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Amy Duggar Demands Her Cousin Josh Be Sentenced To At Least 20 Years In Prison For His ‘Sick’ Crimes

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Amy Duggar cannot BELIEVE members of her family asked the judge to grant cousin Josh Duggar a smaller sentence for his child pornography crimes, and frankly, neither can we!

It’s no secret that the 35-year-old has been an outspoken critic of Josh over the years, and now, she is really making her feelings known about the whole situation after family members Michelle and Anna Duggar wrote letters to the judge asking for leniency before his official sentencing on May 25.

The two women penned lengthy notes to try and convince the judge to lessen his sentence. In the letter, his wife Anna had actually described him as “considerate, respectful, quick to forgive, patient and genuinely the kindest person.” Meanwhile, mom Michelle said he has “friends and family who love and support him in his abilities to succeed as a husband, father and business owner, and man both now and in the future!” Other positive remarks came from Anna’s family, Duggar neighbor LaCount Reber, who let Josh stay over his house while under house arrest, a pastor, and more. Related: The Mother Of One Of Josh Duggar’s Victims Speaks Out: ‘She Was Horribly Victimized’ But how much leniency is the group looking for actually?

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