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Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - Jeremy Clarkson left 'genuinely hurt' as he refused to talk to Richard Hammond over move - express
Jeremy Clarkson left 'genuinely hurt' as he refused to talk to Richard Hammond over move
He then cheekily joked: “I wish it had been longer."It comes not long after The Grand Tour showrunner, Andy Wilman, opened up on the tension between the stars while filming the Amazon Prime Video show. He explained the dynamic between the trio as like that of a band, rather than a group of friends. He told Express.co.uk about the arguments that went on during the adventurous series, which involved James May suffering a 70mph crash.The longtime collaborator with the trio explained the dynamic they share by saying: "Their relationship is intense and it's more like a band."Richard, Jeremy, and James are currently entertaining fans with the latest instalment of the show, The Grand Tour: A Skandi Flick. Andy said: “They bicker and do think things differently and so on, because they are so much part of it.“So they have fallouts and then they come back together, and so on and so on."Andy has been working with the trio since Top Gear's meteoric rise in 2002.Due to the length of time the team have known each other, Andy joked their advancing years may also contribute to the tensions.He added: "There's a bit of age creeping in now, James was taking longer to get out of the hotel and they were like 'Jesus, what is he doing now?'"But despite the odd fallout and bickering, he believes they will continue to work together on TV projects well into their last years.Andy quipped: "I can see when they're in an old people's home in about 15 years what it will be like, you get the signs of it."They will be bickering or just concentrating on separate, small things, but their relationship is still fully there."The showrunner also insisted that despite the challenges of filming together for long days, they were still close.
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - Richard Hammond admits he's glad 'stupid' James May crashed car and not him - dailystar.co.uk - Norway
Richard Hammond admits he's glad 'stupid' James May crashed car and not him
Top Gear trio Richard, James and Jeremy Clarkson have just finished the fifth series of The Grand Tour, which is called A Scandi Flick and hits Amazon Prime Video on September 16th.However, the trip went horribly wrong when James crashed his Mistubishi Lancer Evo 8 into a tunnel wall at 75mph at a Norwegian naval base.READ MORE: Jeremy Clarkson admits he 'accidentally bought pub' as he enjoys 'variety in life'James had to be hospitalised, reportedly broke a rib and needed to get a brain scan before getting the all-clear from medics.The tough driving stunt involved the trio taking it in turns driving along the tunnel, but the lights came on when they were already speeding, so they only had three seconds to react before they ran out of space.Unfortuantely, James broke too late and had to be helped out of his car by paramedics covered in blood.However, it seems his pal Richard Hammond wasn't too worried about him and was, in fact, relieved that it wasn't him crashing cars for a change.Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Richard teased: "I think selfishly I was more relieved than anything else that somebody had taken the focus off me, and people can stop asking me: 'Woah, you're always crashing'."He then jokingly threw his hands up in the air as he added: "Well, it's not just me, is it now!"Richard suffered a catastrophic crash in 2006 whilst filming an episode of Top Gear at the RAF Elvington near York.He spent two weeks in a coma and sustained life-changing brain injuries following the accident, where he had been driving at 317mph in a Vampire dragster before the front tyre failed and the car flipped over and rolled.Richard did admit that he was briefly worried about his friend James, but jibed he was more concerned
James May - John Wayne - John Wayne's second wife 'almost shot him' before split after furious affair accusation - express - USA - Mexico
John Wayne's second wife 'almost shot him' before split after furious affair accusation
John Wayne rose to prominence as an American actor and filmmaker who became a popular icon through his starring roles during the "Hollywood Golden Age".The three-time married actor is especially known for his appearances in Western and war films, his career having flourished from the silent era of the 1920s through the American New Wave that began in the mid-Sixties.In total, Wayne — whose real name was Marion Robert Morrison — starred in 179 film and television productions.In the legend's real life, the actor had a tumultuous love life, most notably with his second wife Esperanza Baur, who assumed he had been having an extramarital affair.Esperanza was a former Mexican actress and the second of John’s three marriages, who had believed her husband was seeing actress Gail Russell.Both actors denied having an affair despite the accusation.John and Gail filmed the 1946 film, Angel and the Badman, where the pair were involved in love scenes during the movie.The actor's other half was unimpressed and later accused the actor of having an affair.According to the Outsider, following a wrap party for the film, John arrived back at his estate late.But an allegedly intoxicated Esperanza had waited to catch her husband.As the actor walked through the door, she attempted to shoot him.Despite the drama, the couple remarkably stayed married for almost seven more years before they eventually divorced.The Hollywood actor tied the knot with Esperanza in 1946 but the couple called it quits with a high-profile divorce in 1954.John was first married to his wife Josephine Wayne after the pair tied the knot in 1933 but they called it quits 12 years later.James May 'hospitalised with broken rib as stunt goes horribly wrong'[LATEST]Nigella
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - Itv - ‘They’re talking b***s’ James May conflicted over benefits of ‘woke society' of today - express - USA - Italy
‘They’re talking b***s’ James May conflicted over benefits of ‘woke society' of today
Express.co.uk, James discussed whether or not he spoke to his former co-hosts Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson while filming for Our Man In Italy. He jokingly explained that he didn’t speak to them and was pleased to not have them there. James said: “No, I didn't phone them up, I was pleased not to have them [here] to be honest.“When I am making a TV show by myself, I can just keep going, it's great until the crew tell me to shut up.”The programme was thrown into doubt last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. James and his crew were supposed to be filming the series in America, but were unable to due to the restrictions. He said: “We were supposed to be [filming in] the USA and I actually announced it on Twitter and various other places.“Then about two days later we realised we couldn't do it.The problem was COVID-19 restrictions.“But Italy didn't [have restrictions] and it wasn't completely sprung on us because we always have several ideas lined up and partly, it was in our back pocket as a possible [country] for the future.“So, we haven't blown America out of the water, we just didn't do it at that time.”Speaking about the future of the series, and whether filming in America could be next as a location, James continued: “Well, it would be nice to do another one, and that all depends on how well this one is received."America is still very much on the list.So, we have a lot of ideas for America already sorted out.”
James May - James May admits 'breaking the law' with scooter as he almost 'knocks himself out on tree' - express
James May admits 'breaking the law' with scooter as he almost 'knocks himself out on tree'
Top Gear star explained how he disregarded the “strict” rule due to a lack of space at home, thus failing to comply with the scooter’s legal requirements.He said: “As it is, I bought one in my fifties, a year and a half ago, and yes, I’ve been breaking the law.“Mine’s the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, sold to me by Halfords on the strict understanding that it was for use only on privately owned land, but I don’t have any of that and riding it up and down the kitchen really annoys my missus.”James then revealed that he has been able to use the gadget on the road, as well as in bicycle lanes, and even on the pavement.But although the TV star has heaped praise on the vehicle, he also admitted he has had close calls after trying to speed over obstacles on the pavement.He said: “At some point I met a ridge or kerb that my Brompton would have handled easily, going at a fair lick, and for several yards I continued the journey sans scooter and relying entirely on one of Monty Python’s silly walks, with added jazz hands.“I was lucky not to knock myself out on a tree,” James concluded in a column for The Times.But this isn’t the first time The Grand Tour presenter has displayed a rebellious streak, as he previously confessed he would urinate on gravestones as a child.In a recent interview, James said he used to be a “little sh**” growing up as a schoolboy.The car enthusiast spent his teenage years in South Yorkshire, where he was a choirboy at Whiston Parish Church, Rotherham.Speaking on the Comfort Eating podcast, James gave fans an insight into his teenage antics.He said: “As choirboys we were a bunch of little sh*ts.
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - Top Gear star James May admits he used to be a 'rebel' who would wee on gravestones - dailystar.co.uk
Top Gear star James May admits he used to be a 'rebel' who would wee on gravestones
Top Gear host is known for being quiet and mild-mannered but he admitted he was a “little s**t” growing up.The 59-year-old, who presents The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, told how he was a “horrible” schoolchild.May revealed how he spent his teenage years in south Yorkshire, where he was a choirboy at Whiston Parish Church, Rotherham.Speaking on the Comfort Eating podcast, May said: “As choirboys we were a bunch of little sh*ts. I mean, awful people.“Fighting, urinating on gravestones, stealing things, singing at people’s weddings for 50p without a moments thought for the sanctity of marriage.”He said he used to go “try it on at pubs” when he was underage and ask for pints of lager.“You couldn’t quite reach the bar but you still get away with it, it was so exciting”, he said.“You think you are going to get arrested and put in prison for drinking beer when you’re only 15, but of course you’re not – you’re just going to be told to p**s off.”When asked what he was like at school, he confessed he would describe himself as “horrible”.May, who attended Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham, added: “I was daydreamy, belligerent, incredibly lazy and slightly subversive.” It comes after the Grand Tour presenter confessed that his co-star Jeremy Clarkson does not like to share his food while working on set for the beloved car show.
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - James May says Jeremy Clarkson 'bristles' at sharing food after meal-related Top Gear axe - express - Scotland
James May says Jeremy Clarkson 'bristles' at sharing food after meal-related Top Gear axe
Jeremy Clarkson’s eating habits, sharing that the Clarkson's Farm host becomes displeased if anyone suggests they share food. It comes after Jeremy was asked to leave Top Gear in 2015 following an incident where he had hit producer Oisin Tymon.They had been involved in a dispute concerning dinner.When asked about his experience of working with Jeremy, James, who is appearing on Have I Got News for You this evening, revealed that there is an unspoken rule on set when it comes to mealtimes.He said in reference to Jeremy: “Well, we definitely don't share our food."We both bristle a bit if there is somebody says, 'Shall I order a bit of everything for everybody?'"Following their time as a presenting trio on Top Gear, James, Jeremy and Richard Hammond have worked together on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.James described their chemistry on set.“It's something we don't understand and it can't be replicated, and it's also very delicate,” the car enthusiast told The Mirror.Richard Hammond may not agree entirely with James on this, as he once said “everything goes wrong” when he is with James and Jeremy.He once admitted that things seem to go more smoothly when he is on his own than when he's paired with his Grand Tour co-stars.In an interview with the Lancashire Post last year, he said: “Something happens when we three work together.“I remember in the special we just made in Scotland, Jeremy saying, ‘This is weird, when I go away on my own, caravans don’t suddenly become disconnected from cars, boats don’t sink, car wheels don’t just jam up and stop all of a sudden.
Chris Evans - Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - Top Gear’s most controversial moments - dead cow, race row and producer punch - dailystar.co.uk
Top Gear’s most controversial moments - dead cow, race row and producer punch
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in the driver’s seat of the BBC’s hit car show Top Gear, fans never quite knew what to expect.The show became well known for being embroiled in controversy, and certainly wasn’t afraid to take risks - at least until Clarkson was dropped by the corporation after punching one of the show’s producers in the face.Since then, it has included a veritable revolving door of presenters, from Chris Evans - who only lasted for one series - to Friends star Matt LeBlanc.The show breached BBC guidelines too many times to count - from disrespectful remarks about women wearing Burkhas to jokes about serial killers.They even staged a crash with two Peugeots in series 22 close to where a woman died in a head-on collision, while driving the same car.From dragging a dead cow around on the back of a car to various racism and homophobia accusations, Daily Star takes a look at the programme’s most controversial moments in history.Legendary singer and Pop Idol star Will Young hit out at the presenters for homophobia - albeit when they went on to present Amazon show The Grand Tour.He admitted Clarkson is the “least worst” of the presenters, though highlighted the constant narrative that he drives “gay” cars like Jeep Wranglers or Suzuki Vitaras.In one of the Amazon specials, Hammond told Clarkson he was proud of his fellow presenter for coming out as gay with his Suzuki, before suggesting he should take it a step further with a pair of backless chaps.He told The Times at Cheltenham Literature Festival: “The other two, in my opinion, are worse. The worst one is Richard Hammond.
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - London Underground - Jeremy Clarkson is a man of the people as he travels on packed tube: ‘Fuel prices must be high!’ - metro.co.uk - Ukraine - Russia - Norway
Jeremy Clarkson is a man of the people as he travels on packed tube: ‘Fuel prices must be high!’
Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t always travel by fast car or tractor these days, as the Grand Tour presenter proudly took a selfie on the London Underground.The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host, who recently flew over the Russian border to film the latest chapter of his Amazon Prime Video series with James May and Richard Hammond, masked up for his journey on the tube.‘I have been in the tubes,’ he captioned the snap, which was taken from inside the packed jubilee line carriage.The image thoroughly delighted his 4.6million followers, with one joking that the fuel prices ‘must be high if Jezza’s on public transport!’While Jeremy’s mode of transport certainly sparked interest, fans couldn’t help but notice a chap in the background who looked more than happy to be stood next to the former Top Gear host.The man in question flashed a huge grin at the camera, prompting one user to comment: ‘He made the best out of this moment to take a selfie with Jeremy.’‘Dude behind him is having the best day ever,’ observed another.Jeremy’s ride on the underground comes weeks after he shared his solidarity with Ukraine while posting a photo of two cars, one yellow, and one blue.‘Subtly flying the flag on our latest adventure,’ he captioned the picture.Jeremy recently confirmed the Grand Tour team were back filming as he wrapped up warm between shoots and shared photos with fans. The former Top Gear stars are thought to have shot in Norway for their latest adventure after plans for a Russia special were shelved months ago.Chatting to Metro.co.uk last year, show boss Andy Wilman revealed they had ditched plans to film in the country and set their sights on the Arctic Circle instead. ‘We’ve got an Arctic Circle thing worked out,’ he said.