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‘Book of Boba Fett’s’ Stunt Coordinator Rode an Animatronic the ‘Size of an Elephant’ for Final Episode

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Carson Burton JJ Dashnaw, the Emmy-nominated stunt coordinator on the Disney+ show “The Book of Boba Fett,” wasn’t a big fan of “Star Wars” before his work on the series.

But, when you are inside the Boba Fett suit and riding a massive animatronic resembling a “rancor” creature, it’s hard not to dork out.“I can’t even say how real this thing looked,” Dashnaw told Variety. “But it was fun getting to sit on top of it and figure out the beats.

And riding this thing, I come from a rodeo background so it was just like riding a horse. Just trying to make Boba look cool.”Dashnaw, whose job revolves around trying to “make Boba look cool,” worked with his stunt team extensively on the series to ensure that the show’s stunts were safe, practical and incredible. “The Book of Boba Fett” premiered Dec.

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