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Columbia Becomes First Label in History With a 20-Week Run at No. 1 at Top 40 Radio

Chris Willman Music WriterWith no small assist from Adele, Columbia Records has made staying at the top of the charts look “Easy” — not just with her indomitable smash but major hits from the Kid Laroi and Lil Nas X, too. Between those three artists’ songs, Columbia has held onto the No.

1 spot on Mediabase’s Top 40 radio chart for 20 straight weeks… a longer run than any single label has ever previously enjoyed in Mediabase history.The three songs contributing to that unprecedented five-month streak: Adele’s “Easy on Me,” the Kid Laroi’s “Stay” (with a featured appearance by Justin Bieber) and Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” (with a guest shot by Jack Harlow). Just for perspective, the last time one of these three Columbia songs wasn’t on top was just prior to Labor Day 2021.

In the case of “Stay” — speaking of staying power— the Kid Laroi’s tune set its own record, remaining atop the Mediabase Top 40 chart for 12 weeks, more than any other single before it.“Easy on Me,” meanwhile, has been No. 1 at Top 40 for the last seven straight weeks — a personal record for as big a superstar as music has right now.“Industry Baby” spent a single week at the top, but no one had reason to feel sorry Lil Nas X for not having a longer run, given his being shmushed right in-between those other two blockbusters… and given the wholly satisfying news that this represented Nas’ second straight single to go No.

1 at Top 40.Peter Gray, the executive VP/head of promotion at Columbia, came on board at the tail end of 2019, after leaving his executive VP/GM role at Warner Records. Needless to say, he hasn’t given Sony any reason for buyers’ remorse, reaching this historic milestone just over a couple of years into his tenure there.

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