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'Tripledemic' warning as virus with 'far bigger threat' to children than Covid looms

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People are being warned that a "highly contagious" respiratory virus could be on the rise during the winter.Health experts have previously highlighted that potential spiking cases of Covid and the flu may cause a 'twindemic'.

But now, concerns have been raised about a third virus being thrown into the mix. The common respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) could present another issue this winter, one expert has warned.

RSV can cause pneumonia and the swelling of airways in babies, the elderly and vulnerable people, the Express reports. Most adults will only show mild symptoms and recover within a couple of days, but it can pose a greater danger to certain groups of people.It's the leading cause of infant hospitalisations in the UK and close to a third of under-fives with respiratory symptoms swabbed as part of UKHSA surveillance test positive.Thanks to Covid and flu vaccinations, many people in the UK are protected against falling too unwell if they contract either of these viruses.

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