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Why Tiffany Haddish once turned down $10 million offer: ‘My soul is worth more than that’

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Tiffany Haddish is looking back at some of the job opportunities she has received during her successful career in the entertainment industry, including some brand endorsements she has been forced to decline.The Hollywood star admits that she is not accepting every offer that people present to her, as she wants to show her fans and followers that she is only involved in things that resonate with her and her values.“At first with acting roles, I used to just be like, what seems like fun,“ she explained. ”Now it’s, what seems like fun, and what resonates with my soul?

Then I ask who else is working on it? Will it be my friends?“The actress says that she also has a different approach when it comes to casting, in comparison to when she first started working in the business, as she wants to be taken seriously.“It’s a battle getting the people that you want, because everybody still looks at you as talent, when they fail to realize I’ve produced things, got nominated for awards, won trophies...I kind of know what I’m doing.

Give me an opportunity to make you richer, sir.“Tiffany says that she even “turned down $10 million just to do a post because it didn’t represent my brand.

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