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Public Health Experts Call Out Spotify Over Joe Rogan And COVID Misinformation -- Read The Open Letter!

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Medical professionals from a wide range of scientific specialties are coming after Joe Rogan. The Spotify podcast host, who signed a nine-digit exclusive deal with the platform back in 2020, is the target of a lot of public concern right now.

On Wednesday night, 270 medical experts published an open letter directed at Spotify regarding Rogan’s long-time comments on COVID-19, the COVID vaccine, and medical information in general.

In it, they accuse the podcast host of misinformation and slam the tech company for contributing to it and promoting it. Related: Joe Rogan Brags That He Can Suck His Own WHAT?! In the letter, the doctors and researchers involved say the 54-year-old podcast host is making millions of dollars disseminating bogus medical advice that is harming the health of his listeners.

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