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Plane tracker shows Russians fleeing as flights sell out following Putin's mobilisation
Russia have sold out or rocketed up to £10,000 in price after Vladimir Putin announced the country's first mobilisation of reservists since World War Two.Seats on aeroplanes destined for international airports out of Moscow and St Petersburg were being quickly snapped up following Putin's televised address to the nation yesterday, leaving those who could not afford a five-figure, one-way ticket contemplating being called up for the war in Ukraine.A late afternoon flight from Moscow to Heathrow was listed at £10,051, whilse a ticket from the Russian capital to Istanbul in Turkey for a near-midnight departure was available at £10,115.READ MORE: 4 horrific takeaways from Putin's terrifying speech including very real nuclear threatLooking further ahead, a flight from Moscow leaving for the Iranian capital of Tehran on Saturday was available for a still inflated cost of £962.In his speech, Putin also spoke of his plan to annex large parts of Ukraine, while warning the West that he is ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia.Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, meanwhile, revealed that 300,000 additional reservists from some 25million potential fighters at Moscow's disposal would now be drafted in to assist Russia's troops in Ukraine. To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.During the address, which was made following a critical Russian battlefield defeat in north-east Ukraine, Putin said: "If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will without doubt use all available means to protect Russia and our people - this is not a bluff.
Sergei Shoigu - Puffy-faced Putin sparks health worries as he struggles to stay awake in army meeting - - London - Ukraine - Russia
Puffy-faced Putin sparks health worries as he struggles to stay awake in army meeting
Putin is facing more health issues after he was spotted struggling to stay awake.The deranged dictator could barely hold his head up during a meeting with his Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday.He is rumoured to have thyroid cancer and health experts say that drugs used to treat the condition could explain the despot’s puffy face.READ MORE: Putin's descent from strongman to 'feeble cancer victim' took just 3 years, pics showThe 69-year-old is known for working hard to maintain a masculine, hardman appearance – but his steady decline has unfolded in front of the world’s media.He mumbled a half-hearted congratulations to his soldiers before making the deluded claim they had “liberated” the eastern region of Luhansk in Ukraine.The former KGB man added: "Other military units, including the East group and the West group, must carry out their tasks according to previously approved plans."Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George's, University of London, previously told The Mirror that Putin appears to be taking steroids.He explained: "We hear all the things that people say about him such as him losing his temper quickly and he's very frustrated so I think that he's clearly been on anabolic steroids."The medical expert claimed behaviour such as posing bare-chested on horses is a sign of narcissism, after the famous photo of the Russian President on a ride was mocked by Western leaders.He added: "Those sorts of people are likely to be taking anabolic steroids.Stay in the loop with all the latest Daily Star news by signing up to one of our free newsletters here."He's had that really bad back pain so he's likely to be taking opiates, they can also make you dumb and aggressive."It’s not the first time questions have been raised
Vladimir Putin - Sergei Shoigu - Russian troops given 'invader's manual' ordering them to kill looters and pets - but lie - - Ukraine - Russia
Russian troops given 'invader's manual' ordering them to kill looters and pets - but lie
Russian troops the go-ahead to shoot dead "looters" and pet dogs and lie about it has allegedly fallen into Ukrainian hands.The instruction blueprint, said to have been seized from Vladimir Putin’s forces, also tells soldiers to avoid using the words “killed, liquidated, [and] shot” when talking to locals - even if they commit such acts.Such descriptions “impact on local residents extremely negatively” and should not be used, the document states.Instead, they should say “the problem has been solved” if they kill a local deemed to be a looter or a member of the “territorial defence”, usually elderly reservists known as the Ukrainian Dad's Army."House dogs" are also legitimate targets to be shot dead, it says.The alleged dossier says Russians should avoid telling locals that they have shelled their communities and tell them they are on a "humanitarian mission" bringing food if asked what they are doing there.In a shocking understatement, it states: "Don’t explain that people in Donbas are getting shelled - local residents don’t take it well, don’t understand it."Troops are also urged to answer a question with a question to dodge the truth and never use the word "war."If asked why they carry weapons, they should tell people they are replacing the police because they "ran away" and that there are "looters and criminals, released by Zelensky."For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.The aim is to "seed the thought that the Ukrainian authorities are weak, that they escaped and left their people without money, food and pensions.”The document purports to be from the Russian army, headed by defence minister Sergei Shoigu - a close Putin ally -
Vladimir Putin - Royal - Sergei Shoigu - New video of Vladimir Putin twisting toes and heels sparks more health rumours - - Russia - Belarus
New video of Vladimir Putin twisting toes and heels sparks more health rumours
Vladimir Putin fidgeting his feet has sparked more health fear of the despot's health.The Russian despot was meeting with Tajikistan's President Emomali Rahmon yesterday (Monday, May 16) to discuss the trade and commercial connections between the two countries.During the televised rendezvous as shared by Russian media, the 69-year-old Russian leader is seen erratically moving his left foot and twisting his toes and heels while talking to Rahmon.The unusual behaviour is also spotted by Rahmon, who can be seen looking down at Putin during his odd foot movement. Putin keeps his right arm on the chair while keeping his left hand on his lap.Rumours over Putin's deteriorating health have strengthened in recent months.Last month, the Russian president was seen shaking his hands "uncontrollably" when he met his close ally, Belarus' leader Alexander Lukashenko.During a meeting with his defence minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin also appeared unwell as he gripped the corner of the desk throughout the entire session and appeared to be slightly slumped in his chair.People on social media also noticed a change in Putin's physical appearance, describing him as "ashen and bloated".One Royal Navy admiral claimed the president, 69, may have cancer.Retired Royal Navy Admiral Chris Parry said: "He has been using these very long tables to interview people."I think his immune system might be suppressed at the moment.
Vladimir Putin - Sergei Shoigu - Aiden Aslin - Hero Brit fighters trapped in bunker with starving Ukrainians in under-siege Mariupol - - Britain - Ukraine - Russia - city Mariupol
Hero Brit fighters trapped in bunker with starving Ukrainians in under-siege Mariupol
Russian claims to have captured Ukraine’s important Black Sea port of Mariupol, a determined rearguard of Ukrainian fighters remain in the ruined city – along with some 20 British volunteers.The British fighters, sheltering from the almost-constant Russian bombardment in underground bunkers, have vowed to “save the last bullet for themselves” rather than be taken alive.Hundreds of British Army veterans and others have rushed to Ukraine's defence and a few – like Notts-born Aiden Aslin – have been captured by the Russians.As many as 20,000 civilians in Mariupol are already believed to have been killed by Russian shells and bombs, and many more may die as food supplies run out.Russian leader Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to surround the city’s industrial district and seal it off to starve out the defenders.A large force of Ukrainian defenders is holed up beneath the near-impregnable Azovstal steel works, along with an unknown number of civilians..Putin has abandoned plans to storm the factory and has ordered Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to instead "block off this industrial area so that a fly couldn't get through".Conceding that his forces couldn’t enter the steelworks without sustaining heavy losses he added: "There is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl underground through these industrial facilities."A British volunteer in Kyiv who had previously fought alongside the defenders of Mariupol told The Sun: “There are as many as 20 British lads still there and I fear for them.“Many are veterans of the conflict in the Donbas.
Vladimir Putin - Sergei Shoigu - Vladimir Putin's killer generals who gas kids, bomb hospitals and shoot down planes - - Ukraine - Russia - county Young
Vladimir Putin's killer generals who gas kids, bomb hospitals and shoot down planes
invasion of Ukraine, Russia still has several powerful men at the top. Russia president Vladimir Putin has been reportedly looking at his own inner circle to find blame for the reason why his invasion was not ended in the 72 hours he first predicted.And those he hasn't yet turned against, or haven't been killed in battle, still hold the balance of power on the battlefield in their hand.General Sergei Shoigu has commanded Russia's armed forces since 2012.Until earlier today, it had been rumoured that he was suffering from ill health.But he appeared on Russian TV, in video footage showing him chairing a meeting at the Kremlin.Although it was broadcast today in Russia, it was on a Kremlin-run TV station which means it could have been filmed at any time.Shoigu is the man behind Putin's Yunarmiya – meaning youth army.The Russian president gave the go-head to establish the All-Russia "Young Army" National Military Patriotic Social Movement Association in 2015 – and he put Shoigu in charge.The force, formed mainly of schoolchildren, has grown massively since then and is now thought to have more than one million members, and is known in Russia as “YunArmia”.Described as a "military and patriotic" organisation, YunArmia – for girls as well as boys – has been criticised as an echo of Hitler Youth.