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Kelis confirms she’s “happy” that Milkshake interpolation was revamped from new Beyonce track

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Kelis has welcomed the removal of the ‘Milkshake’ interpolation from new Beyonce track ‘Energy’.An edited version of that track was pushed out to streaming services earlier this week after Kelis criticised the original version.In posts on social media last week, she confirmed that she had not been told that an element of ‘Milkshake’ would appear within ‘Energy’, though the writers of her 2003 hit – Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – were credited on the Beyonce song, suggesting they had cleared the interpolation.Kelis has criticised Williams and Hugo before, claiming that she was misled back in the day regarding who would be credited on the songs they all collaborated on, and how the copyright in those works would be shared out.It’s not clear why Beyonce decided to remove the ‘Milkshake’ interpolation from ‘Energy’, it may have been more a PR move than the result of any legal concerns relating to Kelis’s complaints.

But either way, Kelis is happy that her criticisms were noted by the Beyonce camp.She confirmed this when responding to comments on an unrelated Instagram post, in which Beyonce fans were giving her grief about the re-edit.As noted by Complex, one person commented: “You happy Beyoncé took that sample off??

Cry baby”. Kelis responded, “Yes I am actually. LOL nobody cried”.And when another person said Kelis should have been happy to get a nod on the Beyonce track, she responded: “And that’s why you are you and, thank God, I am me”.Meanwhile, elsewhere she admitted that Beyonce reissuing the edited version of ‘Energy’ meant it felt like she had “won”.

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