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Liam Gallagher claims brother Noel ‘blocked’ Oasis song at Taylor Hawkins tribute gig
at a tribute concert honoring the late Taylor Hawkins.Hawkins, who was the band’s drummer since 1997, died in March due to a cardiovascular collapse at the age of 50 in a Colombian hotel where multiple drugs were found.The surviving members of Foo Fighters were joined by a star-studded array of performers, including Gallagher, as they all took to the stage at London’s Wembley Stadium last month.But the decades-long feud between brothers Liam and Noel seems to have gotten in the way of the tribute gig, as Liam claimed his brother didn’t let him sing the Oasis song he really wanted to.You can stop us using the songs but you can’t erase our memories shame on you Noel GallagherTaking to Twitter Wednesday, the singer fumed, “No oasis songs as the angry squirt has blocked them he also blocked the oasis I sang for Taylor Hawkins tribute he’s a horrible little man.”In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “You can stop us using the songs but you can’t erase our memories shame on you Noel Gallagher.”It’s not clear which song Liam claims he was “blocked” from performing.The tribute opened with Liam performing his band’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” and “Live Forever,” backed by the Foo Fighters with frontman Dave Grohl on drums, Pat Smear and Chris Shiflett on guitar, and Nate Mendel on bass.
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ITV Corrie fans adamant they've spotted 'Oasis brother lookalike' on soap
Coronation Street viewers were left stunned during the latest episode after they thought one of the Gallagher brothers arrived on the famous cobbles.During the latest episode of the popular ITV soap, Aaron Sandford faced turmoil when his abusive father turned up on the street demanding his weed from him at once.But as Aaron's dad Eric threw his weight around, fans couldn't help but compare him to one of the brothers from popular band Oasis.Heading straight to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts.One social media user asked: "Is that Noel Gallagher?"Another penned: "Oops…looks like Liam Gallagher has turned up…"A third chimed: "I think Aarons dad looks just like Noel Gallagher."Meanwhile another fan added: "A pounland Noel Gallagher has just rocked up."As Eric grabbed his son in front of Tyrone Dobbs, Fiz Stape and Maria Connor, they were clearly left surprised by Eric's aggression towards his teenage son.When Tyrone did try to calm matters down slightly, he too was faced with unwelcomed hostility.Later on in the show, after Summer Spellman's advice, Aaron finally confessed to Billy Mayhew that his father had been abusing him when he ends up drunk.But due to an altercation Aaron had earlier in the show with Paul Foreman which lead to Aaron hitting out at him, Paul later told Aaron that he should leave Summer well and truly alone.However fans were not liking Paul's stance at all and shared their thoughts on Twitter once again.One person chimed: "Wow, Paul was a harsh to Aaron and Summer will only hate him for saying that to him."Another echoed: "Paul does know....that Summer and Aaron are not 12...right? Pretty sure they can make their own choices as to whether or not they are right for each other."Meanwhile a third added:
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Noel Gallagher makes brutal dig at royal family as he praises 'real monarchy'
Noel Gallagher doesn't appear to be a fan of The Royal Family as he made a subtle dig at them during a homecoming gig.The former Oasis star took to the stage in Manchester at the Football For Change dinner surrounded by celebs including Coleen Rooney and former footballer, Jamie Carragher.Just days after the world came together for the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, Noel threw shade at the British monarchy.READ MORE: Liam Gallagher plans epic Caribbean 50th birthday party - but Noel won't be thereThis however isn't the first time Noel has commented on the royals – in June, he expressed his frustration after discovering several members of staff took time off for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.At the time, he said: "Now, its appeal is dwindling, like religion."While performing on Thursday (September 22), the Longsight-born musician said: "Is anyone here from Manchester?"This is for the real Royal Family," before performing the 1994 Oasis song, Half The World Away, reports The Mirror.The song became the soundtrack for the BBC comedy series The Royle Family which entertained millions of viewers between 1998 and 2012.It comes after Noel revealed that the late David Bowie had inspired him to "put himself out there" with his music as part of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.Speaking to Sky News, he stated that Bowie has perhaps "one of the most interesting stories in all of music."He went on to say: "My relationship's purely through the music, really."I didn't really know him that well, I was first aware of him in the '80s, doing Let's Dance and all that, and then going back, when I was getting more into music, going back in time."I'm a big fan.
Liam Gallagher - Noel Gallagher - Abbey Road - Oasis' iconic Be Here Now album cover car goes missing as fans urged to find it -
Oasis' iconic Be Here Now album cover car goes missing as fans urged to find it
Oasis fans are being asked to look out for the Rolls-Royce used on the cover of the band's Be Here Now album, after the photographer announced he was on a mission to find the "missing" car.Be Here Now, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on August 21, 2022 and includes songs such as Don't Go Away, featured the famous 1972 Silver Shadow white Rolls Royce on the album cover.It was originally loaned by Leicester based company Flying Spares to legendary rock photographer Michael Spencer Jones, who shot the Be Here Now cover in 1997.READ NEXT: Liam Gallagher pays touching tribute to Oasis bandmate Bonehead at homecoming gigHowever, the Rolls Royce was sold for £1,200 at auction one year later in 1998 - and it is reported that there has been no trace of the car since.Michael Spencer Jones, who also shot the album covers for Oasis albums Definitely Maybe and (What's the Story) Morning Glory? is now on a mission to find the "missing" car, and has released a series of photographs to help jog fan's memories.Photographs show the Rolls-Royce in a swimming pool outside Stocks House, Hertfordshire, which it reported to have been renowned for its Playboy and celebrity parties in the 1970s.The car is submerged in water, while band members Noel and Liam Gallagher walk outside the house alongside items including a red moped scooter.Fans will also notice that the registration plate of the car was SYO 724F - in reference to the registration plate of the police van on the front cover of The Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road.Although Oasis changed the registration plate in a nod to the Beatles, the actual registration plate of the Rolls Royce is MDH 119K.Fans have been asked to keep a lookout for the car, after Michael Spencer Jones revealed
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Noel Gallagher in rare pic with stunning family but fans say he's 'not happy'
Noel Gallagher appeared to be looking a bit glum on a recent holiday with his stunning family.However it was also noted by online followers that 55-year-old Oasis singer is rarely ever seen smiling, suggesting that his "unhappiness" wasn't anything unusual.The picture was shared on Instagram by Noel's beautiful daughter Anais, 22.READ MORE: Liam Gallagher's arthritis battle as he says he's in 'agony' – Will it stop him playing?In the snap, Anais could be seen with a huge smile on her face as she looked adoringly at her famous father who was standing at her side.She draped an arm around her dad while showing off her svelte and toned frame in a bright pink bikini top and floor-length satin skirt.Noel's gorgeous wife Sara MacDonald also joined them, wearing a frock that was slashed at the sides and proved that the beautiful Canadian wasn't wearing any underwear.In the picture, the three girls all seemed to have adopted the same foot motion, while Noel appeared to be the odd one out.Poking fun of the Don't Look Back In Anger singer, Anais captioned: "Dad didn't get the 'one leg lifted' pose memo. "It's ok I’ll remind him next time."Fans were quick to jump on the fact that the foot pop wasn't the only difference as they pinpointed Noel's "unhappy" expression.One person joked: "Absolutely ecstatic vibes from Noely G."A second echoed: "Same pose whether it's his family or some guy with a bucket hat down the strip.""He looked positively fuming having to pose for yet another photo," chimed a third.While a fourth added: "He’s not happy.