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‘Causeway’ Film Review: A Subdued Jennifer Lawrence Shines in Intimate Drama

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somewhere to recuperate, Lindsay heads to her mother’s house in New Orleans, where mom has a boyfriend, uncertain hours and a taste for booze that her daughter doesn’t share.

Not suited to sitting at home, Lindsay gets a job cleaning pools, then befriends James (Henry), the owner of a car repair joint and a man whose marriage ended badly some years earlier.Their friendship grows slowly and moves with easy Crescent City rhythms.

Cinematographer Diego Garcia, whose resume ranges from Paul Dano’s exquisite “Wildlife” to Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s wildly different (and equally exquisite) “Cemetery of Splendour,” helps illuminate the places that make that town so special, from corner joints to mansions whose pools are often as not grand monuments to an elegance and affluence that has faded. “Causeway” feels like New Orleans, adopting the pace and energy of a deeply funky town that has almost (but not quite, dammit!) been battered into submission.

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