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Craig David - Chris Martin - Charlie Brown - Max Martin - Watch Coldplay perform with Craig David at Wembley Stadium -
Watch Coldplay perform with Craig David at Wembley Stadium
their ‘Music Of The Spheres’ tour, Coldplay have welcomed Craig David to join them in performing two of the Hampshire singer’s own songs.Coldplay’s first sold-out show at Wembley Stadium took place on Friday (August 12), while the second went down last night (August 13). David wasn’t scheduled to perform at either show – nor is he billed for any of the remaining four – but made surprise appearances at both during Coldplay’s set. Both shows saw the impromptu supergroup perform David’s ‘Live In The Moment’ (from 2018’s ‘The Time Is Now’). On Friday, they followed it up with ‘Fill Me In’ (from 2000’s ‘Born To Do It’) and last night, they rounded out the micro-set with ‘7 Days’ (also from ‘Born To Do It’). Have a look at fan-shot footage from the performances below, then see the full setlist from last night’s show:1. ‘Higher Power’ 2. ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ 3. ‘Paradise’ 4. ‘Charlie Brown’ 5. ‘The Scientists’ (included excerpts of ‘Oceans’) 6. ‘Viva La Vida’ 7. ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ 8. ‘Let Somebody Go’ (with H.E.R.) 9. ‘Politik’ 10. ‘In My Place’ 11. ‘Yellow’ 12. ‘Human Heart’ 13. ‘People Of The Pride’ 14. ‘Clocks’ 15. ‘Infinity Sign’ (included excerpts of ‘Music Of The Spheres II’ and ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’) 16. ‘Something Just Like This’ (pre-recorded vocals with Chris Martin performing in sign language) 17. ‘Midnight’ (remix, included excerpts of ‘Blue Moon Tree’ by Lone) 18. ‘My Universe’ (with Max Martin) 19. ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ (with Max Martin) 20. ‘Sparks’ 21. ‘Live In The Moment’ (Craig David cover, with Craig David) 22. ‘7 Days’ (Craig David cover, with Craig David) 23. ‘Humankind’ 24. ‘Fix You’ (included excerpts of ‘Midnight’) 25. ‘Biutyful’As you’ll see above, Coldplay also welcomed H.E.R.