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Princess Diana 'raised Prince William to be King that changes the monarchy'
Princess Diana raised Prince William with the sole purpose of the prince changing the public's connection with the monarchy, according to TV psychic Deborah Davies.The late Princess died in 1997 when Prince William was just 15 years old, but Prince Charles' ex-wife brought her two sons up to lead from the heart.Former Real Housewives of Cheshire psychic Deborah claims she spoke to Diana who shared an insight into how she prepared her son, 40, for life as King William.READ MORE: Prince Andrew 'cleared his name for the Queen' claims ex-girlfriend Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Debbie said: "She says Princess Charlotte has many of her mannerisms which Prince William has noticed."Diana raised William to be a King that will change the monarchy's connection to the public, there will no longer be a 'distance with stuffy royal protocol', William will be 'the people's King.'" Despite William being second in line to the throne, the Duke of Cambridge has previously admitted he tries to put his future to the back of his mind.He told Marie Claire: "I certainly don’t lie awake at night waiting or hoping for it because it sadly means my family has moved on and I don't want that."The dad-of-three went on to tell the publication that he has plans to be a "modern king" he says it's "not at the top of the priority list" to think about his future.This was also echoed by William's brother, Prince Harry in 2017 who shared his views on the daunting thoughts that go through the minds of the royals."Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be King or Queen? I don't think so," he told Newsweek before adding: "We will carry out our duties at the right time."It appears that while Prince William isn't thinking about his fate too much,
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Princess Diana conspiracy theories about her death from secret baby to warning letter
9/11, JFK’s assassination or even the moon landings, there are plenty of people who have their own ideas of what exactly went down.The same is true for Princess Diana, who would have been celebrating her 61st birthday on July 1 if she hadn't tragically died 24 years ago.Her death has had a lasting and deep impact on the Royal Family, with one expert even claiming Prince Harry consults her spirit before making decisions.In the early hours of August 31 1997, the Princess of Wales died from injuries she sustained in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France.Diana’s partner, Dodi Fayed, and the driver, Henri Paul were both pronounced dead as well.At least, that is the official story, but some have their own conspiracies to throw into the mix...This is one of the most well-known theories, in fact, both at the time and still to this day the paparazzi has been blamed for the crash.Some wildly believe photographers actively caused the crash because they knew it would make a good story.One specific theory believes that Diana’s Mercedes was chased and pushed by some pursuing paparazzi members.Some theorise that the paparazzi tried to create an environment in which a crash could happen, or instigated the events that led to the crash.During investigations into the crash, officials found that Diana’s car was driving faster than usual, in no small part to escape the paparazzi.However, they concluded that the pursuers were no more encroaching than usual.One of the most hotly debated conspiracy theories is that Diana was actually pregnant at the time of the crash.In fact, Mohamed al-Fayed, the father of Dodi actually believes this is the reason behind the crash because the idea of her being pregnant to him was just
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'When you are a minority' Loose Women's Charlene White shares what she'd ask Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle.The Loose Women host said she would love to interview her for "perspective" on what it's like "being a minority in the UK" joining into the infamous Royal Family.Charlene appeared on a recent episode of the podcast Dane Baptiste Questions Everything.Host Baptiste asked the presenter who would be her dream interviewee if she had to pick.Charlene replied: "I would love somebody who was married into the Royal Family and a woman who is of mixed heritage."But you know, knowing that one drop policy in America is known as black Meghan Markle, obviously was interviewed by a black woman in the States, that being Oprah."We have yet to see Meghan Markle be interviewed on a big budget one-on-one situation with a black woman, a black British woman, on our screens here."And I think there's something to be said for perspective and questions and from a position of knowledge when you have, when you are a minority in the UK and interviewing someone else who is a minority that's come into what is the Royal Family in the UK, I think the nuances that could be involved in an interview like that I think would be pretty powerful."Charlene explained that being a "black British woman" herself she could ask Meghan the questions relating to "classism" in the Royal Family and her position in that.When Meghan and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey was released last year, Charlene was quick to defend the couple.In the infamous interview, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were deeply critical of Palace life and also claimed that a senior royal had raised "concerns" about how "dark" their baby’s skin might be when he was born.The Loose Women panel discussed the interview, leading Charlene to have a very heated discussion with Jane
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Prince Harry's 'desperate for approval' as expert warns him to 'stop giving interviews'
Prince Harry should stop giving interviews to American media after showing signs of desperation for approval from his brother Prince William, a royal expert urged.The relationship between the brothers was "strained in the extreme" according to Daily Mirror royal editor, Russell Myers who discussed the ongoing tensions of the princes."We saw at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, they didn't unfortunately hang out at all," he spoke on Australia's Today Show.READ NEXT: Prince Harry 'very keen' to share military experience with Ukraine in war against Putin"I was at St Paul's Cathedral where I saw Prince Harry sort of straining his neck to try and catch his brother's eye but didn't manage to at all."They didn't spend any time over those four days at all but I think Prince Harry needs to stop giving interviews to American television networks before the two brothers nearly sit down and get back to their best and I imagine that's not gonna happen before long."Harry and wife Meghan Markle flew from California across pond to attend his grandmother's Platinum Jubilee celebrations and attended the Thanksgiving Service at St Paul's Cathedral.The Sussexes, who are no longer working members of the Royal Family, sat metres apart from the Cambridges and Harry showed a sign that he was "desperate for approval from his brother", Russell added.Host Karl Stefanovic commented: "I hadn't realised the fact that probably it was coming from, the shutouts from William, as opposed to Harry."I think we all assumed, considering the bad press around Meghan and Harry, that it's always like them subbing people but actually, Harry is looking for approval from his brother but his brother is shutting the door."For the latest breaking news and stories from