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Paris Jackson shares rare dad details: Michael was ‘free-love, hippie-type dude’

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sharing new, rare insights about the King of Pop. The musician and model spoke with PopSugar about some of the lessons her famous father instilled in her before he passed away in 2009.“I was raised by a free-love, hippie-type dude, so we were taught that beauty comes from the inside — and to this day, I still believe that,” Paris said in an interview released Thursday.

Her favorite way to express herself is with her many piercings and tattoos — most of which have no particular meaning, she admitted — but her recent years in the fashion and entertainment industry have led her to appreciate the artistry of makeup. “All of the experiences that I’ve had in the last few years have gotten me to that point,” she says. “I appreciate the artistry behind it.” She explained that growing up in the public eye as part of one of the most famous families in entertainment led her to have a complicated relationship with beauty. “Recently, I’ve learned how to cope with it all by practicing self-love and affirmations and diving deeper into my spiritual life,” Jackson shared. “It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I’ve started feeling really good about myself and my body, and feeling comfortable and everything.

Those moments of self-love aren’t 24/7, but the bad moments are fewer and further between.” The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty was recently announced as the newest face of KVD Beauty and has walked on runways and red carpets for years, but she wants to help redefine the “standard template” of beauty using guidance from her dad.

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