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Phillip Schofield shares heart-stopping moment Orlando Bloom 'stepped in front of' his car

Dancing on Ice presenter Phillip Schofield had the shock of his life when Katy Perry's fiance Orlando Bloom unexpectedly stepped into the road.

He confessed the close call to Lorraine Kelly during a This Morning preview earlier today - and added that things could have ended very differently."I nearly ran Orlando Bloom over once," he confessed to a stunned Lorraine."That would have been a very different story to tell This Morning."Fortunately, no one was harmed in the near-miss.However, Phillip has openly admitted to being accident-prone in other areas too.Despite co-hosting Dancing on Ice, he revealed recently that he had been banned from the rink altogether himself over fears for his safety."I had a go," the 59-year-old, who favours the chances of younger stars on the ice, acknowledged of his first attempt."Then I looked up and there were five suits standing on the lectern and I thought, 'That doesn't look good.'"They were there not to watch but to share liability fears."They said, 'You are not insured, you can't skate, you have to come off.'"The This Morning star added: "I thought if I take responsibility for myself, it's nobody's fault if I fall over and hurt myself."Talking to The Sun, he confessed: "So the next week, I went out again and got into proper, proper trouble."That was the end of my skating."He added: "You can really only have [a fearless nature] if you’re at the younger end of the age spectrum, when you know if you fall over, it’s not going to break."No doubt Bez of the Happy Mondays, who has had to perform with a crash helmet and body braces owing to the number of scrapes and near-misses he has had, might agree.Meanwhile, perhaps Orlando Bloom should continue to keep an eye on the traffic as it has been

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Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom (born 13 January 1977) is an English actor. He made his breakthrough as the character Legolas in The Lord of the Rings film series, a role he reprised in The Hobbit film series. He gained further acclaim by appearing in epic fantasy, historical, and adventure films, most notably as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Bloom subsequently established himself as a leading man in Hollywood films, with roles such as Paris in Troy (2004) and Balian de Ibelin in Kingdom of Heaven (2005). He currently stars in the Amazon Prime Video series Carnival Row (2019–present).