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‘Stranger Things 4’: Sadie Sink Doesn’t Know If Max Lives Or Dies In Season 5

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SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of Season 4, Volume 2 of Netflix’s Stranger Things.Though Max (Sadie Sink) survived her ghastly encounter with Vecna, the last we see her is in a coma, with no hint that she will live to see the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

Here, the wunderkind actress who plays Max talks about her character’s fate and how this has been her best season yet (with a little help from Kate Bush). “It’s been fun,” Sink tells Deadline about all the attention she’s received in the last few months. “I like talking about Max and I like talking about this show, so I have no problems with it.”DEADLINE Did the Duffers tell you at the start of this season that it would be a pivotal year for Max?SADIE SINK They kind of alluded to some of the plot lines that Max would be involved with and what she was going through in season four, but I didn’t really know until I read the scripts.DEADLINE So you didn’t begin the season knowing that you could die? SADIE SINK We got the first four episodes and we started filming and then got shut down for COVID.

Then we received the last episodes while we were in lockdown. So I did know where it was going. But it was only because we had that break that we got the scripts a little bit sooner than we would’ve in the filming process.

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