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Strictly's Ellie Simmonds' partner Nikita Kuzmin splits from girlfriend: 'Mutual decision'
Strictly Come Dancing pro Nikita Kuzmin has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend of five years, fellow dancer Nicole Wirt.The 24-year-old TV star and his partner are said to have made the “mutual decision” to part ways as Nikita embarks on a new series of Strictly with Ellie Simmonds.Nicole has purportedly moved her personal belongings out from Nikita’s London home.According to a source, Nikita - who has been partnered with Paralympic swimmer Ellie - wants to “focus” on work now.Nicole is said to also be throwing herself into work in Germany as she is currently “getting busier”.The source said: “Nikita wanted to totally focus on this series of Strictly and decided a while back he wanted to end his relationship with Nicole.“They had been together for five years and it ended up being a mutual decision."Nicole is mainly based in Germany and she is getting busier with work.”The insider added to The Sun: “Nikita is totally caught up in Strictly so they decided it was for the best for them to break up.“Nicole used to stay in London to visit Nikita but it was becoming more difficult with their schedules.”The source concluded that Nikita “only wants the best for Nicole” and vice versa.They concluded: “For now he wants to put all of his focus on Ellie and their journey on Strictly.”Nikita's BBC representatives told "We’re not commenting and neither is Nikita."It comes after Nikita recently gave fans an insight into his training process with Ellie after impressing the judges with their first performance.Last week, This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield welcomed Strictly stars Ellie and Nikita onto the show.The pair revealed that they would be tackling the Waltz after their impressive Cha Cha
Amanda Holden - Philip Schofield - BBC Live And Kicking stars now - Peppa Pig, x-rated statue gaffe and Amanda Holden link - - Britain
BBC Live And Kicking stars now - Peppa Pig, x-rated statue gaffe and Amanda Holden link
BBC children's show was hosted by a number of huge names including Lorraine's Andi Peters, Emma Forbes and Heart Radio host Jamie Theakston.Its world collided with other huge TV icons too, with Mr Blobby even causing chaos on the third series of the show.READ NEXT: Where forgotten BBC hosts now - Game show fame, Sheeran link and death announced on airOn the anniversary of Live And Kicking's first broadcast in 1993 (October 2), Daily Star looks at where the original hosts are now.Although viewers might know Andi as presenting the cash prize on Lorraine and This Morning, the popular host has been a familiar face on our TV screens for many years.He began his career as children's TV royalty, after following in the footsteps of Philip Schofield to host CBBC's The Broom Cupboard in 1989 - where he had an unusual sidekick called Ed The Duck.After four years with Ed The Duck, he became one of the first hosts of Saturday morning TV show Live And Kicking in 1993, where he co-hosted the programme alongside Emma Forbes and John Barrowman.He presented Live And Kicking for more than three years until 1996, and since then, has hosted programmes including Top Of The Pops, Shipwrecked, The O-Zone, Dancing On Ice and even had a minor speaking role in the Hollywood film Toy Story 2 as an airport baggage handler.It is no surprise then that he has an estimated net worth of more than £3.1m.However, he is best known for appearing on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and This Morning as a competition presenter - where he has amused viewers with a number of hilarious TV moments.This included winners not opening the door because they were "naked," to breaking his at home set during the pandemic and being blown away by the wind.One segment even left
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Simon Thomas expecting child five years after death of first wife 'Little blessing!'
The star then shared a collection of clips from his life with Derrina, 31, as they smiled alongside his son Ethan, 13, who Simon shared with Gemma.Fellow presenters Dan Walker, Vernon Kay and Jenni Falconer congratulated the star on his announcement. Simon found love with Derrina two years after Gemma's death and they got married in 2021 at Norwich Cathedral. The former Blue Peter presenter went on to share a picture of himself looking happy on his wedding day as he walked with his now-wife down the aisle. Guests attending the wedding included former Blue Peter presenters and CBBS hosts. He still speaks openly about his late wife’s death. The pair married in 2005 at which time they gave birth to son Ethan. Gemma studied at the University of Sheffield before she went on to work at the Electoral Commission. Ethan was eight at the time of her death.In April 2018, Simon announced that he would be taking a break from his job at Sky Sports to spend more time with him.That same year he appeared on This Morning to describe the time he was forced to tell his son his mother had died – leaving Holly Willoughby in tears.He told Holly and Philip Schofield: "I think I woke up every one [in the hospital] as I screamed. I screamed to God saying: 'Why have you left my son without my mum?'"I got home [afterwards] and grabbed him and looked deep into his brown eyes and said: 'They couldn't make mummy better'."You can't dress it up.
Holly Willoughby - Philip Schofield - Noel Edmonds - What Noel Edmonds has been doing since Deal Or No Deal - cancer row to TV comeback - - Britain
What Noel Edmonds has been doing since Deal Or No Deal - cancer row to TV comeback
Noel Edmonds has enjoyed one of the most successful TV careers as a presenter in the UK, spanning five decades and countless appearances.Before he took on his most iconic job in Deal Or No Deal, he was hosted shows such as Top Of The Pops, Top Gear, Noel’s Party House and the National Lottery.The 73-year-old hasn’t had quite as successful a career after DonD was axed in 2016, but he was given a slate of new Channel 4 shows to choose from after.His first series after the cancellation was critically panned, and a cancer row with Holly Willoughby on This Morning made matters even worse.Channel 5 will be exploring Noel's TV career tonight at 9pm with Noel Edmonds: The Rise and Fall of Mr Saturday Night.The same year that DonD was axed, Noel made an appearance on This Morning and was questioned by Holly and Philip Schofield over a certain tweet.Noel had tweeted a cancer patient, asking if their "ill-health was a result of their negative attitude".He told the presenters that “negative energy” was to blame for his own previous battle with the disease, when the presenter was diagnosed with prostate cancer.Noel claimed that "positive energy" had cured him, along with a £2,300 electromagnetic pulse device.Philip took issue with his claim, saying: "Obviously people are going to get a little bit sceptical when you’re banging on about this £2,300 box - and you know the people who make it!"Later in the interview, Noel explained: "I don't say cancer was caused by the stress, but that my health deteriorated to such an extent I got prostate cancer.“I am absolutely sure the negative forces acting on me impacted on my health."There is a wealth of information from various clinical studies of a direct link between stress and cancer.
Holly Willoughby - Philip Schofield - Pop brothers Hanson unrecognisable as they appear ditch trademark blond hair -
Pop brothers Hanson unrecognisable as they appear ditch trademark blond hair
Hanson appeared on This Morning looking very different and all grown up.Fans were excited to see them appear and feel a bit of nostalgia but the group was almost unrecognisable when they appeared on the breakfast show yesterday morning.The group – which was known for their blonde luscious locks and hit song MMMBop – spoke to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield to promote their new track Child At Heart.The three men have released six albums since their debut and now have 15 children between them.Lead singer Taylor, 39, has seven children with his wife Natalie, while youngest member Zac, 36, has five and oldest member Isaac, 41, has three.Holly said that looking at them sat in front of her made her feel old.Speaking about their career, they said: "One of the things that made it work for us, is that it was our song - it wasn't somebody else's idea."They explained: "When you're writing your own music, you're thinking about it like 'what will my music be? what will people be getting from that?'" Fans are waiting in anticipation of their new album Red Green Blue, for which the men have written five songs each. With the album marking a major milestone and celebrating the group's 30th anniversary, the brothers said in a chat with the Daily Star they hope it "allows people to say 'wow, I didn't expect that' or 'that makes me curious'", adding: "That's important and especially now, I think that's really great."Taylor also said: "We've been a band this year for 30 years.
Holly Willoughby - Freddie Flintoff - Philip Schofield - Rochelle Humes - Phil Willoughby - Lee Mack - This Morning in presenter shake-up after Holly and Phillip announce break -
This Morning in presenter shake-up after Holly and Phillip announce break
This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield have announced they will be taking a break from the ITV show from Friday.The duo confirmed the news during Thursday's Spin to Win segment.After the first few viewers failed to answer their phone, Phil suggested the money would have to be rolled over to Monday.But Holly told him: "We're not here on Monday. We've got a week off."At the end of the game, Phil told viewers: "Spin to Win will be taking a break for half-term so keep an eye out for it when it returns."The pair will return to the show after the Queen's Jubilee weekend on Monday, June 6.Some viewers weren't too impressed with the pair for taking time off, with people taking to Twitter to share their annoyance.One person wrote: "They're always on flipping holiday."Another said: "Where do you think Phil and Holly are going on holiday next week?"One person Tweeted: "Another week off why am I not surprised, so many holidays for working 2 hours a day."Holly, 41, and Phil, 60, don't usually host This Morning over half-terms and bank holidays.Holly has taken multiple breaks from the show throughout the year.Her most recent break came earlier this month when she enjoyed some time out to film The Games, which she hosted with 44-year-old Freddie Flintoff.Singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes, 33, stood in for her alongside Phil.Rochelle also presented back in January when Holly took more than two weeks off to film the BBC's Freeze The Fear with Lee Mack, 53.