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Mrs Hinch fans share simple washing machine hack to stop 'musty' towel smell

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With winter in full swing, the days are colder and damper. At this time of year, many households struggle to dry clothes, towels and bed sheets without an unpleasant smell creeping in.If laundry cannot dry properly, items retain moisture, which causes them to develop a musty smell.

With news of skyrocketing energy bills, many people are putting off turning on the heating and are cutting the use of electrical appliances such as tumble dryers - which are the best way to dry washing in the colder months.Instead, people are trying out airing cupboards, clothes horses and heated airers as cheaper drying alternatives.

But items that take longer to dry can often become smelly, especially when they aren't washed correctly.Thankfully, Mrs Hinch fans have come to the rescue to offer their top solutions to prevent towels from smelling.

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