come from Downing Street!”Dan appeared on the red carpet just hours after Rishi Sunak was announced as the third Conservative Prime Minister within the space of two months.As Nadiya and Kai returned to their interview, the former was asked if she still maintained a close friendship with Dan, which she confirmed she did. However, when quizzed on whether the pair had time to hang out, she admitted they didn’t due to their busy schedules.  “No, to be honest, we don’t have time,” Nadiya confessed.
prince Harry - Meghan Markle - Dan Walker - Prince Harry - Elizabeth Ii II (Ii) - Dan Walker 'can't make his mind up' as he queries 'timing' of Prince Harry's new memoir - express - Britain - USA
Dan Walker 'can't make his mind up' as he queries 'timing' of Prince Harry's new memoir
Dan Walker, 45, joined in with the public curiosity over Prince Harry's memoir, which publishers yesterday revealed would be titled Spare.The much-anticipated book will tell his story in his own words, and explain in full why he chose to abandon life in the UK and public duties within the royal family to move with Meghan Markle to the USA.Yet some feel uncomfortable about reading the memoir due to its timing, as the date of release, on January 10, will be less than four months after his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, died.BBC Breakfast turned Channel 5 News star Dan Walker is among those questioning the timing of the book, and wondering whether or not it would be appropriate to read it."Intrigued by what you feel about this," he confided to his 777,400 Twitter followers."Will it help? Do you want to read it? Is it the right thing to do?" he quizzed.Then he added: "Timing? I currently can’t make my mind up."Many others also seem to be questioning how they should feel regarding Harry's new book, and a flood of Twitter users have come forward to have their say too.@johntechilovsky quizzed Dan: "If somebody published a book about your own family and all the internal politics, arguments, controversies, what would you think about that family member? I think he will come to regret it deeply."Yet @hantstoffee argued: "He’s a human being too and has the right to be heard."@riotgifts suggested he might buy the book, as it gave the inside story directly from the prince himself, commenting: "If I were going to read any book on the royals, it would be written by a royal.So I'm more tempted to read this."@nursemaiden was more consumed by the name, exclaiming: "I think the book title has for me put me off buying and reading.
Dan Walker - Conservative Party - Dan Walker tells Tories ‘do your jobs’ as own family members left ‘freezing in their home’ - express - Britain
Dan Walker tells Tories ‘do your jobs’ as own family members left ‘freezing in their home’
BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, 45, spoke about how the cost of living crisis was affecting his own family as he called on politicians to do more to help.The Strictly Come Dancing star opened up about the terrible conditions many in the country are facing while speaking at the 2022 Pride of Britain Awards in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk. Dan gave his own thoughts on the financial crisis and how it was affecting the public during an appearance on the red carpet, just hours after he had been reporting from Downing Street on Monday for Channel 5 News. “It’s a really hectic time at the minute, isn’t it?” Dan remarked, just as Rishi Sunak has been announced as the third Conservative Prime Minister in a row within the space of two months.“I know it’s a massive job and it’s probably one he’s quite excited about…” Dan continued. “And I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with the soap opera of politics.”Speaking about the government and its MPs, he said: “They just need to crack on and do their jobs. “Because we speak to people every single day on the programme who are genuinely on the edge and they are so in need of help,” he added in reference to his work with Channel 5.“Particularly with winter coming round the corner… And I’ve even got members of my family who are really worried about ‘Can they turn their heating up a degree?’” he revealed. “They’re freezing in their house but they can’t do it, because it’s a choice between: do they do that, or do they eat baked beans for the last two weeks of the month?”The UK has been experiencing a cost of living crisis over the past year, where the price of essential goods have risen faster than household incomes, leaving many people struggling with basic necessities
Dan Walker - Nina Warhurst - Jon Kay - BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst unrecognisable in throwback snaps from Casualty stint - dailystar.co.uk
BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst unrecognisable in throwback snaps from Casualty stint
BBC, but viewers might not know that she once appeared on Casualty back in the 90s.It's clear the BBC Breakfast host is a lady of many talents as she once played a "spiky teen" on the medical soap back in 1997.And despite her impressive broadcasting career, Nina's acting credit in the Christmas special of Casualty was her first on-screen role.READ MORE: BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst swipes at Holly and Phil as she addresses 'boos' at NTAsNina, 42, took to Twitter on Tuesday (October 18) to celebrate the BBC's 100th birthday with a series of throwback snaps from her Casualty stint.The BBC star looked dramatically different as a youngster, especially given the fact that her character landed herself in hospital with a bandage and several cuts across her cheek.The journalist couldn't help laughing at her first TV appearance, joking that she was rather like her mischievous character as she too used to like "keeping boys a secret".Alongside the archive snaps, Nina wrote: "Happy Birthday BBC [balloon emoji] Howling at finding my first appearance with Auntie."Casualty…a spiky teen in polyester, keeping boys a secret, causing parents endless headaches (v method for me in 1997 luvvies)."She concluded: "Here's to the next chapter... Proud to be part of it."Nina later poked fun at her younger self in a follow-up tweet that read:"….
Holly Willoughby - Phillip Schofield - Alison Hammond - Anton Du Beke - Dan Walker - Dermot Oleary - Will Mellor - Dan Walker takes subtle swipe at This Morning with cheeky backstage Strictly snap - dailystar.co.uk
Dan Walker takes subtle swipe at This Morning with cheeky backstage Strictly snap
Strictly Come Dancing star Dan Walker, who formerly hosted BBC Breakfast, has taken to Instagram to show off his newspaper appearance which took a swipe at ITV’s day time show This Morning.The Daily Mirror had used a picture of the Strictly cast from the National Television Awards, which was held on 13 October.The NTA’s is an award show that recognises some of the biggest names in news, soaps, dramas and daytime television across channels such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4. READ MORE: Strictly star Will Mellor gives health update after judges slammed for harsh critiquesITV’s daytime show This Morning, regularly hosted by channel favourites Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, won the award for Best Daytime Show.Dan proudly posted the newspaper page on his Instagram profile, which showed him beaming with pride as he chilled backstage with his former co-stars. The headline read “This Moaning” and showed pictures of the Strictly Come Dancing crew dressed to the nines as they all posed for the group selfie.More snaps from the evening were dotted around the page, including pictures of Alison Hammond, Dermot O’Leary, Holly, Phil and Anton Du Beke as they all celebrated the night.Dan shared a screenshot of the newspaper page and wrote: “Our little NTA’s Strictly selfie made the papers on the weekend.
Dan Walker - Dan Walker and wife made kids sign contract to get mobile phones 'Lose it if you abuse it' - express
Dan Walker and wife made kids sign contract to get mobile phones 'Lose it if you abuse it'
Dan Walker, 45, might be a TV star, but he says his kids are "behind their friends" when it comes to accessing media on their phones.The BBC Breakfast turned Channel 5 News presenter has even forced the youngsters to sign strict contracts governing the use of their devices.The presenter has also lamented the "toxic landscape" that he feels his children live in due to social media.He has two daughters, Susanna and Jessica, and a son, Joe - and all three are aged between 11 and 15.Dan only began giving them phones of their own for safety when they started walking home from secondary school by themselves - and he has warned them that smartphone use is a privilege which he is willing to withdraw.His motto when it comes to the kids' contracts is: "You lose it if you abuse it"."There are things we expect from you in terms of what you do with [your phone] and how you use it," Dan explained as he recounted the conversation he's had with his trio."If you cross the line, we will take it away for a period," he added to The Times.Deeply religious Dan has also forbidden the children from using their phones upstairs, where he will be unable to supervise them.He insists that the devices are left downstairs charging overnight.Dan added that he is all too aware of the problems that social media can cause, after being hit with a flurry of threats in the past from trolls."I often get threats of violence on social media… I have a family to protect and look after and I take their safety more seriously than I take my own," he explained.He has also been deeply affected by the death of schoolgirl Mollie Russell, whose father believes social media content "glorifying" suicide played a role in her death.In Dan's latest book, Standing on the
Holly Willoughby - Dan Walker - Nadiya Bychkova - Matt Goss - Dan Walker speaks out on Nadiya Bychkova and Matt Goss Strictly relationship - dailystar.co.uk
Dan Walker speaks out on Nadiya Bychkova and Matt Goss Strictly relationship
Dan Walker has revealed his thoughts on Matt Goss, who is paired up with Dan's former Strictly Come Dancing partner Nadiya Bychkova on the BBC show.The Channel 5 presenter, 45, reached the semi-finals of Strictly with show pro Nadiya last year before being booted out of the TV ballroom.Dan and Nadiya formed a close friendship during their weeks of training, with Dan even inviting Nadiya to visit his wife Sarah and their family at his Sheffield home.READ MORE: Dan Walker makes cheeky jibe at fan after rushing to defend BBC's StrictlyBut now, the former BBC Breakfast host has had to ditch the dancing shoes for the TV remote and watch Nadiya dance with former Bros singer Matt Goss.It might have left fans wondering what Dan thinks of pop star Matt dancing with Nadiya, and how he feels the duo are getting on in front of the Strictly judges.Dan spoke about Matt and Nadiya's partnership during a chat on Tuesday's (October 11) episode of ITV's This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.Luckily, it seems he's fond of the couple as he hopes Matt stays in for as "long as possible".Asked by Phil how it feels watching the show, Dan said: "I'm really enjoying it. I hope she [Nadiya] and Matt Goss stay in as long as possible, because I think she's such a good teacher, and she can really show him all sorts of things."Dan also slammed the notion that Strictly contestants get show "FOMO" after leaving the show.He added: "Everyone says you get FOMO the year after but I don't!", but Holly wasn't convinced.Holly hit back: "You must do, though! It's such a brilliant show."Dan insisted: "I don't! This is the way I look at it, right.
Giovanni Pernice - Dan Walker - Nadiya Bychkova - Richie Anderson - Rose Ayling-Ellis - Rose Ayling-Ellis enjoys mini Strictly reunion after Giovanni Pernice's surprise exit - hellomagazine.com - Britain
Rose Ayling-Ellis enjoys mini Strictly reunion after Giovanni Pernice's surprise exit
Rose Ayling-Ellis enjoyed a mini Strictly Come Dancing reunion with fellow 2021 competitor Dan Walker and his dance partner Nadiya Bychkova on Monday night.MORE: Giovanni Pernice's touching tribute to Rose Ayling-Ellis on Strictly revealedTheir little get-together comes shortly after Rose's former dance partner Giovanni Pernice and Richie Anderson became the latest pairing of this year's series to leave the competition.WATCH: Giovanni Pernice's sweet gesture to Rose Ayling-Ellis revealedTaking to Instagram, Rose shared pictures as both she and her mother Donna went to support 5 News presenter Dan at the launch of his latest book, Standing On The Shoulders. "Lovely evening at @mrdanwalker book launch," she remarked alongside a snap of Dan talking on stage.READ: Strictly's Giovanni Pernice addresses fallout rumours with dance partner Richie AndersonMORE: Rose Ayling-Ellis holds 'deep affection' for Strictly's Giovanni Pernice - expert discusses relationshipRose, who made history by becoming the first deaf person to compete and going on to win Strictly last year, also praised the former BBC Breakfast host for bringing a British Sign Language BSL interrupter to the event."How brilliant Dan brought a BSL interpreter this evening and I never asked for it or mentioned it," she added.
Craig Revel Horwood - Anton Du Beke - Dan Walker - Shirley Ballas - Fleur East - Richie Anderson - Vito Coppola - Strictly fans slam Shirley Ballas as she chooses to eliminate 'skilled' Fleur East - dailystar.co.uk
Strictly fans slam Shirley Ballas as she chooses to eliminate 'skilled' Fleur East
Strictly Come Dancing fans were unimpressed as Shirley Ballas said she would have sent Fleur East packing after the latest dance-off.The TV star, 62, came under fire after Sunday's instalment of the BBC ballroom contest, which saw her back Richie Anderson over Fleur.Singer Fleur and presenter Richie had both ended up in the dreaded dance-off after their performances, and were left facing the boot.READ MORE: Dan Walker makes cheeky jibe at fan after rushing to defend BBC's Strictly Judges Craig Revel Horwood, Anton Du Beke and Motsi Mabuse all chose to save Fleur and her pro partner Vito Coppola, so Richie was eliminated. But head judge Shirley said that she would have sent Fleur packing."Well with the two couples the public put in the bottom two I would have saved Richie," she said.Many viewers flocked to Twitter to share their outrage over Shirley's comment."Shirley would have kicked out Fleur? Whaaaaat?" said one.Another posted: "I have never used this site before but like many others I cannot believe that Shirley would have not saved Fleur! Unbelievable!""Shirley would rather have saved the men darting around in animal costumes than the technically skilled and beautiful dancer Fleur?" asked another incredulous viewer."I love Shirley but surely not," said someone else."Can't believe Shirley was planning to save Richie over Fleur," said another.