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Amanda Holden - Russell Crowe - Noah Dingle - Sarah Sugden - Robin Hood - Cate Blanchett - Vanessa Woodfield - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale fans might recognise Noah star from huge Hollywood role with Russell Crowe - - county Hood
Emmerdale fans might recognise Noah star from huge Hollywood role with Russell Crowe
Emmerdale - but did you know the young star once had a major Hollywood film role?In 2010, Jack played a young Robin Hood in the blockbuster film of the same name, with his adult counterpart played by Gladiator star Russell Crowe.Along with Russell Crowe, the film also brought Jack into contact with other huge icons including The Lord Of The Rings star Cate Blanchett.READ NEXT: Emmerdale Jamie Tate stars now - Amanda Holden link, 'retiring' and return rumoursJack looked completely unrecognisable as a young Robin, with the actor recently sharing a number of sweet throwback snaps on his Instagram account.The photographs showed him attending the film premiere, looking adorable in a pinstripe black suit with long flowing blonde curls.Captioning the post "Robin Hood - 2010", his fellow Emmerdale co-stars could not help but comment on the sweet snap, with Vanessa Woodfield star Michelle Hardwicke saying: "Oh my god," followed by a series of love hearts.Sarah Sugden star Katie Hill also added: "Aww baba Jack."While Robin Hood is Jack's only major film role, the young star has also appeared in hit TV series including Heartbeat in 2009.In the same year as his Heartbeat appearance, the Emmerdale actor took on his now famous role as Noah Dingle, where his character has become involved in some of the soap's biggest storylines.This included his recent jail sentence for stalking ex-girlfriend Chloe Harris, and most recently, standing by Amelia after he discovered that she is pregnant.Amelia and Noah became close after she began visiting him in prison, but viewers are yet to discover if Noah is actually the father of Amelia's baby.Tonight in Emmerdale though, Kerry looks determined to split the couple up and enlists the help of Noah's
Jacob Gallagher - Noah Dingle - Charity Dingle - Amelia Spencer - Daisy Campbell - Emmerdale Amelia's baby daddy 'rumbled' as ITV viewers 'solve' paternity riddle -
Emmerdale Amelia's baby daddy 'rumbled' as ITV viewers 'solve' paternity riddle
Emmerdale viewers are convinced they know the identity of Amelia Spencer's (Daisy Campbell) baby daddy.The young teen found out she was pregnant last month.Fans of the ITV soap have since been trying to figure out who could be the father of the unborn child.READ MORE: Emmerdale Chas' soap exit 'sealed' as fans predict downfall as affair escalatesAn emotional Amelia confided in Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) about her plans for a termination.Charity immediately assumed that her son Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) was the father, as she remembered Amelia had a crush on him before he went to prison.However, Noah denied that he was the father as they pair had never had sex and Amelia came clean.She told Charity that the father was a boy from church and fans now think Jacob Gallagher is the dad.But fans think Jacob could be the father after they watched Amelia go for her first scan during Wednesday's (August 24) episode.One fan penned: "I think it's Jacob's baby."Another added: "It's not Noah's baby so I think Jacob."A third person posted: "Definitely Jacob"Emmerdale has not yet revealed who the father of Amelia’s child is, but it’s clear Noah is not the dad.Fans have come up with different theories about the father including that it could be Samson Dingle and Heath Hope.Amelia actress Daisy Campbell recently dropped a huge clue about her character's baby daddy.Speaking to Digital Spy, the soap star explained: "I feel really excited.
Noah Dingle - Emmerdale's Amelia baby daddy 'confirmed' by fans as 'forgotten' teen character -
Emmerdale's Amelia baby daddy 'confirmed' by fans as 'forgotten' teen character
Emmerdale fans think they have exposed the identity of Amelia Spencer's baby daddy as a 'forgotten' village teen.And it could be a lot closer to home than Samson or Noah Dingle, after both names were thrown into the pot by viewers.It was revealed that Amelia was pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital for tests following the exposure of her weight gain syrup - but before this, it wasn't clear to viewers that she had ever slept with anyone.READ MORE: Emmerdale fans 'work out' Beth's true identity and link to Amelia amid Clemmie dramaAmelia was struggling to find a boyfriend after battling self worth issues, and desperate to impress Noah behind bars.But fans now think that Heathcliff Hope could be the father of her child.Heath is Cathy's twin brother, and with Amelia and Cathy growing closer, it makes sense she would also get closer to Heath.He hasn't been seen on screen for a while, but the 15-year-old could be behind Amelia's sudden pregnancy - and they're the same age.Checking into the abortion clinic, Amelia confirmed that the father is "a teenager like me", and she gave consent at the time when the nurse reminded her she's under the legal age of consent.Taking to Facebook to air their theories, one fan penned: "I reckon Heath is the dad… he hasn’t had a good storyline."Another added: "I think it’s Heath, Bob’s son!”“I think it might be Heath, he hasn’t had a storyline for a long time," a third echoed.As someone else said: "Okay - Noah’s not ‘a teenager’ so that puts him out the picture slightly.
Kim Tate - Noah Dingle - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale's Chloe Harris 'orchestrated Nicola's attack' as fans figure out tattoo twist -
Emmerdale's Chloe Harris 'orchestrated Nicola's attack' as fans figure out tattoo twist
Emmerdale fans seem to think they know who may have been involved in Nicola King's brutal attack and believe Chloe Harris may have something to do with it.Earlier in the week, Nicola became a victim of assault when she was approached by a group of girls in a parking lot.Not long after, Nicola's conversation with the girls escalated and they ended up kicking her to the ground stealing her belongings.But although most of the girl's faces could clearly be seen, one of them couldn't.While Nicola laid helpless on the ground, the mystery person with an ankle tattoo walked up to her and apologised.Due to this, some Emmerdale viewers are certain Chloe may have something to do with it.Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, one person wrote: "I think Chloe might of attacked Nicola?"Another person also chimed: "I think Chloe might of been the one who apologised to Nicola and who stood over her."Meanwhile while the attack aired earlier in the week, a third person said: "Wonder if the girl with white trainers is Chloe? A wild guess IF Nicola recognises the same trainers in the village."Chloe has been keeping a fairly low profile since she discovered she was being stalked by Noah Dingle.Feeling petrified by Noah's actions, Chloe called the police on him, even though She was begged not to by his mother Charity.But could Chloe be behind something so awful knowing that she has just gone through a terrible ordeal herself?On Friday's episode, Nicola seemed a lot perkier despite struggling mentally.But things took another devastating turn for her when Kim Tate informed her that her attack is the front page of the regional newspaper.Kim also reassured Nicola that she will be there for her if needed which fans certainly loved.Jumping on
David Metcalfe - Kim Tate - Noah Dingle - Sarah Sugden - Charity Dingle - Amy Wyatt - Kerry Wyatt - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale's Noah exit teased as he appears in court after sick Chloe stalking horror -
Emmerdale's Noah exit teased as he appears in court after sick Chloe stalking horror
Emmerdale troublemaker Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) finds himself in court next week.The young lad was reported to the police by his mother Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in recent scenes after he was caught stalking Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).As his solicitor informs him of his defence plea for the hearing, Noah simmers with resentment but holds his counsel.Charity’s incredulous when Noah tells her he doesn’t want to plead guilty.Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) glowers at Noah as he passes her and the two exchange words.Back at home, rattled by his run in with Amy, Noah tells his mum that he wants to do a runner.Charity doesn’t agree to go along with Noah’s plan and he frustratingly heads out leaving Charity concerned.Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) finds Noah sitting alone and she gets him to try and see sense by attending his court hearing.Noah takes her words on board but he is still unsure whether he’s going to plead guilty or not leaving mum Charity’s anxious.Later at court, as the legal advisor reads out Noah’s charges, he asks Noah what he pleads..Last week, Noah finally opened up to his mum, telling Charity he loves her and wants to change his behaviour.However, they were interrupted by the police who were there to arrest Noah.After spending the past week covering for her son, Charity ultimately had a change of heart and decided to report him for stalking.Outside villagers looked on to see Noah being taken away in a police car.Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Chloe thanked Charity when they realised she was responsible.But when Kim Tate (Claire King) told Charity she admires her bravery over the situation, Charity admitted she was more worried how her family will react.Elsewhere in the village next week, David Metcalfe’s