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Coronation Street's hottest ever barmaids - Michelle Keegan to Catherine Tyldesley
Coronation Street over eight years ago on this day (June 23, 2014).The star's cobbles character Tina McIntyre was tragically killed after her affair with Peter Barlow was exposed - with Tina meeting her end at the hands of Rob Connor.Since then, Michelle Keegan has appeared in hit TV series including Our Girl and Brassic, but she is still beloved by soap fans for her Corrie role.READ NEXT: Coronation Street viewers uncover 'psycho' Max's next moveHer character Tina left a legacy as one of the Rovers Return's most iconic barmaids, alongside other soap favourites including Michelle Connor and Liz McDonald.On the anniversary of Michelle Keegan leaving Coronation Street, Daily Star takes a look back at some of the soap's hottest ever barmaids.Brunette beauty Tina McIntyre began working at the Rovers Return in 2010, but her time as a barmaid came to a tragic end after she was murdered by Carla Connor's brother Rob.Along with brawls with Kylie Platt at the pub, and her affair with Peter Barlow, Tina's time on the cobbles was not without its dramas.Despite this, she still delighted local residents with her stylish outfits, cheeky wit and gorgeous smile during her time as a barmaid.However, after Rob Connor discovered her affair with Peter, he pushed her off the roof of the builder's yard, with Tina sadly dying in 2014.The gorgeous Emma Brooker may have left Coronation Street earlier this year, but her memorable moments at the Rovers Return live on - particularly that time she accidentally locked Gemma and Chesney in the basement of the pub.
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Coronation Street faces four cast exits next week including a tragic death
Coronation Street is set to see four faces leave the ITV soap next week, with three stars set to leave the programme entirely.The soap could see four people go in the same week with one popular cast member departing for good.Corrie will see another move away but seemingly stays with the show.There could also be two more departures on top of this too, as one character is reportedly set to pass away in very harrowing upcoming scenes.Then another minor character is also not likely to stick around on the soap for much longer.It has already been confirmed that Emma Brooker will leave the soap after four years, with her real life counterpart Alexandra Mardell quitting earlier this year.According to reports, it is known that her secret link to newcomer Jon's grandfather Ted will finally be exposed.Whether Emma will have to go on the run or face prison, it remains to be seen, though her exit will air on Friday, April 8.It is unclear whether she will get her happily ever after with Jon, after he asked her to move to Oz with him, but with Emma gone, we're sure he won't be sticking around.But once he finds out what happened to Ted, perhaps he will change his mind and lead to more trouble for Emma.Another fan favourite set to depart the famous street is the iconic Fiz Brown, who will be moving away from the cobbles for the first time since her 2001 debut.However, Fiz doesn't seem to be leaving the show entirely and soon returns to her job at the factory after having doubts over her big life move.But if she does decide to go and stay with Phill full time, then we may see a more permanent exit for her.Finally, it looks like Laura Neelan could tragically lose her life in next Friday's episode, due to her battle with cancer.This hasn't
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Coronation Street's Faye Windass in second pregnancy shock amid prison fears
Coronation Street's Faye Windass is in for a shock next week, as spoilers for the ITV soap have revealed that she could be pregnant for a second time.Faye - played by Ellie Leach - had her first baby, Miley, when she was just 13 back in 2015.But the youngster, who grew up as a foster child herself, decided she didn't want to keep her child and instead let Miley's dad Jackson adopt her.And she hasn't seen her since, as the family moved to Canada shortly after.With Faye still struggling to cover up the hit-and-run which killed Ted - and her co-conspirator Emma Brooker getting closer to the victim's grandson - it could be the worst time for her to get pregnant if she's soon to be shuttled back to prison.Next week, Craig's mum Beth is set to clock her son's bad mood, and suggests he didn't truly want to leave the police force - suspecting there's more to it than meets the eye.Faye masks her guilt, and later attempts to surprise her boyfriend with a night out.However, her plans fall flat when Craig points out he has work in the morning, dashing Faye's dreams of quality time together.Later, Craig admits to Emma that a part of him does resent Faye for ruining his career after helping to cover up Ted's cause of death.Faye later confides in her grandmother Elaine that she fears she might be pregnant - but confesses the timing is terrible, with her and Craig at loggerheads.Elaine urges her granddaughter to take a pregnancy test.An oblivious Craig, meanwhile, decides to talk to his former boss about the possibility of rejoining the police - while Emma heads off to a secret meeting with Ted's grandson Jon.With Emma actress Alexandra Mardell confirming she's filmed her final scenes on the ITV cobbles, some fans are certain she will