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Laura Hamilton - prince Phillip - A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton wows fans in skintight satin dress - - Manchester
A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton wows fans in skintight satin dress
A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton looked stunning as she posed on Instagram in a glamorous gown.The pretty blonde TV presenter posed on the red carpet in a cream and yellow floral print satin dress as she attended the North West New Home Show in Manchester.Laura, 40, wore her trademark blonde bob in a sleek curled style tucked behind one ear as she grinned at the camera with one hand placed strategically on her hip.READ MORE: A Place in the Sun fans gobsmacked at couple's expectations for low budget holiday homeShe teamed the long-sleeved silky attire with co-ordinating pair of nude peep-toed platform heels cutting a striking figure at the event.She captioned her post: "Hello Manchester! @what_house @mcr_central #property ##northwestnewhomeshow."Laura recently revealed what her most asked question about the show is - and it might not be what you expect.She said other than being asked whether the phone call with the estate agent is real - which she says it all is - she added it was about her appearance.Laura spoke exclusively to the Daily Star about her time on the show during a Facebook Live chat.The beautiful presenter said: "The main question I get asked is 'does she really wear heels that size?'"Because I wasn't even aware of it but apparently I always wear wedge heels or 3-inch heels but I'm the shortest of all the presenters."I'm about 5'2.
prince Phillip - Controversial sitcom Till Death Us Do Part to air for first time in five decades - - Russia
Controversial sitcom Till Death Us Do Part to air for first time in five decades
BBC from 1966 until 1992 and in addition to its challenging themes, it was also one of the first to contain the swear word “bloody”.READ MORE: Love Island is most complained about TV show of the year after 7,000 Ofcom complaintsThe late Prince Phillip once claimed it was The Queen’s “favourite show”.However the comedy - which also starred Dandy Nichols as Alf’s long suffering wife Elsie, Una Stubbs as daughter Rita and Cherrie Blair’s father Tony Booth as son-in-law Mike - has not been on TV for years.Early black and white episodes have been wiped and the last time it was repeated was on BBC Four back in 2010.Like many old sitcoms, Till Death Us Do Part is now seen as no longer politically correct.Creator Johnny Speight - who died in 1998 - always argued that his show was not offensive as it offered a “sharp social commentary” and audiences were always “laughing at” Alf Garnett’s ignorance and prejudice rather than with him.The channel That’s TV has now snapped up the sitcom and will broadcast more than 80 episodes.This will also include four stories which were believed to have been lost since the 1960s - and now have been recovered.They are Intolerance from 1966 where Alf’s bigoted views cause trouble at a Liverpool match and he gets a visit from the real Ian St John and Willie Stevenson and also In Sickness and In Health from 1967 where Alf is sick and gets no sympathy from his family.The other two are State Visit from 1967 where Alf is furious that the Russian PM is visiting PM Harold Wilson and finally The Phone from 1968 where Alf decides it’s time to get a home phone.That’s TV programming boss Kris Vaiksalu, said: “At a time of great social change, Till Death Us Do Part set out to challenge ignorance and prejudice
prince Andrew - prince Phillip - Daniela Elser - Queen's Covid battle is reminder of 'cold hard reality' for royal family's situation - - Britain
Queen's Covid battle is reminder of 'cold hard reality' for royal family's situation
The Queen's Covid diagnosis has forced the Royal Family to face the 'cold hard reality' of their precarious situation, an expert has claimed.In one of the most tumultuous periods for the Queen and fellow royals in living memory, the family has had to absorb Harry and Meghan quitting, the death of Prince Phillip, and more recently the allegations made against Prince Andrew.And according to Royal expert Daniela Elser, the latest news that the Queen has Covid will make projecting stability to the British public an even harder job.Following the Queen's diagnosis, Buckingham Palace put out a short statement, that many including Daniela Elser took umbrage with.It read: "Buckingham Palace confirm that The Queen has today tested positive for Covid.“Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.“She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines."The brevity of the statement rankled many, and writing in NewsAu, Elsner delivered her riposte.She said: "Buckingham Palace might be resolutely intent on projecting an image of a united royal family cheerily getting on with the job – but that blithe optimism looks like it’s increasingly flying in the face of cold hard reality."The commentator added that the short statement over the monarch's diagnosis was telling for the precious 'situation' the royal family is in.She added: "This whole situation highlights what is only going to become a more pressing and painful headache for the royal house, which is, how to manage news about Her Majesty’s health."The news of the Queen's illness comes just days after she was pictured using a walking stick.