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Sam Faiers - Billie Shepherd - Billie Shepherd shares plans for home birth after seeing sister Sam's first-hand -
Billie Shepherd shares plans for home birth after seeing sister Sam's first-hand
Former The Only Way Is Essex star Billie Shepherd has spoken of her hopes for a home birth after sister Sam Faiers gave birth in her kitchen this summer. Speaking on her show Billie and Greg: Family Diaries she says: "After seeing my sister and how amazing it was, it's really encouraged me to try and have a home birth." The star continued: "I also think because this could be my last baby so it would be really nice to experience it." Sister Sam Faiers appearing via a link says: "You could definitely 100 per cent do it, in your new home and then I could be there because if you have a hospital birth I won't be able to be there." Sam, 31, adds: "The question is will there be any more because I keep getting asked now." Billie, 32, replies: "Three will be a nice number for me." And Sam says: "Maybe I would have a fourth but I just don't know." Billie and Greg Shepherd are slowly turning the house they purchased in 2020 into a home as they lovingly renovate their £1.4million Essex mansion.The pair have been taking fans along with them as they continue their home project and even have a dedicated social media account for all things home renovation related.The reality star announced her pregnancy this summer on Instagram when she wrote: "Baby number 3 we can’t wait to meet you … We are so happy and excited." She told OK! about the moment she found out she was pregnant saying: “My boobs were swollen, I felt a bit sicky, and I remember being at a party at my friend’s house and I had a sip of prosecco and just didn’t fancy it.
Sam Faiers - Ferne Maccann - Voice - TOWIE star Demi Sims goes topless in tiny knickers to unveil full back tattoo -
TOWIE star Demi Sims goes topless in tiny knickers to unveil full back tattoo
TOWIE star Demi Sims stripped topless to show off her incredible new back tattoo – and left fans gobsmacked.The Only Way is Essex reality queen wore a pair of baggy yoga pants for an impromptu photoshoot which saw the bottoms slide down to reveal a pair of skimpy white knickers beneath.Her platinum blonde hair could be seen sneaking out from under the black beanie Demi donned as she perched on a cream stool to give the best view of her new tat.READ MORE: Ferne McCann 'brands Sam Faiers a narcissistic b***h' in second leaked voice noteBut what really stole the show was the huge inking covering the entirety of her back.The word ‘amor’ can be seen in huge letters across her spine, while the quote: “Show me the most damaged parts of your soul and I will show you how it still shines like gold” followed.Demi also has the words: “I want the parts of you that you refuse to give” atop a box filled with what looks to be a woman kissing the exposed jaw of a skeleton face.Around the box are the words “Love today/Love tomorrow” and “Your heart is safe here: October 2022”.The very romantic new artwork rests just above the inking of two tigers across Demi’s lower back, with the words: “No risk/No story” accompanying the felines.Though the tat still looked slightly raw, there was no doubt about its beauty as Demi’s fans and pals flocked to the comments section to compliment her new look.Demi wrote in her Instagram caption: “Your heart is safe here.“Thank you for making my design a reality @sophiewilde_ the best tattooist, wouldn’t go elsewhere.