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Gardeners' World's Monty Don apologises to fans as many left 'disappointed' over tour
Monty Don has taken to Twitter to apologise to fans who have expressed their disappointment about his autumn tour locations.The 67-year-old told his followers he is "fully booked" for the next two years so can't change or add to to his schedule as some had hoped.The Gardeners' World star will kick off his nationwide tour in November, starting in Oxford.Other locations he'll be visiting are; London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool.Since announcing his tour, many have questioned why he wasn't able to put on a gig locally.In view of his 293,000 followers, he explained: "To those of you disappointed that I shall not be appearing locally during my autumn tour, I apologise, but these things are planned ( by others) months in advance and depend upon the mutual availability of venues and myself.Karren Brady fears for royals 'shivering' over Prince Harry's book"What was intended to be just 10 locations has been extended to 14 but that is it this year."Books to write, film trips to prepare and, squeezed in amongst it all, a life to be lived."However, there is always another day."In response to a fan who asked if he'd ever come to America, the gardener replied: "Not for a little while."Fully booked for next couple of years."Twitter user Miss DMU ranted that those who organise tours should consider those who live in rural areas. She wrote: "We are fans & would love to see you in the flesh, it may not bring in profit but what it would do for us is unmeasurable in monetary value."From a huge fan in rural Aberdeenshire, we have a bookshop too."Strictly's Anton Du Beke 'heartbroken' after pal was axed from show [REVEALED]Gabby Logan breaks down over husband's cancer as she gives update [WATCH]Geena Davis reflects on Bill Murray
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Geena Davis reflects on 'devastating' moment Bill Murray pulled down her dress on live TV
She winced to the reporter: "Oh, you saw?" before adding: "Isn't it stunning? It's awful."During the unearthed clip, she had admitted that auditioning for the role had been an equally tactile experience."He touched you a lot in the audition? Are you serious?" an incredulous Hall quizzed her.The blushing actress shot back: "Yeah, I swear.The first thing he did was take my shirt out of my pants and start tickling my stomach."While she was speaking, co-star Bill was looking down at her body and stroking her arm before pulling her left strap down.Without skipping a beat, she smilingly pulled it back up again, while the TV host asked: "Is this a story you wanna tell? Are you sure?""What we have is so strong," Bill said, while nuzzling his face into her shoulder.He added that he hadn't known that she was right for the part straight away on the first audition."How was I to know? Baby, let me slide on you," he continued, to peals of laughter from the audience."When I get there, he's got this giant massage thing," Geena elaborated, while her co-star clarified: "It's called The Thumper."At that point, she elbowed her co-star in the ribs, exclaiming: "Excuse me!", suggesting that the on-screen touching, which is not shown fully by the camera at that second, had become too intimate."I thought I was gonna be tough and there's no way in hell I'm gonna let him touch me with this thing," she continued."Cut to five minutes later and I'm lying on the couch with this thing on my back," Geena explained.Later, during a discussion about her acting skills, Bill told the audience: "Then we won the Oscar, so it looked legitimate having her in the movie," to the sound of more laughter.Reliving the experience to i years on, Geena explained that
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Seth Green claims Bill Murray dropped him in a rubbish bin aged nine: “I was horrified”
Saturday Night Live (SNL) when he was nine years old.Green claims that Murray was so incensed by him sitting on the arm rest of “his chair” backstage and the child’s refusal to move that he “picked me up by my ankles” and dropped him into a trash can outside.The Austin Powers actor is the latest to accuse Murray of inappropriate behaviour after Geena Davis made claims of a “bad” experience with him while filming 1990’s Quick Change.Since then, a report confirming that Murray reached a monetary settlement with a female accuser whom he was physically inappropriate with on the set of the currently suspended film Being Mortal has been released, and Rob Schneider has also alleged that Murray “hated” various SNL cast members, specifically Chris Farley and Adam Sandler.On a recent episode of the Good Mythical Morning YouTube show, Green accused Murray of placing him upside down in a trash can – a move that left him in tears.“When I was nine years old, I did a spot on Saturday Night Live when Mary Gross was one of the on-the-scene anchor people for the news, and she did a whole thing about what kids think about the Christmas holiday,” Green said, adding that he passed time backstage by watching television. Murray was the host of that particular SNL episode.“[Murray] saw me sitting on the arm of this chair and made a big fuss about me being in his seat,” Green said.