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Royal Mint unveils first King Charles coin image following Queen's death
King Charles III's image on coins has been revealed for the first time.The 50p coin is the first piece of new money that features the new monarch and will begin circulating in December.The Royal Mint plans to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by releasing a memorial coin range on October 3 to celebrate the life of Britain's longest-ever serving monarch.READ MORE:Harry and Meghan fear Charles is 'easing them out' of Royal Family, says expertThe King’s portrait will first begin appearing on a special £5 Crown as well as on 50p coins that commemorate the Queen, MyLondon reports.Nicola Howell, chief commercial officer at the Royal Mint said: “We expect customers will start to be able to receive the commemorative range from October and then we expect the 50p memorial circulating coin to be appearing in people’s change probably from December.”Martin Jennings sculptured the King's effigy which the Mint said has been personally approved by Charles.Chris Barker from the Royal Mint Museum said: “Charles has followed that general tradition that we have in British coinage, going all the way back to Charles II actually, that the monarch faces in the opposite direction to their predecessor.”He described the portrait as: “Dignified and graceful, which reflects his years of service".The Latin inscription surrounding the effigy reads: “• CHARLES III • D • G • REX • F • D • 5 POUNDS • 2022” which translates to: “King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith”.Anne Jessopp, chief executive officer of the Royal Mint, said: “The Royal Mint has been trusted to make coins bearing the monarch’s effigy for over 1,100 years and we are proud to continue this tradition into the reign of King Charles III.“Although technology has
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Should Prince Harry cancel the release of his tell-all memoir?
rewrite sections of his forthcoming memoir over fears it will reflect poorly in the wake of the Queen's death - but do you think he should cancel its release?According to one royal expert, the Duke of Sussex wants to edit his bombshell book to avoid causing offence to his estranged family members.In an interview with GB News, Kinsey Schofield said: “He is afraid that he’ll come off insensitive and he’s afraid that there will be backlash if he releases some of these stories right after the death of Queen Elizabeth as his father King Charles is trying to start his reign on a high note.”Harry has vowed that the book will be a "truthful and wholly accurate" account of his life - with the announcement of the novel sending a "tsunami of fear" through royal circles.Penguin Random House has described the memoir as an “honest and captivating personal portrait” of his “lifetime in the public eye from childhood to the present day”.But after viewing the first draft, the publisher asked the Duke to rewrite sections of it, as they regarded the manuscript as “too touchy feely” and too focused on mental health, writes the Mail on Sunday.Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.It is understood that the royal family, as well as their lawyers and advisors, have not read any part of the manuscript. There is currently no publication date for the forthcoming book, but do you think Prince Harry should cancel its release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. The Daily Star will also be discussing the topic with you below in the comments and you can join in! All you have to do is sign up, submit your comment, register your details and then you can take part.
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'Failed assassination' attempt on King Charles was actually a 'political demo'
Charles III before he was King has resurfaced, but by the shooter's own admission the incident was actually a political demonstration.The footage from an event in Sydney, Australia, back in 1994, shows the moment attacker David Kang shot two blanks at the then Prince Charles with a starting pistol, before coming within a metre of him on stage.Charles was seen standing up and approaching the podium to speak to the crowd at Darling Harbour when the chaos ensued as the first shot captured his attention.READ MORE: King Charles III hailed as 'badass' over calm reaction to failed assassinationAnd while Royal fans swooned over Charles' relaxed response to danger, it actually wasn't an attempt on his life - but a political demonstration about refugees.Kang later claimed he fired the shots as a protest against the 'extremely traumatic experience' of more than 100 Cambodian asylum seekers held in detention camps in the country.Kang wrote in a letter to Charles before his trip of his belief that children born at the center were "suffering at the hands of the immigration department," and that the facility was a "modern day concentration camp."A response from one of the now King's secretaries stated that while Charles "understands the strength of your concerns...this is not a matter with which he can become personally involved."For more shocking stories from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters hereThe then-university student was later found guilty of threatening unlawful violence and sentenced to 500 hours of community service.In 2005, Kang, who is now a qualified barrister, spoke about what happened to The Sydney Morning Herald: "What happened 11 years ago was an extremely traumatic experience and I have