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Yolanda Hadid Reflects on 'Hurtful' Toll 'Real Housewives' Took on Her (Exclusive)
Yolanda Hadid is opening up about her time on, and the impact it had on her psyche and her mental health.The TV personality and former fashion model spoke with ET's Rachel Smith on Monday, after appearing at an event hosted by Project Healthy Minds at Hudson Yards in New York City, in celebration of Mental Health Day.Amid the conversation about the importance of talking about mental health issues and caring for your own mental well-being, Hadid reflected on the toll appearing on the Bravo reality show had on her, and the role her battle with Lyme disease played in the trouble she had on the show.«The first season I went on, I was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease, and I struggled every day of the season,» Hadid recalled. «I kind of stayed on because I thought, 'OK, I’ll be better next season.' I didn’t know Lyme disease was a life sentence. And now, here we are 10, 12 years, later I’m still struggling with it.»«I always thought 'Next season I’m gonna do better. Next season, I can fully understand,'» she added. «So I was never [working] with a full set of brains on the show.»Hadid said that, partly because of her condition, she clashed with some of the other cast members, and claimed that they accused her of making up her illness for attention.«Those things were very hurtful, and not just hurtful to me but hurtful to my children and my family who loves me,» she shared.
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Bella Hadid Turns 26: See Her Friends and Family's Birthday Tributes
Bella Hadid turned 26 on Sunday, and was showered with love by her famous friends and family.The fashion model and aspiring actress was celebrated enthusiastically by her mother, Yolanda Hadid, who commemorated the special day with a long series of photos on her Instagram story that took fans on an emotional journey of Bella's life.The photo series began with adorable baby pics, and then shared different moments through Bella's childhood, as she went to school, into her teens, and up to now.«26 years ago i gave birth to this little peanut, my forever baby girl,» Yolanda captioned a sweet photo of herself and a newborn Bella.Hadid shared small, heartfelt captions along with each of the dozens of photos, including one baby photo of Bella beaming, which she captioned, «Your smile makes me smile.»She also posted another of baby Bella sleeping next to Yolanda, over which she wrote, «My most snugglish & favorite sleeping partner.» Another pic of a slightly older Bella featured the caption, «Too cute for words.»She also posted a cute photo of Bell and her older sister, Gigi Hadid, 27, as they shared a hug as teenagers.«Sisters are a girls best friend,» the proud mom captioned the pic.Meanwhile, Bella's father, Mohamed Hadid, posted a slideshow to Instagram, which included a celebratory montage video for the cover, as well as a number of baby pics, and photos of Bella at a protest march.«Princess of Nazareth birthday day. Fearless.