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RIP: Who We Lost in January 2021

Marion Ramsey (1947–2021), ‘Police Academy’ starTanya Roberts (1955–2021), actress who starred in ‘That ‘70s Show’Dearon “Deezer D” Thompson (1965–2021), ‘ER’ actor and rapperHarry Beal (1930–2021), first Navy SEALGregory Sierra (1937–2021), co-starred in ‘Barney Miller,’ ‘Sanford and Son’Mira Furlan (1955–2021), actress in ‘Babylon 5,’ ‘Lost’Siegfried Fischbacher (1939–2021), half of Siegfried & Roy magic duoFrank Shankwitz (1943–2021), Make-A-Wish Foundation cofounderGerry Marsden (1942–2021),


Cicely Tyson Larry King Siegfried Fischbacher Gerry Marsden Joanne Rogers Tanya Roberts Mira Furlan Startanya Roberts


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