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Love Island's Luca Bish teases major relationship update with Gemma Owen
Love Island star Luca Bish teases a major relationship update with former villa resident Gemma Owen as he prepares to meet her famous father.It has previously been reported that the former fishmonger and Team GB equestrian jetted over to Portugal to meet her dad Michael Owen at their family’s private villa in the Algrave.The 23-year-old hunt has been dating the brunette beauty since the first few weeks into the 2022 series of the hugely popular ITV2 dating series however the couple are yet to make their relationship official.READ MORE: Love Island's Andrew admits he unfollowed Jacques as he 'makes Tasha his priority'Before the brunette beauty went onto the dating show, she vowed not to make things official with anyone on the show before the former footballer gave his seal of approval.Now the Brighton native has teased his loyal legion of fans that the duo has made things official on his Instagram Story with a cheeky joke online.In the ten-second clip, Luca and Gemma could be seen walking through what appears to be European streets of together, with the 19-year-old bringing an edge of glamour as she stepped out in a brown midi dress.He captioned the post: “Mission ‘ask Gem to be my girlfriend’ is in motion” as he was heard saying: “We’re just going out for an evening stroll....
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Love Island Luca's sister breaks silence after feeling 'broken' from death threats
Love Island star Luca Bish's sister has made her return to social media after she took a break from running his accounts after a barrage of vicious messages from trolls.Claudia stepped back from posting after outraged viewers sent nasty messages to her brother over his behaviour towards Tasha Ghouri and Gemma Owen in scenes that aired on the show last week.The Mad Movies challenge saw Luca growing angry at Gemma after rival Islander Billy Brown was shown flirting with her on numerous occasions.READ MORE: Love Island's Toby says 'clingy' Luca Bish 'needs to let Gemma Owen breathe'Viewers then accused Luca of "bullying" alongside Dami Hope when they repeatedly made snide remarks at Tasha during the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge.The backlash against Luca's behaviour led to his family issuing an apology where they called his actions "insensitive behaviour" and admitted he will be "deeply embarrassed" when he sees the footage.Whilst both Luca and Dami did eventually apologise to Tasha, the wave of criticism of his actions prompted Claudia to announce the break from social media.However, she has now returned after Thursday's (July 21) episode, posting a picture of Luca and Gemma looking loved up.She captioned the post: “It really is FINtastic watching their ROEmance blossom everyday.”Claudia revealed that Luca had been sent death threats during an Instagram Q&A session when she was asked how his family were doing, admitting she felt "broken."She said: "First of all, thank you for the tons of people that asked this. If I'm being honest, not remotely okay.
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Love Island fans spot odd signal Luca makes to camera while chatting to Gemma
Love Island fans are sure they've spotted an odd signal when it comes to Luca Bish chatting up his love interest Gemma Owen.The fishmonger has been smitten with the brunette bombshell for most of the season, and fans have seen him falling for her as the weeks progressed.Tonight viewers watched him tell the 19-year-old he was in love with her, revealing he can’t wait to pursue a relationship with her on the outside.But fans have noticed Luca often stares directly into the camera when he has romantic conversations with Gemma, who is the daughter of England footballer player Michael Owen, and it's left some fans wondering about his motives.“Luca might as well have looked directly to the camera,” said one viewer.Another added: “Luca accidentally looking at the camera,” before adding a picture of someone staring directly at the screen.Another echoed: “Luca checking if the cameras are rolling… just staring deep into Michael Owen's soul & bank account.”As someone else posted: "Luca loves breaking the fourth wall and staring into the camera."Despite Luca’s profession of love for Gemma, fans at home are declaring she doesn’t feel the same way, despite telling him she loves him back. Fans weren't convinced with her response, saying she is lying and felt forced to say it back.One fan wrote on social media: "Luca and Gemma situation is so transparent to me; she doesn’t like Luca like that but she’s afraid to cut him off..
Amanda Holden - Gemma Owen - Luca Owenа - Love Island viewers suspect producers want to destroy Gemma and Luca's relationship -
Love Island viewers suspect producers want to destroy Gemma and Luca's relationship
Love Island have taken to social media to share their suspicions that the show's producers are keen to split contestants Luca Bish and Gemma Owen.The couple are currently apart, with Gemma moving to Casa Amor and Luca back in the main villa.A group of new singletons have moved into each villa, in order to tempt the contestants into straying before the next recoupling.Read more: Amanda Holden puts bare legs on display as she shows off ageless looks in minidressBut viewers of the ITV dating show have spotted what they believe are 'clues' during the latest challenge.The villas went up against each other in a series of steamy tasks, including contestants having to suck the toes of the person they fancied the most, to the shortest islander kissing the tallest one.While Luca has been open about his feelings for Gemma, stating that he hoped to stay loyal to her and that he was "obsessed" with her, Gemma has been slow to warm up to him in return.However, she hasn't been led astray so far in Casa Amor and was unhappy with the tasks.She was frustrated upon realising that some of the questions were suited to Luca, including the most tattooed Islander and the shortest Islander.With the pair separated, Luca has been fulfilling the tasks with the villa's new bombshells.However, in Casa Amor, there was also a task that only worked with Gemma, which was for the person with an ex on the island to kiss the boy they fancy the most.For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Viewers took to Twitter to speculate that most of the tasks were devised to strain Luca and Gemma's romance.One viewer said: "The producers really said, let’s make Gemma suffer."A second one commented: "These
Gemma Owen - Luca Owenа - Love Island fans slam editing of Gemma and Luca as they're given 'wrong impression' -
Love Island fans slam editing of Gemma and Luca as they're given 'wrong impression'
Love Island fans have been glued to their screen this week after another week of drama.Last week in the recoupling, bombshell Danica chose Luca Bish in a shock twist leaving Gemma Owen to couple up with ex flame Davide.However it doesn't seem to have affected Gemma and Luca's relationship as they have continued to spend time together.READ MORE: Love Island's Jay labelled 'delusional' as he misreads Ekin-Su after explosive feudFans have noticed that Luca slept in a bed on his own and Gemma has continued to sleep in a bed with Davide making them wonder if she is as into the relationship as Luca.However ex Islander Afia spoke in and interview with Heat's under the duvet and said that Gemma is 'obsessed' with Luca .She said: "She's obsessed with Luca, that's the thing, it's weird she's just that cool chilled girl and she's not showing it - but every time he's not there she's like, 'Where's Luca?'"Fans have taken to reddit to show their annoyance that they are getting a 'bad edit'.Someone posted: "I think Luca and Gemma are getting a bad edit, cause Afia said that Gemma was obsessed with him, constantly asking where he was etc." Someone replied: "It’s very obvious she’s into him, I think the people that don’t see it just don’t care to look for it, not everyone is gonna scream from the top of their lungs about how much they like someone." And another said: "It’s obvious that they like each other, viewers just love to hate them for some reason" While a third penned: "You can tell Gemma really likes him even with the current edit." And a forth wrote: "Yeah I didn't believe she liked him that much until today's episode when she told him about the text." However some people that that the edit of the couple was fair.