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Gemma Owen - Andrew Le-Page - Luca Bish - Love Island’s Gemma Owen furious as Luca Bish snogs Chyna in Casa Amor first look -
Love Island’s Gemma Owen furious as Luca Bish snogs Chyna in Casa Amor first look
Love Island star Gemma Owen has been left raging after realising that her partner Luca Bish has kissed another girl in the kissing challenge.Gemma is currently in Casa Amor where the girls have left their partners behind and are getting to know six new boys.Meanwhile the boys are in the main villa and are getting to know six new girls.READ MORE: Love Island spoilers show Andrew Le Page and Dami Hope twist as they kiss bombshellsIn a teaser for Monday night's episode the islanders are seen taking part in a kissing challenge where the "shortest boy has to kiss the shortest girl for 20 seconds".In the competition Ekin-Su and Billy jump up and kiss each other quickly and the teaser then cuts to the main villa where Luca is just as speedy to jump up and kiss new girl Chyna.When it cuts back to Casa Amor, Indiyah asks: "Wait, who's the shortest guy in the villa?"A very unimpressed Gemma replies: "Luca for f**k's sake."Gemma is then seen talking in the beach hut about how annoyed she is.She says: "That challenge, it certainly p**sed me off."The Islanders get a text to confirm the villa was the fastest to complete challenge."Gemma's going to love that isn't she," Luca says laughing sarcastically.Over in Casa Amor, Ekin-Su points out: "S**t Gemma, Luca won."And a very annoyed Gemma replies: "Yes, thanks Ekin I know." This comes after it has been revealed that Gemma has a connection to one of the new boys that has entered the show.
Billy Brown - Gemma Owen - Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu - Luca Bish - Love Island's Gemma Owen 'fuming' as she realises Luca Bish snogged girl in challenge - - city Brighton
Love Island's Gemma Owen 'fuming' as she realises Luca Bish snogged girl in challenge
Love Island star Gemma Owen, 19, was furious after discovering that her beau Luca Bish, 23, kissed a new islander.In a teaser clip aired during ITV2's Love Island spin-off Aftersun, the islanders played a round of dares simultaneously in the main villa and Casa Amor when they were each told that the shortest boy must kiss the tallest girl for 20 seconds.READ NEXT: Ronan Keating was 's***ing' himself ahead of son going into Love Island's Casa AmorThe dare saw Luca kiss one of the new bombshells Chyna Mills, while Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu smooched Billy Brown.Following Luca's kiss, it cuts back to Casa Amor, where Indiyah asks the girls, "wait, who's the shortest guy in the villa?"It didn't take long until Gemma realised it was her boo, Luca, a fishmonger from Brighton, to which she furiously replied: "Luca for f**k's sake."Gemma, a dressage rider, is then seen in the Beach Hut expressing her unhappiness to the girls.The 19-year-old confessed: "That challenge certainly pissed me off."Whereas Luca joked in the main villa: "Gemma's going to love that."Gemma's annoyance comes after she shocked fans when she confessed she didn't want to make things official with Luca on the show.Chatting to some of the new boys, Gemma was asked how things were with going with Luca and whether they were "officially a couple"."I wouldn't say we're official and I would not be official while we're in here," Gemma revealed."I'm a big family person and it would be important to introduce someone to my family and get their take on him."And I would want to meet their family."It comes as the couples are being put to the test with the return of Casa Amor.Love Island has sent in twelve new single girls and boys who are ready to cause havoc in the two villas
Gemma Owen - Paige Thorne - Tasha Ghouri - Love Island fans rage 'producers set up Indiyah and Dami' with missing Casa Amor ring -
Love Island fans rage 'producers set up Indiyah and Dami' with missing Casa Amor ring
Love Island fans were raging that that ITV "producers had set up" Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope as Casa Amor gets underway.Viewers had witnessed Dami Hope as the first boy to plant a parting gift for his lady which was his prised ring - with all the other boys in solid couples copying his sweet tribute.However, when the bag arrived with Indiyah she announced that she was "fuming" that Dami had forgotten to give her a nice gesture when Paige Thorne, Gemma Owen and Tasha Ghouri had received a ring from their own men back in the main villa.READ NEXT: Ronan Keating was 's***ing' himself ahead of son going into Love Island's Casa AmorOnline users were furious with Love Island chiefs over the stint and took to Twitter to vent over the "set up" while moaning that Dami had been the first lad to offer up his own ring.One person penned: "Them producers hate Dami so bad #LoveIsland."A second said: "The producers set Indiyah up #LoveIsland."Another echoed: "I thought Dami was the first one to put a ring in the suitcase?? #LoveIsland."While a fourth chimed in: "Love island producers must’ve just thrown Dami's ring out to create drama #loveisland."On Friday's episode the girls were awarded a night out on the town, however it wasn't the evening they had been sold by the producers.Instead, they were sent straight to Casa Amor to meet six hunky new men as the main villa was ploughed with six stunning new ladies for the boys.Ahead of the new girls arriving the boys were tasked with packing a suitcase for their significant other - with Dami bringing all the cute vibes as he rustled some things together for Indiyah.Ensuring he remembered her scent, he grabbed her dress to smell it before putting it in the bag and telling the lads he was
Gemma Owen - Luca Bish - Love Island spoilers: Luca teases straying from Gemma saying he's 'semi-closed' -
Love Island spoilers: Luca teases straying from Gemma saying he's 'semi-closed'
Luca Bish has revealed he could consider straying from his girlfriend, Gemma Owen, who is currently residing in Casa Amor, while he remains in the main villa.During tonight's [July 3] episode, six new bombshell girls will arrive, sending shockwaves through the lads as the newbies reveal they will play dirty to get what they want.Despite being coupled up with Gemma, Luca confirmed that he is not "fully closed", hinting that he would be open to getting to know more women in the famous ITV2 villa.READ MORE: Love Island's Ekin-Su's secret pop star career exposed as fans go wildAfter making a grand entrance, Mollie, 23, has her sights set on Luca and pulls the fishmonger aside for a chat next to the pool."I thought I'd pull you for a chat and just see what you're about," she said before adding: "Guess what? My last name's Salmon," leaving Luca stunned.She added: "I swear to you, Luca Bish, Mollie Fish."However, talk soon turns to his coupling, with Mollie asking: "So are you quite open still, or semi-closed?""I'm semi-closed, yeah," he explained before continuing: "But you just don’t know what's happening over there."Listen, if someone were to come in here. It would take something special, and you don't know."Luca's discussion comes after the boys in the main villa find out that the girls are actually at Casa Amor.Each bloke receives a text reading: "Boys, as you know the girls went out for drinks earlier this evening.
Michael Owen - Gemma Owen - Luca Bish - Ronan Keating was 's****ing' himself ahead of son going into Love Island's Casa Amor - - county Jack - city Brighton
Ronan Keating was 's****ing' himself ahead of son going into Love Island's Casa Amor
Ronan Keating's 23-year-old son Jack headed into Casa Amor on Friday night's Love Island, and now the proud dad has opened up about how he feels.Admitting that he was "sh***ing" himself when he was waiting for his son to enter the famous villa, the famous Boyzone singer opened up during a gig.On stage in Brighton, 45 year old Ronan also said that he was "so proud of him" - which was reported by MailOnline.Talking to the audience about his son's exciting TV stint, he revealed: "There's something I've wanted to share with you all since the start of this tour, it's very very exciting because my boy, my eldest boy, Jack is going into Love Island."He added: "I don't want you all leaving the gig now to go home and watch it, stay until the end and then you can watch it on iPlayer or what'd you call it, ITV Player.""Can we talk about it please? Because I don't know how I feel," he asked."I'm very excited, he's gonna be amazing. He's such a sweetheart and has got the biggest heart in the world and I'm so proud of him."And off he goes, this is his adventure, it's all about him and I'm just going to sit back and watch Love Island every night!" Ronan said.Ronan's son Jack isn't the only contestant with a famous parent.He joins Gemma Owen - former England striker Michael Owen's daughter - who is currently coupled up with Luca Bish.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.Back home in Dublin, Jack plays rugby.Ahead of entering the villa he said: "I’m gonna have to potentially break up a couple maybe.
Callum Jones - Hugo Hammond - Gemma Owen - Danica Taylor - Shaughna Phillips hopes Gemma's 'head will turn' in Casa Amor to 'humble' Luca - - county Love
Shaughna Phillips hopes Gemma's 'head will turn' in Casa Amor to 'humble' Luca
Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has urged Gemma Owen to cheat on Luca Bish because the TV hunk “needs humbling.”The blonde bombshell, 28, – who appeared in Love Island’s 2020 series – has confessed that she hopes the Team GB dressage performer’s “head [will] turn” after watching how the fishmonger treated newcomer Danica Taylor.Last week, the brunette bombshell decided to couple up with the 23-year-old after less than 24 hours in the villa as she confessed he reminded her of her ex.READ MORE: Love Island's Hugo Hammond fiercely denies 'inappropriate touching' claimsBut the Brighton native explained he has “tunnel vision” for the 19-year-old and refused to sleep in the same bed as Danica until the next recoupling ceremony.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERE.Because of this, the former Islander would like to see Luca suffer a little in the main villa while the girls get to know six new boys in Casa Amor.Shaughna, who ditched Callum Jones during her Love Island experience, shared her thoughts on the explosive scenes set to come out of the secret villa in her column for OK! Magazine.She wrote: “I would like Gemma’s head to turn in Casa Amor and for her to couple up with someone else because I think Luca needs humbling.“I’m still angry about the way he treated Danica when she first entered. I can’t let it go! Imagine Luca’s face.
Iain Stirling - Billy Brown - Gemma Owen - Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu - Tasha Ghouri - Davide Sanclimenti - Andrew Le-Page - Jay Younger - Danica Taylor - Charlie Radnedge - Love Island trailer sees Casa Amor sizzling bombshells arrive as loyalties are tested - - city Sanclimenti
Love Island trailer sees Casa Amor sizzling bombshells arrive as loyalties are tested
Love Island has teased the return of steamy Casa Amor antics with its latest trailer.At the end of Friday night's episode (July 1), a teaser for Sunday night's show teased what happened after the female Islanders debunked to the Casa Amor villa.Joined by Casa Amor bombshells including Ronan Keating's son Jack Keating and Gemma Owen's pal Billy Brown, the girls will face temptation in the brand new villa.READ MORE: Love Island's Casa Amor sneak-peek - luxury terrace, infinity pool and intimate roomsThe male Islanders loyalties will also be tested as six new female bombshells were teased in a brief clip.The 15-second clip sees the female bombshells descend on the original villa in their heels and swimwear.They seem to be in a party mood as they raise their hands in the air ahead of their big entrance.In a voiceover clip, Iain Stirling teased: "On Sunday night, please welcome the new girls."With six new single female Islanders heading for the boys in the main villa, will anyone's head be turned?The return of Casa Amor followed Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Radnedge being dumped from the show.The former bombshells were sent home by their fellow Islanders after landing in the bottom three least compatible couples alongside Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page as well as Danica Taylor and Jay Younger.Friday night's episode also saw Tasha break down in tears after her and Andrew found themselves at the bottom of a public vote yet again.On Twitter, Love Island fans shared their confusion about Tasha's tantrums after the dancer claimed she 'didn't show emotion'.Elsewhere, Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu could be seen growing closer.The pair shared a steamy pool moment after respectively making each other coffee and pancakes
Michael Owen - Gemma Owen - Luca Bish - Love Island fans 'terrified' for Gemma Owen as she unveils Luca's 'weird' bedtime habit -
Love Island fans 'terrified' for Gemma Owen as she unveils Luca's 'weird' bedtime habit
Love Island fans have been left "terrified" for Gemma Owen as she opened up about a bizarre nighttime habit after spending the evening with Luca Bish. On Thursday's episode, Michael Owen's eldest daughter and the fish man were selected by the group to spend an evening in the Hideaway together.Once a couple have returned from a night alone together, the guys and girls split into their respective gender groups to find out all of the juicy details.READ NEXT: Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson would make 'good match' for tattooed MTV starThe girls were disappointed to hear that Gemma had "nothing" to relay, although she dish the dirt when it came to sweet nothings.Horse lover Gemma told the listening clan that Luca wakes up in the night to whisper compliments in her ear while she is sleeping.The girl group thought that Luca's pillow talk was super sweet as they all let out an "awww" in harmony.However, Twitter users were totally freaked out by the fishmonger's gesture, with one fan writing: "Think I’m the only one who thinks it’s weird Luca whispers in Gemma’s ear in the middle of the night #LoveIsland."A second agreed: "The girls thinking it's cute how Luca whispers to Gemma in the middle of the night, mate I'd be f***ing terrified #Loveisland."A third person said: "Gemma was about to complain about Luca whispering in her ears but the girls found it cute so she had to pretend she liked it."While a fourth person added: "When Gemma said Luca wakes up in the middle of the night whispering 'you're amazing' to her, do that to me I'll send you to another dimension, the shear fear of hot breath in my ear...