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Big Brother 24’s Joseph Abdin Is ‘Still Navigating’ Post-Game Relationships, Plans to Support Taylor Hale’s ‘Healing Process’

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Joseph Abdin has only been out of the Big Brother world for less than a week, and while he’s being inundated with questions about the experience, he’s hoping fans can understand that he’s focusing on himself and extending support to winner Taylor Hale before taking a deep dive into everything that happened this summer.The attorney, 25, who is taking their relationship – which fans affectionately call “Jaylor” – “day by day,” he previously told Us in a joint interview, wants to ease into watching the season back before drawing conclusions on his fellow houseguests.“I’m definitely feeling like it’s a complex situation to navigate, trying to prioritize myself in the sense that I feel like decompression and prioritizing my mental health is the first thing I want to do,” he exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I don’t think that requires me to dive immediately into what happened this season.

A lot of people have been extremely respectful about my privacy and my opinion with handling the situation. So I’ve currently just tried to take the approach in which I’m decompressing and focusing on myself.”He adds, “I’m a loving person so I try to maintain that joy and that positivity while I can.

I’m still navigating the game, what happened, the full picture, and I’m trying to remain positive.”The Florida native has only watched the premiere and finale episodes, which he admits don’t “give much insight into everything that’s happened this season.” And while he does plan on watching all of season 24 with Taylor, 27, by his side, he doesn’t feel the need to rush into things, telling Us, “I’m taking my time so I can really digest why things happen, how things happened, and make an educated approach about things I want to say and how I want to

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